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Kitchen Remodeling: Ways To Make A Small Kitchen Look Bigger

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Are you skeptical that your petite kitchen area can’t be modified to look better? In that case, you haven’t seen our portfolios yet. Once you see this project of kitchen remodel, you’d be amazed at how we made it possible.

To give hope and creative insights to everyone, we are sharing 20 smart tips for your small kitchen that you can adopt. With that, we hope to see a beautiful change in your home kitchen remodeling without breaking the bank.

Enjoy reading!

Glass or Transparent Elements is Ideal

When you have a small dimension in your kitchen, you wouldn’t want to make it shallower by installing opaque elements like hardwood or concrete. Instead, your best choice is installing glass or transparent elements that will allow you to see through it.

Likewise, you can opt for shorter bar stools, tables, or chairs that are less obstructing to your vision. Our team is highly experienced and trained in doing small kitchen renovation that will spruce your design without cramping your space. We will also give you the best kitchen remodeling ideas in transforming your small kitchen.

Install A Wide Mirror In One Wall

Never underestimate how your wide wall mirror can alleviate the spacious feel in your kitchen. With that, we can install a large mirror in one of your kitchen walls that’s beside your kitchen island or dining table.

Through this, it reflects light and your vision which gives you a spacious appeal. Besides that, we are going to incorporate other techniques for your complete kitchen renovation.

Make Use of Glossy Surfaces

Using a similar concept with your mirrors, we can install other shiny surfaces for your small modern kitchen remodel on a budget. Some of these glossy items include finished floor tiles, glass tiles, stainless steel fixtures and appliances, and cabinets with a polished finish.

By doing this, we are reflecting light from these polished surfaces that will make your kitchen brighter and more spacious. Plus, it will never break your bank.

Go for Streamlined Design

Maybe you are tempted to put a lot of decors and fluff for your small kitchen renovations? Well, for your best small kitchen remodels, the wise approach will be less is more – go for a minimalist theme!

Why so? When you have a streamlined design for your remodel, you are making it flowing and there’s a long line of sight for all viewers. With that, there is an enhanced spacious appeal for everyone.

Paint it White or Any Pale Hues

One of the best and cost-efficient ways of lifting the airy and spacious aura in your petite kitchen will be painting it with white or any pale palettes. In doing this, you are adding very minimal expense to your small kitchen renovation cost

A white or neutral coat in your walls and cabinets would boost the brightness and clean sleek style in your kitchen remodeling. Pairing that with modern lighting will complete the package.

Use Geometric Designs to Create A Spacious Feel

Splurging your affordable kitchen renovations with geometric designs is a smart move to improve spatial appeal. However, be sure not to overdo it because it can make your kitchen look busy and crowded. 

By doing this, you can either make your kitchen look wider or taller, using vertical or horizontal lines and patterns. On the other hand, installing subway tiles in your kitchen will improve the spacious feel, because of the dark lines in between those white tiles. Moreover, it gives a chic contemporary aura to your makeover.

Slim and Shallow Cabinets

If you want to free more floor space, then going for shallow base cabinets is ideal. Instead of going for the standard 24” depth, you can select those 12” or 15” depth slim cabinets. It does reduce your storage capacity a bit, yet you have easier access to the rearmost section of your cabinets.

Single Sink is the Right Choice

You might be tempted to select a double sink cabinet for your small kitchen, yet it consumes too much footprint on both sides. If you will be installing a sink cabinet centrally located on your window, it is wise to shift from a 36” to a 24” single sink cabinet.

With that, you are freeing 6” workspace on both sides, which is perfect for placing two slim lower cabinets or one 12” base cabinet.

Choose Open Shelves or Those with Glass-Front Cabinet Doors

Your wall-mount cabinets play an essential role in aesthetics and storage capacity. However, if you have a small kitchen, then we can shift from your traditional enclosed cabinets to open copper or wooden shelving. With that, we are keeping your line of sight longer, reaching your walls.

However, if you have a busy cupboard, then your open shelves would look messy and cramped up. Also, there will be piles of dust on top of it, if you don’t regularly tidy it up.

Slab-Style Cabinet Doors

Slab-style cabinet doors are the best style we can have for your modern kitchen remodel. Remember that less is more for a small kitchen renovation, so there will be less cabinet hardware seen on your cabinet door front which makes it flowing and spacious.

Downgrade Your Fridge Size

Gone with your French door fridge, for a slimline and compact one is coming in. By installing a diet fridge, you are consuming lesser space inside your small kitchen. Moreover, you can utilize your cabinets for storing food items that don’t need to be chilled for preservation.

Slim and Compact Dishwasher

After choosing a diet fridge, you can also go for a compact dishwasher to free more floor space. A regular dishwasher has a width of 600-mm, whereas, a slimmer one is 450-mm. With that, you are maximizing space in your kitchen and saving around 150-mm space.

Likewise, it is more convenient to maintain and clean smaller dishwashers.

Illuminate Your Cabinets

Installing lights inside your cabinets and underneath them (near the wall where it’s mounted) is a cost-efficient way of boosting the spacious feel in your kitchen. Be sure to use spotlights and not lampshades for illumination, so you can achieve that vibrant effect.

Install Your Appliances Alongside with Your Cabinets

If you are not prepared for buying compact and slimmer kitchen appliances, then you can opt for panel appliances. With that, we can effortlessly flush it inside its designated cabinetry space, thereby, saving more floor space. 

Also, it comes with a streamlined cabinet door that pairs with other cabinet door styles. Overall, you get a continuous and flowing design in your kitchen.

Allow Natural Light To Come In

Using sunshine light to brighten up your kitchen is the best, followed by artificial spotlights. To allow natural light to come inside, we can install sliding glass doors or skylights in your small kitchen makeover.

Connect Your Kitchen To Other Areas Inside Your House

We can breakdown one wall to connect your small kitchen to your patio or other areas inside your house. This approach complements the streamlined theme we’ve adopted for your affordable kitchen redo. Moreover, we are inviting natural warmth in your newly finished kitchen.

Maximize Vertical Space

One way of creating an illusion of having a spacious kitchen will be maximizing your vertical dimension. With that, we can extend your wall-mount cabinets up to the ceiling, even if the one’s reaching on top are just fake cabinets or extenders.

Also, we can incorporate vertical lines or designs that will direct your eyes upward, giving an impression of a taller kitchen.

All-Around Working Station

One practical strategy we tell our clients is by creating a workstation inside your small kitchen which is multipurpose. We can seamlessly do that for your small kitchen makeover. Also, we can fabricate pull-out drawers, tables, and trays, which you can easily keep and display anytime.

Horizontal Lines and Designs

Besides adopting vertical lines and styles, we can also go for horizontal patterns, which will make your kitchen appear wider. We can incorporate horizontal patterns in your wall-hung and base cabinets. Also, we can apply that to your kitchen island, peninsula, and sink countertops.

Ensure Ample Lighting

By illuminating your small kitchen, we are giving a boost to the reflective surfaces and pale colors inside your kitchen. Its overall impact is gorgeous, spacious, crisp, and clean. If you need professional assistance, check this project then contact us today. We give a free estimate and consultation.

All of our technicians at Fairfax Kitchen Bath are duly trained, licensed, and bonded to perform all tasks required to spruce beauty and functionality in your kitchen. We are one of the best remodeling contractors in town. If you need our free consultation or estimate, don’t hesitate to call our office today.

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