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Shower Remodel Ideas That Will Breathe Life Into Your Bathroom

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One of the greatest ways to start your day is with an invigorating shower, and if you do a shower remodeling project you can have that in your own house. Signs you need a shower remodel include not feeling happy in your shower or thinking your shower always looks dirty.

The first step in building your dream shower is to get some bathroom shower remodeling ideas that will fit your space and your desires. Getting as many shower remodeling ideas as possible will ensure that you end up with a shower renovation you can enjoy for many years.

In this article our experts will share their top shower remodel ideas to inform and inspire you to create an amazing shower. Whether you are looking for stand up shower ideas, tiled walk in shower ideas, master bathroom remodel ideas, shower replacement ideas, or luxury shower ideas, this article will help you a lot.

Large Format White Marble Tiles

When you choose large format tiles with small grout lines installed by an expert tile, the results can be a monolithic look that envelops you in the beauty of marble. Marble has been admired for centuries, and having it in your shower helps you feel like you are in a historic setting.

Large format marble tiles have interesting veining that will enchant you each time that you have a chance to admire it. The stone is simply wonderful and will be a treasured part of your home for a very, very long time.

White marble is especially elegant so you will always feel a bit fancy when you take a shower. You will also be happy each time you see your shower when you enter your bathroom for other activities besides cleaning your body in the hot water.

Golden Rain Shower Head

Having a golden shower head is another way to up the elegance of your shower so that you can feel luxurious each time you bathe. Choose a huge shower head, and have it plumbed as high as possible to give you that waterfall experience in your own home.

Modern golden shower heads can even be found in water-saving models that will give you great water pressure but won’t use too much of a precious resource. This can be really helpful if you live somewhere that experiences periods of drought, but you still want to have amazing showers within your shower remodeling budget.

Match your golden shower head with the faucet of your sink and you will have a winning look that will impress anyone who gets to see your bathroom. Golden fixtures in the bathroom are trendy this year, and you will love having a golden shower head as part of your bathroom remodel ideas.

Mix In Some Niches

Having some niches built into a tiled walk in shower not only looks cool, it gives you great storage space for all of your shower necessities. A great look is to do some larger tiles for the shower stall, then small mosaic tiles inside of the niches.

Just be sure that your niches have good drainage built in, because you don’t want to have standing water to deal with each time you have a shower. You can speak with your remodeling contractor and tiler to make sure that they know that a niche needs to have drainage well thought out before being built.

You can also have your niches built in a contrasting color from the rest of your shower for an inspired look. It looks amazing to have an all white shower, then to look into the niches and see a nice sandy tone, or even darker to really have a contrast.

Frameless Glass Enclosure

Having a big walk in shower installed in your bathroom can open up the space, but when your shower enclosure has a frame on it it can diminish the effect. Having a frameless enclosure installed keeps your field of vision unobstructed and makes your bathroom an open and lively environment, plus very easy to clean when using this house cleaning tips.

The drawback of a frameless shower enclosure is that it is more expensive to have one installed. This is because there is more labor involved which can cost a bit in today’s construction labor market.

With a frameless enclosure, you can create a modern looking shower that will make you feel like you are in a luxury spa. Frameless shower enclosures are a great idea and something that you will love having as part of your shower remodel.

Dark Colored Stone Tile Shower

Going with a darker color of stone, like gray to green and in natural forest colors is a real hit we have noticed out in the field. This look really makes you feel like you have stumbled upon a hidden forest hot spring with magical fairies and enchanting elves.

You can even incorporate some plants in your shower remodel design that will love the humidity in your shower. This creates a real jungle like atmosphere with fresh air and super calming vibes.

Having darker colored tiles can also be soothing for your eyes when you are first waking up. Having too much brightness can make your eyes uncomfortable, when you might need more delicacy in the morning to get ready for your day.

Barrierless Shower

One idea that has been popular in Europe for quite some time that is now getting trendy in the USA is a barrierless shower. These showers are built with no enclosure at all, which makes your bathroom feel more open and airy.

The thing about a barrierless shower is that you need to make sure anything in the splash zone can withstand some moisture. Once you are used to your splash zone, a barrierless shower feels so much easier and simplified than a traditional shower.

In a smaller bathroom redo, going barrierless for your shower can make the room feel bigger and you will get more bang for your buck. This means that you can have a bigger shower without expanding your bathroom, which can be very expensive and time consuming.

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