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Modern Open Plan Small Kitchen Remodeling Ideas To Get Into Now!

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If you are living in a small apartment or smaller home, an open plan kitchen is the best option for you. An open plan kitchen offers versatility and great spatial features. The open plan kitchen layout usually combines the kitchen and dining areas of your home. 

Integrating your design with your living space can be challenging with an open plan kitchen. It requires clever decorating and styling, and smart zoning. Careful planning and well-thought-out design will help you maximize the functionality of the entire room. 

Despite the challenging tasks ahead, worry not, for we will help you make the most of your space through this open plan small kitchen remodeling ideas. 

Open Plan Kitchen Remodeling Ideas

Getting into an open plan for your kitchen remodel is smart since you can have versatility in style and function. And if you need more ideas for that, we’ll be sharing them with you below.

Plan your design and layout

Before doing any construction or renovation with a remodeling company, try to pause and examine the circulation space between the different areas of the house. It is important to consider the distance between your cooking and social zones. You don’t want to be distracted by the noise of clattering pans and other appliances while watching TV or talking to somebody. 

Depending on the surface area of your room, you should also consider other appliances such as washing machines and dryers. If these appliances are part of your kitchen, then it will be best to install cupboards or if your space allows, add a separate utility room. 

Working with a reliable kitchen remodeling service, and clever planning and visualization of your open plan kitchen can significantly help you with your layout. 

Create a broken-plan layout

Broken-plan layout is all about creating a partition between two different zones. There are a number of ways to create distinctive zones. For instance, you can use corner seating, the back of the sofa will act as a divider between the two areas. 

Another way of breaking two different areas is to install glazed doors, sliding panels, or slatted screens. This allows you to close off and open up the space when required.  For visual separation, you can use different floor finishes, split-level flooring, and a large rug that acts as a focal point in a snug area. 

The benefit of a broken-plan kitchen layout is to keep the area bright, and comfortable, and create a different expression of space. Further, it is a practical way of screening the noise from the kitchen or dining area.  

Choose your open plan kitchen layout

Due to the flexibility of an open plan kitchen, you can play around with its layout. With remodeling kitchen costs getting higher and higher, there are still ways for you to achieve it in a budget. There are varieties of options available for your small open plan kitchen layouts without spending too much. Choose which of the following best meets your needs and lifestyle:

  • Galley Kitchens

This is a very effective layout for an open plan space. It maximizes the use of an exterior wall for the sink, base, wall units, and appliances. 

An island can be installed opposite your kitchen that will be used as a sociable space. This allows the cook to communicate with the guests while being away from the preparation and cooking area. In addition, you can also add a peninsula to create a more closed-in preparation area.  

  • L-shaped Kitchens

An L-shaped kitchen offers a lot of storage and worktop space. You can incorporate a breakfast bar using the corner of an open plan space. It provides additional seating and acts as a divider to the other zone of your apartment. 

  • U-shaped Kitchens

This layout is considered to be the most practical kitchen layout according to kitchen renovation service providers. It allows you to incorporate the kitchen triangle, where the fridge, cooker, and sink are within each other’s reach. This allows you to create a more functional open plan layout. 

Select your kitchen style

When planning for your  project, you have to think about the style and materials for your cabinetry units and worktop. There are small kitchen remodeling ideas with amazing cabinet design. Worktops and cabinets will be set together with your dining table, chairs, and sofas. There are also different types of kitchen countertops for you to choose from. Make sure you get the furniture that goes along with each zone of your house. 

Here are some available options for you, for the style of your kitchen. 

  • Contemporary Kitchens: This one uses a modern minimalist approach. There are more straight lines and bold colors for a modern kitchen.
  • Traditional Kitchens: This one uses classic elements and designs for kitchens. Typically, you’ll have white tiles and paint. As for the kitchen cabinets, that’ll be glass-front or shaker-style. The main trait of a traditional kitchen is its timeless and classic feel.
  • Transitional Kitchens: This style both has a contemporary and traditional kitchen atmosphere. It’s a combination of both worlds, perfect for any homeowner.
  • Beach: Most of the elements you’ll see here have a coastal vibe and colors. Different cool shades of blue and white. You will also have the elements of seagrass, sand, and wood for beach-style kitchens.
  • Eclectic: This will have a custom design that reflects the owner’s personality. There’ll be a rich combination of design and color for an eclectic kitchen. Overall, this kitchen style is visually stimulating with the combination of various shapes, lines, and colors.

Loft-style kitchen with high ceiling

When it comes to planning a small kitchen remodel, we can’t help but maximize square footage, right?  That said, to have an open plan kitchen, you need to have fewer intricate details to make it look more seamless and spacious. Adapting a loft-style kitchen could be one of your best options. With a high-ceiling kitchen, the space feels freer and cooler.

Utilize your vertical space in constructing your cabinets. Wall-mount cabinets would be best for your small kitchen open plan remodeling.

Make your kitchen island stand out 

Besides your kitchen cabinets, your kitchen island is one of the focal points of your kitchen remodel. This also works for apartment small open plan kitchen and living room ideas. You can choose different materials and styles for your kitchen island. You can go for marble, quartz, granite, or butcher block. Pick the material that best complements the other things inside your kitchen.

You can install antique-style pendant lights on top of your island. A decorative ceiling canopy can also work well for this one. Geometric or homey ceiling canopies are trending today. Our designers can help you select and install the right one for your kitchen.

Wide glass windows

When it comes to small house open plan kitchen living room ideas, having a wide glass window is an excellent choice. It helps you connect with the outdoors while letting natural light come in. For any open plan kitchens, this is a common choice and the best one since it helps emphasize the “open plan” theme.

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