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Hamilton Homeowner Makes Over their Bathroom and Kitchen with Granite



Hamilton Homeowner Makes Over their Bathroom and Kitchen with Granite

kitchen bathroom remodeling hamilton vaThe beautiful, yet tranquil town of Hamilton, VA is the home to over 700 citizens. Situated about six miles east of Hamilton you will find Leesburg, which isn’t too far from the Catoctin Mountain range. Hamilton is a part of Loudoun Valley, which is within Loudoun County.

There’s plenty of history here in Hamilton. Before it was colonized by Europeans, it was inhabited by native tribes. The earliest settlers from Europe first arrived during the 1730s. The first house was built in 1768 by Tabitha and George Roach Tavenner. Later, their son Richard and his wife Ann Hatcher decided to build an estate known as Harmony. This was how the surrounding area got its name Harmony.

In 1831, the Snickers Gape Turnpike Company and Leesburg created a road attaching Snickersville and Leesburg. This allowed the areas to grow in population. By 1833, there were enough people to attend Harony Methodist Church, which thrived off the donations from attendants. The land it was built upon was donated from Richard and Ann Hatcher Tavenner.

Things to See and Do in and Around Hamilton, VA

Those who love the country life will enjoy the different sights to see in Hamilton. For instance, there’s the Barns at Hamilton Station Vineyards, Chase Run Stable and Hunters Run Winery. The agriculture here is still going strong, so expect to see a few gardeners and farmers while you’re here. For the passersby, there’s the Zion Springs Bed & Breakfast, where tourists can lay their heads.

At the Chase Run Stable, you can enjoy horseback riding tours, so if you like horses, then this is a place worth checking out!

Family in Hamilton Updates their Kitchen and Bath

Fairfax Kitchen and Bath received a call from a property owner in Hamilton, asking about the various products offered for kitchen and bathroom remodeling. They opted to have these areas redone using the quality granite stone sold by our company. They also decided to purchase other items to spruce up these areas. This included a vanity, sinks and faucets, knobs and pulls, and a backsplash.

The customers were very happy with the result of our craftsmanship and the quality of our products. We partner with manufacturers that are well-known for their quality and style.

The husband and wife were pleased with the quick results. They even decided to hire us again for future work on their property.

An Outdated Kitchen and Bath

The family contacted us about was outdated in its appliances and features. The couple decided they wanted to update key areas of their kitchen and bathroom. The idea was to somewhat modernize the place, without taking away from its dated feel. They did like certain aspects of the home and how it gave a historic vibe. However, they felt the old wooden cabinets and bathroom fixtures were old, rusted and were beyond repair. Even the cabinets needed more than just a refacing.
Sometimes, old-fashioned furniture doesn’t suffice, especially when homeowners don’t properly maintain them. The couple had recently purchased the property and were looking to make several upgrades over time to make the home more appealing.

Renovating the Kitchen

The kitchen was the first area we decided to attack in this project. After showcasing the granite options in our showroom, we scheduled an appointment with the family. We estimated that the entire project would take somewhere between three to five days. We could match the expectations set forth by our licensed experts.
We started by gutting out the cabinetry and the countertops. We made sure to take careful measurements, so there would be no problems during the installation.

A Bathroom Renovation

In the bathroom, the couple decided they wanted new tile for the flooring, vanity and sinks. These are all products offered through Fairfax Kitchen and Bath. This makes it convenient for our customers to get everything they need in one place.

We began with stripping out the vanity, then began working on the flooring. The customer decided to go with a quality tile made by Daltile. There are various other tile options to choose from as well. Once the flooring was complete, we moved onto installing the new vanity and water fixtures. This process took one day to complete. The bathroom had an old-fashioned stand up shower that’s attached to the tub.
The vanity chosen was very solid and worked well with the décor of the bathroom. It included off-white granite stone. Both the kitchen and the bathroom included new sinks from our line of products.

Transform Your Kitchen and Bath with Granite

If you’re thinking of having your bathroom or/and  kitchen renovated with new fixtures and countertops, trust the experts at Fairfax Kitchen and Bath. We offer a great selection of granite stone, as well as marble and quartz. Other products we have available include sinks, carpet, tile, backsplashes, hardwood, vanities, knobs and pulls. Combining the various products, we offer can revamp an entire kitchen or bathroom.

The contractors at Fairfax Kitchen and Bath are all licensed, bonded and insured. We have many years of experience offering kitchen and bathroom remodeling services in and around Fairfax, Virginia. If you’re a homeowner, renter or property manager in need of kitchen and bath upgrades, contact our office. Free estimates are always available, so contact us today!

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