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Georgetown Kitchen Makeover


Georgetown Kitchen Makeover

kitchen bathroom remodeling georgetown vaThe populated place of Georgetown is found in Northumberland County, about 110 feet above sea level. There is no specific information about the population of Georgetown as there had been no record of it being included in Census counts at any time. However, it is in the area of Census Region 3 and the South Atlantic Division. Within a 10-mile radius of Georgetown are two communities, which has a combined population as of 2015 of 1,437.

The interesting thing about Georgetown that is officially recorded is that it is only one of four communities in Virginia called Georgetown. One is within the city limits of Charlottesville, while two others are in Shenandoah and Hanover County. It is also a very popular name outside of Virginia. There are at least 109 communities with the same name, ranging from Alabama to Wisconsin. The community in Northumberland County, however, is the one that most people look to when talking about Georgetown, VA.

Everybody seems to know the location of Georgetown, VA (37° 42′ 7″ N, 76° 25′ 30″ W) , but there is no specific mention of it in any census, not even in the Atlas by Rand McNally published in 1895. If you look at Georgetown in the map, you will see that it is in the vicinity of Georgetown Road and an intriguingly named Dollhouse Lane, but when you search for these streets, it comes up as part of Heathsville, VA, the county seat and census-designated place in Northumberland County. By inference, it can be said that the populated place of Georgetown, VA is part of Heathsville CDP. Heathsville is just 6 miles to the North of Georgetown.

Things to do in Georgetown

A tour of Georgetown will likely land you in some other community in the surrounding area. Among these are Wicomico Church, Blackberry, Bridgetown, Chestnut Grove, Christ Church, Cove Colony, and of course, Heathsville. The most promising attractions in Heathsville include the campgrounds of Kirkland Compound and the Bush Mill Stream Natural Area Preserve, plus a number of churches. It would be fair to say that Georgetown is probably a rural community.

Kitchen modifications

The client lives in a luxurious 3,000 square foot Colonial style home with 6 bedrooms and 5 bathrooms on Georgetown Road. It is a gracious home with a good mix of the old and the new built in 1988, with hardwood floors, timber ceilings, and modern amenities. Curiously enough, the kitchen seemed like an afterthought. The layout was galley style, and it was cramped, the cabinets were substandard, and the countertops and floors were of uninspired white ceramic tiles. The client wanted it completely remodeled so that it would be more in keeping with the warm and graceful lines of the adjacent dining and living room. She called us in for a consultation.


The kitchen was quite a surprise after having gone through the main level of the home, and it was obvious why the client was dissatisfied with it. It struck a jarring note that was hard to ignore. The client was not specific about what she wanted, and was inclined to leave it to our best judgment. We offered her our luxury package, which included all demolition and installations, new cabinets, floors, new sinks with attendant plumbing, granite countertops, full height glass backsplash, and appliances hookup. The client was inclined to agree immediately to the package cost, and again asked us to choose the materials that would go with the general design of the home. Her only two stipulations were she wanted hardwood floors and to incorporate the chandelier into the design, as it was a family heirloom and part of a set that included the dining room and living room. We made appropriate adjustments to the package cost to accommodate hardwood instead of tile floors, and we had a green signal.

Project issues

Because it was a complete remodeling and we were given carte blanche over the project, our biggest issue was correctly divining the taste and preferences of the client. She was very nice but quite vague older lady who liked to entertain but spent very little time in the kitchen. It took several interviews before we felt comfortable about making the major decisions over the materials we should use. Her main concern was how long the project would take, as her birthday was two months away and she was planning a big party. We estimated it would take four to five weeks.

Post construction

As we were left pretty much to our own devices, the work went quickly, and we could pull out of the home in a little over four weeks. The client was very pleased with the result, especially as we had widened and moved the existing island a good two feet further away from the sink, which made the kitchen look much less cramped. We also chose a white Lancaster maple cabinets and drawers from Touchstone, hardwood floors that matched the rest of the house, and River White granite. We had also relocated the chandelier more to the center of the space, directly over the kitchen counter. It was a dramatic transformation that immediately improved the flow of the home.

Graceful home

We at Fairfax Kitchen and Bath found this project refreshing and challenging. We were able to give full rein to the demands of our skills and knowledge in kitchen design and remodeling while keeping the client’s needs in mind. The kitchen is the heart of the home, and we believed we had done a good job of restoring this one back to excellent health.

While we infinitely prefer the client’s input when embarking on a project, we can execute a project just as well when put on automatic pilot. We make a point of delivering products and services with the same care and precision on our own as when the client is hovering over us at all times.

We are the company to call when you need complete kitchen or bathroom remodeling. We will provide you with a NO OBLIGATION free estimate and design to help you realize your vision, or even lack of it.



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