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Top 7 Steps in Budgeting for Your Kitchen Remodel this 2022

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If you are hoping to do some kitchen remodeling on budget you might be frightened by some of the estimates of costs for budget kitchen remodels. The truth of the matter is that remodeling a kitchen on a budget can be done in a way that you can afford.

You are probably at this page because you searched for “how to remodel kitchen on a budget” and we have the answers you need to get your project done. Getting some kitchen ideas on a budget is the first part of accomplishing your goal.

To help you achieve a remodeled kitchen on a budget our expert kitchen remodeling contractors have supplied us with their top tips on how to renovate a kitchen on a budget. These remodeling kitchen on a budget ideas from our amazing kitchen remodeling service will make your kitchen turn out beautiful and stay within your kitchen remodeling budget.

Reuse Your Old Kitchen Cabinets

Buying and installing new kitchen cabinets is the number one expense in kitchen remodeling. The cost of kitchen cabinets makes up 25 percent or more of the typical kitchen remodeling budget.

If your kitchen cabinets are in good working order, and you like the amount of storage space they provide, you can save a lot and stick to your kitchen remodeling budget. Sometimes they just need a coat of paint to look like new, or you could consider having new doors put on if you don’t like the way that the doors look.

Cabinets are a part of your kitchen that you will use each and every day, so if you are not happy with your current ones you should consider making cabinets part of your budget. Cabinets are a great investment because they last for a lifetime and do a lot of good for your life. 

Leave Your Sink Where It Is

If you want to move your kitchen sink as part of your project, it will cost you a lot more than if you did not. Moving the water lines and drain lines to another part of your kitchen will require the labor of a highly skilled, and highly paid plumber.

Finding a way to work with your current sink location will help you do your kitchen remodeling on budget. You might just have to be creative to find a way to use your current sink location in a way that makes the kitchen look good and easy to cook in.

In the case that part of your kitchen remodeling requires you to replace old pipes anyway, then moving your sink won’t raise your overall kitchen remodeling cost so much. The plumber will be installing new pipes anyway, and they can put your sink in a different location without too much extra cost.

Spend On What Is Most Important To You

Getting clear on what matters the most in your kitchen can help you allocate your resources to those things and have a lower budget on items you care less about. This is a great way to create a kitchen that you love that doesn’t cost more than your budget.

You can save money on items that don’t matter so much to you or that you don’t use very often. Maybe you are not so into light fixtures, you can make them as simple and unnoticeable as possible to keep the cost down.

Then with the extra money saved on simple lights, you can get a high end countertop and still stay on your kitchen remodeling budget. This is a smart tactic that can get you a personalized kitchen that you adore at a price you can afford.

Shop For Used Building Supplies

There are a growing number of retailers offering used or like new building supplies that could help you get quality products for lower prices. You can find all sorts of kitchen remodeling items that maybe just didn’t end up fitting into someone else’s remodel, or that they decided to upgrade.

There are many items that can be used in more than one home and you should do some shopping to find out what you can have. You may not be able to find exactly the things you want though, so you should start shopping well in advance so you have time to get everything together.

Buying used building supplies is good for the environment as well because you are keeping those items out of garbage heaps. You can find some great deals on beautiful items and help the planet too!

Don’t Change The Size Of Your Kitchen

Expanding a kitchen can be a costly remodeling project that will be out of many people’s budgets. It takes a lot of work to add an addition or take down a wall and you could run into permitting issues as well.

If you can find a way to work with your kitchen with it remaining the same size, you will save some money and stay on your kitchen remodeling budget. You can find creative ways like custom cabinets to add more storage space or open up your space by having open shelves.

If you are constantly feeling like your kitchen is just too small and there is not solution with its current size, then you may need to expand. You will be cooking in your kitchen for decades, and you should be happy doing it.

Keep Lights and Outlets In Their Current Location

Like with plumbing, electrical work will eat up a kitchen remodeling budget in a hurry. You can keep your costs down by leaving your outlets and light fixtures where they are. 

If you decide to move an outlet or light, your contractor may also need to open up the walls to run the wires, which can take time and money to do. It is no simple job to add new outlets into a kitchen, and doing so raises your costs.

It could be that your kitchen needs new wiring because it is getting old and dangerous. In this case it won’t cost too much and you can change the location of outlets and lights with little trouble to your kitchen remodeling budget.

Hire A Great Contractor

Nothing will save you money like working with an experienced contractor. They will have all of the right connections to get you great deals on the labor and materials to complete your kitchen remodel on budget.

Many contractors will quote you a price for your remodel job, and if it goes over the budget then the contractor has to eat the overruns. This means they will work hard for your to get your kitchen remodeled on budget.

Never go for a contractor because they are the cheapest, always find a high quality contractor and they will save you money in the overall kitchen remodeling budget.

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