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Essential Kid-Friendly Shower Remodeling Ideas To Consider

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Safety is the top priority when you have kids at home. Because of this, many homeowners are remodeling their bathroom showers to transform them into kid-friendly spaces. But are you having a difficult time thinking about this? Worry not since we’re featuring children-friendly ideas for your bathroom remodel. By finding the right bathroom remodeling contractor that will listen to what you really wanted for your bathroom, you can definitely achieve such a goal. 

Together, let’s explore things you can do to make your bathing areas safe and comfortable for your children.

Here are some bathroom shower remodeling ideas that will help you out:

Add kid-friendly storage

Kids will create a lot of clutter, therefore, to keep your bathroom clean and safe, you have to increase your storage capacity. One of the benefits of having a bathroom remodel is, it gives you a chance to declutter and add more storage spaces. You may add more closets and drawers, or any built-in cabinets. If you have a limited budget, you may just add some open shelves for free space on your walls. 

Adding open shelves into your shower is one of the best bathroom cabinet ideas you can do, as it creates a compartment for your kids’ shampoo, conditioner, and other bathroom accessories. This way, it will make your bathroom shower more functional and spacious, and you won’t worry about any spills. 

You should also keep in mind when starting your kid-friendly shower remodeling project, to add storage for your cleaning supply and place them where it is not accessible by them. Remember, cleaning products and other supplies can be dangerous for the kids, therefore make sure your cabinet is locked. 

Add safety features

One of the bathroom shower remodeling ideas you should remember is to add safety accessories such as shower seats, bathtub gates, and grab bars. Since the bathroom gets slippery at all times, you’ll need to install grab bars for your little ones. It will enhance safety where your child can hold them while moving around.  Another safety accessory is the shower seat, it can improve safety in the bathroom by decreasing any chances of falls.

Further, you need to also install a bathtub gate, this can serve as grab bar and at the same, it will keep your kids from playing with water when alone. This will also keep them away from areas of the bathroom shower that they shouldn’t be in. 

Lastly, you can add a step stool near your vanity top. That way, your child can just step up on the stool to brush their teeth or wipe their face.

Don’t forget to get a non-slip floor tile 

Your shower and bath are slippery at most times since you have water and soap there on the floor. Accidents of slipping are common among seniors and children. The worst is when they bump their head on a solid surface. To prevent that from happening, you need to install non-slip floor tiles.

Below are some of the best tiles for your bathroom and to avoid slipping:

  • Textured ceramic tiles
  • Porcelain tiles
  • Rough finish natural stone
  • Cement tiles
  • Rubber Matt placed on top of your floor tiles

In all kid-friendly shower remodeling, we always prioritize the safety of our clients. There are pros and cons to any of these materials, so learning those things is a must. 

If you’re looking for quality floor tiles that have a good grip on your foot, you can also check out our tile selections. Our suppliers are trusted brands in the market. These brands include Porcelanosa, Daltile, MSI, and Tile Optima. All these brands offer a variety of designs and materials for your flooring tiles.

Natural Light

Aside from the lighting fixtures you can install, make use of natural light to illuminate your bathroom. We can install windows or skylights in your children’s bathroom. That way, you can save on your utility while enhancing the beauty and function of your shower area.

Use bathroom fixtures that are easy to clean and maintain

There are different materials you can choose for your bathroom fixtures. But so far, those with matte finish or items made of acrylic are the easiest to clean. Using a matte finish prevents smudges to be left behind. But you need to reinforce the waterproofing ability of your matte-finished fixtures.

Acrylic bathroom fixtures are easy to clean since they are naturally non-porous. Stains and moisture cannot penetrate through acrylic fixtures. Also, we can customize them to fit your needs. We can install custom-fit acrylic fixtures to match the dimension of your bathroom.

Bigger sink for your children

When remodeling a bathroom, we recommend that you have a larger sink for your children’s bathroom. Your kids will spill more water and make a mess on your vanity top. If you have a wider sink, more will be captured and there’ll be fewer spills on the floor. This also helps prevent your floor from getting slippery.

Should you need to view some luxurious sinks and faucets, you can view them in our selections. We can help you pick and install the right style and size of sink and faucet for your kid’s bathroom. Our team is well-trained in plumbing and installing fixtures for all bathroom sizes and layouts.

Install a sturdy shower curtain 

Selecting a durable shower curtain is good since your kids cannot destroy them immediately. Also, use those with a silky texture that is non-porous as well. That way, stains, and soap suds won’t stick to your curtain. 

Smart storage

If you lack space in your bathroom, we recommend that you have hooks and shelves. Instead of having a towel bar, use hooks. It’s easier for children to remove and hang towels on hooks. Open shelves are also ideal for small bathrooms. If you want to make your kid’s bathroom to be more spacious and airy, then having open shelving is ideal.

Avoid sharp edges 

Curved or dulled edges are necessary for your children’s bathroom. This helps prevent cuts on your kids’ skin. In case they accidentally hit their elbow or knees on countertop edges or tub surrounds, it won’t cut them.

Choose neutral colors

Pick neutral tones for your children’s bathroom. That way, it makes the space more vibrant and visible. White, light blue or beige are the common color choices for bathroom remodeling for kids. There’s just a lot of trendy bathroom remodeling ideas suitable for your kids. 

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