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How Long Does Small Kitchen Remodeling Typically Take?

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Know how long a small kitchen remodel usually takes, and the processes in it.

If your next project is kitchen remodeling, you must educate yourself on how long the process typically takes and the important things you should know before jumping into this project. The period you’ll need for your small kitchen remodeling project wholly depends on the size, coverage, and complexity of the project.

If the project does not include changing electrical or plumbing or changing your kitchen’s location, then you will complete it within a few weeks. However, if you are into a full renovation, or moving your kitchen to another location of your home, then expect to finish it after a couple of months. 

What’s the average time to complete a small kitchen remodel?

If there are no changes in the plumbing and structural aspects, that’ll just take around 6 to 8 weeks. The more work you request from your contractor, the longer it will be to finish your kitchen renovation. Oftentimes, you need to request for a proposal from your contractor for the timeline of your kitchen remodel. That way, you’d know what to expect from them.

Guide: Estimated Timeframe for Completing a Kitchen Remodel 

Pre-Construction Phase 

Planning and Design

Before the actual work has to start, you’ll need at least a month for planning and design. Collect all your small kitchen remodel ideas. Search for licensed contractors and review their profiles online. Read also the reviews from their clients and the pictures of their previous projects. 

Choose among the contractors whom you’d like to meet up with and prepare for an on-site visit. Show to them the target location of your kitchen. Through this, the contractors will be able to understand the project and its limitations. Your contractor will release a written bid within 5-7 business days. 

After you have received all written bids, try to compare and contrast and if you have further questions, don’t hesitate to task. Now, it’s time to select and weigh in on your selection. Once you’ve made a decision, your licensed contractor will present a final contract for you to review and sign. The contract includes a description of the entire work, an outline of the costs, the date of payment, and the timeline of your project.

Obtaining permits and approvals

Visit and check with your city government office for the specific requirements that may require a permit. Obtaining the right permits and necessary approvals will commonly take up to a month or more. If your project requires the moving of gas lines or plumbing, you’ll need an architect and DOB permits. 

If you’re living in an apartment or building, you will need building board approvals. But if it is a stand-alone house, no need to get one. 

Procure materials

Sourcing of materials may be done by you or your contractor. If you’re planning to source them yourself, speak with your contractor about the schedule of delivery to coincide with the date of installation. Global shipping may be delayed due to the pandemic, therefore, you can get what’s currently in stock and ready to ship to lessen the delay of your construction. 

Construction Phase 


At this stage, you’ll need to know which items should stay or which one should go. Items that are staying should be covered with a tarp or plastic. The demolition stage could take up less than a week, depending on the coverage of your project. 

Structural work 

This stage will take up to around 3 days to one week, depending on if you are changing your kitchen footprint or not. This includes taking out a wall or anything structural. 

Utility Work

If you’re rerouting the location of the water lines, drains, electrical outlets, or gas lines, it will take around 2 to 4 days. Considering that all your subcontractors are working at the same time. But it will take longer if different contractors will come at different times. 

City Inspections and sign-offs 

Before you could close up the walls, specifically the gas lines, you’ll need a final sign-off and inspections. It will commonly take an hour for an inspector to do the job, but it will take days or weeks for scheduling the appointment. A master plumber can sign off on pipework if the city inspector doesn’t show up. 

Inspectors are due for checking electrical work once the project is 100 percent complete. They will check all the lines, junction boxes, outlets, and electrical panels.  

Informing your neighbors about your plan 

Undertaking a kitchen redo can be loud at times. You don’t want to cause any inconvenience with your neighbors without letting them know about it beforehand. That said, you need to inform your neighbors about it, before starting the demolition.

Floor Installation 

This takes around 1 to 5 days. Our professionals are trained in installing different flooring materials. Whether it’s vinyl, hardwood, or linoleum, we can efficiently finish the installation on time.

Cabinet and appliance installation

In remodeling a small kitchen, installing new cabinets and appliances can still be done. This improves the function and value of your home. You need to do this, especially if your cabinets are damaged already. Same thing goes for your kitchen appliances.

Post construction cleaning and final inspection

Once everything has been installed and set up, the final step would be cleaning and final inspection. A good contractor will ensure there are no debris, nails, screws, or tools left scattered on the workplace after the job. This is our routine for all kitchen remodeling small spaces, and even for larger kitchens.

After the clean up, our project manager will be with you for the final inspection. This is to check and review the outcome of our works. We want you to have an amazing experience with us.

Need inspiration for your kitchen renovation?

At Fairfax Kitchen and Bath, we guarantee to give you the best customer service with your kitchen makeover. You can visit our site to view some photos for remodeling small kitchens before and after projects.

We hope we have given you enough information about the timeline of completing a kitchen makeover. We understand how challenging and demanding this project could be, so we ensure that you’ll have a stress-free experience with us. Our experience and technology is our assurance for delivering quality works to your home.

Should you need a free estimate and design, contact us. You can also call us at 703-687-9231.

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