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Pro Remodeling Tips For A Functional Small Bathroom Space

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Regardless of the size of your bathroom space, you can be ambitious about it. The key to remodeling your bathroom space is to make it ergonomically efficient. Therefore, if space is not a luxury for your dream bathroom, let us help you transform it into a more functional, yet, sophisticated space. 

Small Bathroom Remodeling Ideas You Must Try

Despite having a small space for your bathroom, it doesn’t stop you from making it gorgeous. There are a few techniques you can do to make your small bathroom more functional and beautiful than ever. With the help of a kitchen and bath remodeler, you can surely achieve it!

Here are some awesome small bathroom remodeling ideas to incorporate into your desired space:

Install a sliding door 

One of the things you should consider when planning for small bathroom remodeling is saving space. You need to plan this well with a professional bathroom remodeling service. This means changing your swing door into a sliding door. This will help you save a lot of usable space in your small bathroom. 

Choose wisely—bathtub, standing shower, or a combination?

If you want to make your space more functional, you have to consider which of the two is more important for your bathroom needs. Well, both come with advantages and disadvantages. 

For instance, a standing shower requires less space and less water. While a tub is more relaxing and adds more value to your home in the future. Further, a tub is generally more affordable than a shower. Inversely, a shower is more accessible than a tub.

However, if you like the idea of a quick shower and a relaxing dip, you can simply combine both.  If you opt for a combo design, make sure you have enough space for both. There are shower remodeling ideas you check to achieve this. 

Shower curtain or glass shower door

Let us help you decide which one fits best for your small bathroom. 

A glass door is extremely helpful if you want to create an illusion of space. It helps reflect light throughout the room. Nonetheless, swinging glass doors can take up a lot of space as you open into the room. This is not the best choice if you don’t have enough space. 

On the other hand, shower curtains will cramp the room even more. It will also make the room dark, which makes the room appear smaller. However, a shower curtain can be a great option for you if space is your concern. This is also a great choice if you have a curve bathtub. 

Before making a final decision, try to assess the layout of your bathroom, to avoid a domino effect of your wrong decisions. 

Get creative with your storage

A functional small bathroom means an organized bathroom. This is highly related to how you incorporated your storage to maximize the space of your bathroom. Be creative when it comes to your storage space. Here are some space-saving techniques that can save your life:

  • Maximize all the space available, including under the sinks, behind the doors, and over the tub and toilet. 
  • Optimize the available shelving in your room. 
  • Use a ladder instead of bars, hooks, or a rack to organize your towels. If you don’t have any available ladder, make sure to place your towel bars, hooks, or racks behind your bathroom door.
  • Hang your mirror above the sink, which will make your room appear larger. 
  • Hang in a medicine cabinet above the toilet or into the walls. 

Upgrade your lighting fixture 

Another functional small bathroom idea is to upgrade your lighting. In small bathroom spaces, a proper lighting fixture plays a significant role in making it appear larger. We all know that kitchen remodeling prices are getting higher, but proper lighting wouldn’t hurt.

When deciding on your lighting, try to consider how you want to use your bathroom. Others love to use dimming lights to create a relaxing mood after a tough day. Some love to spend on brighter lights for easy navigation around the bathroom. 

For the added lighting fixtures, you can add to your list the following: 

  • Backlight a mirror
  • Under-cabinet lights
  • Mounted ceiling lights
  • Wall mount fixtures such as sconces
  • Dangling light 

Make sure to choose the right lighting for your small functional bathroom space, as it can give your space more room or turn it into a more crowded area. 

Coordinate with patterns and colors

Selecting matching and coordinated colors and patterns for your bathroom will help increase the visual appeal in your space. The details on everything from hardware to the walls will make a significant difference. 

Select a maximum of two colors and use a large-scale pattern to create an illusion of a larger space. This is one of the best bathroom remodeling trends you can follow.

A very good color combination will be white and gray, as they can add an airy and light feeling to your small bathroom. You can also add some art that complements well with your chosen colors. This accentuates the aesthetics of the place. 

Add Mirrors 

Installing a huge mirror can work wonders in your bathroom. Mirrors help reflect light into the room, which makes your small bathroom appear larger. They can also add an open effect to the room.

You can also add two mirrors to your bathroom. You can add a standalone mirror above the sink or a floating mirror above your vanity.

Choose a Compact Toilet

If your space is that limited, one of the bathroom remodeling ideas for your small bathroom would be opting for a compact toilet. 

Here are also some great choices for you: 

  • Elongated toilet seats
  • This can save so much space as it is longer. Yet, they can be uncomfortable for some users and can be challenging if your bathroom doesn’t have enough depth. 
  • Round Front toilet seats
  • They are 2 to 3 inches shorter than the elongated seats. You might have the same issue as the first one. However, it is a great choice if you have limited space. 
  • A wall-mounted toilet
  • They are inexpensive, yet they can’t hold much weight. If care is taken, this can last up to 30 years. 

Go for minimalist theme 

Oftentimes, less is more for small bathroom makeovers. If you see, most bathroom remodeling ideas for small bathrooms use simple patterns and neutral tones to make the space look bigger. Thin lines and round patterns are the trending themes for small bathrooms.

Some go for organic accessories like wooden chairs and plants, and even neutral toned bathroom cabinets inside their bathroom. They add a refreshing aura while you’re taking a bath or shower.

Install proper lighting 

When remodeling a small bathroom, it’s best if you pay attention to lighting. Besides the neutral tones, adding more lights can help improve the cool and clean ambiance of your shower and bath. Here are some of the areas where you can install lights:

  • Behind your vanity mirror
  • Under your cabinets
  • Ceiling lights
  • Inside the cabinet

Need more ideas for your bathroom makeover? Contact Us! 

At Fairfax Kitchen and Bath, we specialize in designing and renovating bathrooms of all sizes. When it comes to small remodeling bathrooms, you can count on us. Our designers have the experience and technology to give a custom design and layout fit for your space.

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