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Cozy Bathroom Remodeling Before and After Photos To Get Ideas From

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There are plenty of reasons why renovating your bath is a wonderful project. You have the opportunity to make it more functional and cozier at the same time. If you find yourself clueless about what style to have for your bathroom remodel, then you’re in the right place.

In this article, we’re showing inspirational bathroom remodeling ideas before and after photos for you. You can start from here, and then we can find ways to make that custom-fit with your lifestyle and taste.

White transitional bathroom

This is one of our amazing bathroom projects in Ashburn, Virginia. As you can see in this bathroom remodeling before and after photo, we used white as the main hue for the bathroom remodel. It gives a clean and modern vibe to the space.

The walk-in shower beside the tub gives it a smooth transitional layout for the customer. We used antique-style faucets and a showerhead to give it a cozy historical look. The vanity lights even complement those fixtures.

We also used white shaker cabinets with bar pulls to give it a cozier feel as you use it.

Three-tone bathroom remodel

Aside from having the high contrast two-tone bathroom, you can go for three main colors present on your bathroom makeover. For this inspirational remodeling small bathroom ideas before and after, we used brown, black, and white as the three main hues for the renovation.

As you can see, all of them seamlessly blend with one another. The black finish hardware looks cozy with its brown wooden cabinet doors. The white stone vanity top becomes the focal point as it seamlessly pops out from cabinets. Also, the black cartridge faucets look classy against the white stone countertop.

To make it homier, we have small ornamental plants to give a green accent. It fits well with the wooden open shelving on top of the toilet. This also serves as extra storage for your tissue papers and bathroom linens.

Gray and white bathroom remodel 

Of all the colors available on the color wheel, it’s gray and white that are in demand for bathroom remodeling. That’s because of the subtle beauty it brings to the space while keeping it clean and organized.

Right here is our bathroom project in Burke. This can be your best before and after home bathroom remodeling ideas to start with today. The two central attractions of this remodel are placed oppositely towards each other.

The tub is placed near the window so that you can freely let fresh air come in while letting extra moisture come out. It also makes it cozier since you can extend your vision outside.

The dual sink vanity top opposite the tub gives you ample space for your daily beauty regimen. This gives you more room to place all your beauty items and accessories.

The brass finish fixtures and hardware is a great fit for white and gray. It gives a subtle warmth to the cool vibe of gray and white hues.

Merge and Expand

This bathroom project in Oakton is a merge and expand bathroom renovation type. That means we fused the master bath and hall bathroom of our clients to maximize space usage while giving them more space and storage.

All accessories and fixtures inside were updated by our team to match the trending ones in the industry. We take pride in giving them a huge walk-in shower and a dual sink vanity top. This gave our client great relief from their disastrous outdated master bath and hall bathroom.

You can view more bathroom remodeling before and after photos for our bathroom project in Oakton to get inspired.

Modern master bathroom remodel

We’re just happy knowing that we helped another homeowner in Burke, Virginia, with their bathroom redo. They just recently moved into their new home, yet they were sad to find out that their master bath was outdated. There are plenty of structural problems that need to be fixed, otherwise, it can destroy the entire space.

As you can see, we managed to upgrade all bathroom fixtures with modern ones in the industry. That’s a complete relief for our client, not to mention we also fixed those structural concerns that can further damage their bathroom.

The skylight, the cabinets, and the walk-in shower is a perfect combination. It gives a refreshingly modern vibe to their new master bathroom. The tub is just next to the shower, so they can easily shift if they want to, from a warm shower to a bubble bath.

See more remodeling bathroom before and after pictures to get inspired. 

Traditional bathroom makeover

Nothing beats the classic feel, right? Right here is a traditional bathroom remodel we’ve done for our client. We gave it a traditional theme but with updated fixtures and accessories.

The traditional design of this bathroom gives it a cozy ambiance. The wooden cabinets and coffee brown stone countertops make a great combination. Also, we kept the transitional layout of their bathroom to keep its flexible function.

Before doing this bathroom project, we interviewed the client to know their preference and purpose for doing this renovation. We took note of their wants and needs while giving the best recommendations for achieving them.


At Fairfax Kitchen and Bath, we support your dream of getting the best bathroom for your family and yourself. The bathroom is one of the most visited places in the house. It’s your first and last place to go before going to work or heading to your bed.

We have plenty of design ideas for your bathroom makeover. Our designers can even help you see some samples of small bathroom remodeling pictures before and after if that’s what you need today.

Book a free design consultation to get started.

Contact us today for your free quotes and virtual consultation. For many years, we’ve helped several homeowners in VA, MD, and DC with their affordable shower renovation. Don’t hesitate to call our office today or visit us on Houzz!

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