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Common Shower Remodeling Mistakes And How To Avoid Them

Undertaking a shower bathroom remodeling is a challenging task that requires dedication and professional assistance. Budgeting and planning for the coverage of your best shower remodeling will be one of your priorities, and we’d be happy to help you with that.

Consequently, we are featuring in this read the top 10 common mistakes most homeowners commit for their shower renovation. We hope that this would help you fine-tune your project.

Let’s start!

1. Cost-cutting on your shower pans and not thinking long-term

You must never undermine nor choose cheap materials for your shower pan because it serves as the main foundation of your newly renovated shower area.  Inline, you need to think about long-term investment when you pursue your budget shower remodel

When you see a 60” x 32” fiberglass shower pan sold in big box stores and it fits your space, it doesn’t always entail a great purchase. Be sure to check the reviews and ask a professional for technical advice.

2. Forgetting About Grout and Tile Maintenance

A small textured bathroom floor tile looks great when it is completed. Besides its stunning looks, it keeps you safe and away from slippage.

However, you need to keep periodic cleaning maintenance on your tiles and grout because it is susceptible to molds and mildews.

You can also shop for grout-free shower wall panels which you can install for your small shower remodel

3. Placement of Your Shower Drain

The strategic placement of your shower drain is one of the compromised parts for any small shower renovation. Typically, you see the drain at the center of your shower space, yet if it gets clogged, your feet will be immersed with sufficient water.

If you hate facing this trouble, it is best to plan with your drain placement. Placing your drain at the side is most suitable as long as there is proper inclination to freely direct water flow towards the drain.

Moreover, opting for a linear drain is more efficient since it lets more water flow down the pipe.

4. Assuming that it’s fine to cover old materials

We can relate this matter to your shower wall panel, where we need to inspect the behind the wall areas for molds and infestation. Doing this is highly recommended because it will be useless to place an overlay of new materials for your old ones when the latter is already rotten or destroyed.

This concept is also applicable to your tubs, showerheads, and all your other old bathroom fixtures. Recycling and reusing are great, as long as it is still in good shape.

5. Forgetting to Install A Shower Bench

Do you have a standard-size walk-in shower (48”x36”)? Even if you have a small stand-up shower, we can still install a folding shower bench which would make it safer and user-friendly for everyone (especially for the elderly). 

Also, we can install a handlebar on the sides where you can hold on when standing up or seating down.

6. Compromising Design Because You Want To Save

Take note, getting a makeover with your outdated shower and tub isn’t like changing your clothes for an occasion. You need to think of your long-term investment, so don’t hesitate to inject your personality on the theme of your shower remodel on a budget.

For modern appeal, we usually tell our clients to choose white, beige, and other light tones for your shower walls, floor tiles, vanity tops, and cabinets.

Nevertheless, opting for a contrasting effect is also ideal, like white quartz vanity tops and hardwood cabinetry.

7. Going For Cheap Storage Drawers and Cabinets

Do you feel frustrated seeing the cord of your hair dryer tangled inside your vanity drawer? How about those shampoos, body washes solutions, and other cosmetic products scrambled inside your shower storage cabinets?

Inline, you need to invest in durable and innovative storage pull-out drawers and cabinets inside your powder room or shower area; because it will be constantly exposed to moisture, water, and chemicals.

Besides that, we will enhance the water-proofing abilities of your cabinet materials and storages to keep it in good shape for a longer duration.

8. Not Planning Properly for Shower Glass Enclosures

If you plan to invest in a walk-in shower, then have you thought of having a framed or frameless glass enclosure? Well, it depends on your preference and budget for your shower remodeling cost. Mostly, a framed shower glass enclosure will cost more than its frameless counterpart.

Further, opting for transparent glass enclosures will lift the brightness and cool appeal inside your shower space. The light on your vanity mirror and walls can easily penetrate inside the shower glass walls which gives a spacious vibe.

9. Saving Cost By Not Hiring A Contractor

The complicated tasks included in your shower makeover calls for the expertise of professional shower remodel contractors. Yes, it will add cost to hire a professional, yet avoiding redos and mistakes gives a cost-efficient result from hiring us.

Meanwhile, if you want to save on cost, you need to be prepared in handling some tasks from your budgeted shower renovation. Also, we can choose a more economical material for some fixtures and parts of your newly finished shower space.

10. Standard Isn’t Always Great

We have seen many homeowners choose to install standard materials and bathroom fixtures for their remodeling, yet ending up taking it out and replacing it with a better one. This is a common mistake we don’t want you to commit, since it will entail more cost to remove and replace items in your remodel.

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