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How to Budget a Bathroom Remodel? Tips and Ideas

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When you are thinking of doing a bathroom remodel you need to work on your bathroom remodeling budget to make sure you can afford the project you want. Your bathroom remodel budgetis going to determine a lot about your project and figuring it out will get you on the right track. Doing some bathroom remodeling on a budget can be a fun way to use your creativity to make a beautiful bathroom. When you set out to accomplish a bathroom renovation on a budget you find out all of the wonderful things that can be done within limitations. To help you with budgeting in bathroom remodeling we have created this helpful guide for budgeting different parts of bathroom remodeling. These ideas will help you with your bathroom remodeling budget.

Answer Some Questions

To create your bathroom remodeling budget you need to know some things about how you want your bathroom to turn out. Answer these questions and you will be closer to getting a complete bathroom remodeling budget:
  • Who will be using the bathroom? Master bathroom, guest bathroom, kids bathroom?
  • Do you want a shower, bathtub, or both?
  • How many sinks do you want?
  • How much counter space do you need?
  • How much storage space do you want in your bathroom? Do you want small bathroom makeovers?
  • What are your lighting needs?
When you answer these questions you will have a better idea of what size and shape you want your bathroom to be. This will get you a lot closer to figuring out an appropriate bathroom remodeling budget.

Look Into Your Finances

You need to figure out how much money you have to spend on your bathroom remodel. You need to check on all of your savings, look at your future earnings, and see what credit options you have if you need some extra cash. The National Kitchen and Bath Association recommends that you spend between five and ten percent of your home’s value on a bathroom remodel ideas. Check to see if you have that amount in your bank or if you will need to seek other financing options. You can speak with your financial advisor to see what they recommend for a bathroom or basement remodel ideas. It is never good to spend so much that you are uncomfortable and don’t have opportunities to really enjoy your new bathroom.

Give Yourself A Cushion

It is good to have about 15 to 20 percent extra cash on top of your bathroom remodel budget for the unexpected emergencies. If you don’t spend it that is great, but if you need it having it will make your remodel so much more smooth and easy. Running out of money during a project is one of the worst things that could happen, it is very stressful and totally worth taking measures to avoid. If work has to stop, you could be left without a proper bathroom until you come up with the funds to finish. Having a cushion will make your entire remodel experience much less stressful. You will be secure knowing that you have the extra money in case the unexpected should happen.

Start Shopping For Materials

You can start looking online and at stores for the materials you will need to complete your bathroom remodel. You don’t need to start buying things, but it is good to have an idea of what things cost and start adding everything up.  Knowing the prices of materials will give you a great advantage when you are negotiating with bathroom contractors or other laborers. You will have the power of knowledge and no one will be able to charge you too much. You will also be able to see what types of materials you can afford and see if paying more for higher quality items is worth it to you or not. Getting to know how much the materials for your bathroom remodel cost will help your budgeting process a lot.

Set Your Priorities

Make a list of everything that is most important to you in your bathroom remodel and make sure that you budget for high quality items that you will use and love. You can also plan to spend less on the parts of the bathroom that are less important to your daily needs and you can save some budget space. When you spend more on the things you really care about you will be much happier with the finished project than if you chose the same quality of products throughout your bathroom. If something is not important to you, don’t spend a ton of money on it and save that for something that you will enjoy. Knowing your priorities will make your bathroom feel more customized and special to you. Each time you use your high quality bathroom fixtures you will be so impressed with your former self for taking the time to think hard and make a great decision on spending a little extra to have something amazing.

Choose A Trustworthy Remodeling Team

When you are searching for a bathroom remodeling contractor don’t automatically choose the lowest bid. Make sure you choose a company that you feel you can communicate well with and they understand your vision for your bathroom. Meeting with a few contractors will ensure that you get a fair price and that you find a team that will make your dream come to life. They will be working in your home and you need to trust them to take care of your bathroom remodel the way they would take care of their own. A contractor will give you a bathroom remodeling on a budget and you can ask that the price is guaranteed. This protects you from cost overruns and means that the bathroom remodeler is a qualified professional who knows what they are doing.

Stick To Your Plan

Be sure the design plan you pick is the right one and you won’t be wanting to make changes later on in the process. This can really ruin your bathroom remodel budget and could cause some serious problems from the supply chain to the labor schedule.  Bathroom remodeling contractors may not guarantee a price if you make changes after a certain date. Talk with them and find out when the last moment is to make changes without extra costs and be sure that you understand everything that is happening.  Feel confident in your choices and see them through to their completion. You are the only one who can choose a bathroom remodel that you will cherish for many decades to come. If you need a free quote or consultation, then call our office today or visit us on Facebook anytime!
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