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8 Basement Remodeling Tips

Are you planning to have a living room extension? How about a play area for your children? In that case, you can always make use of your outdated basement and transform that into a functional livable space without breaking the bank.

In this read, we are going to share with you the best eight tips for your small basement remodeling efforts. Through these things, you have a higher chance of making your endeavor a success without any water leakage and flooding during storms.

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1) Check and Resolve Water Leakages

One of the worse nemesis of your basement is a leaking pipe and floodwater during a hurricane or storm. Due to its location, it is highly prone to water seeping through your basement walls and floors.

With that, our technicians will carefully inspect all your plumbing systems and improve the waterproof features of your best basement remodels. Likewise, we are going to check the moisture level of your space before and after doing all tasks.

2) What Is Your Purpose for Remodeling?

Before you hire any basement remodeling services, you need to have a clear mind of what is your purpose of doing this renovation. Here are some basement remodeling ideas you can have for recreating your outdated basement:

    • Mini theater
    • Children’s play area
    • Guest’s lounge
    • Living room extension
    • Minibar or wine cellar
    • Office
    • Music area
    • Gym and more

Despite the heavy workload of this effort, you can make this light and efficient by working with a reliable, licensed, and bonded contractor like Fairfax Kitchen Bath. We have modern technology and equipment that makes our craftsmanship accurate and efficient.

3) Choose and Create Your Basement Idea

Do you have the skills to create your 2D and a 3D computer model for the design of your remodel of my basement? If not, then you better lean on seasoned architecture or interior designer for crafting the computer simulation model of your dream basement remodel.

Nevertheless, when you work with us, we include producing the layout and interior design of your newly renovated basement. Also, we shall include all the details of all elements and furnishings of your small basement renovation on a budget.

4) Maintain Proper Ventilation

The high moisture level is one of the challenging things you will be facing in maintaining the optimal condition of your basement. When you have excess moisture in the air, it provides a conducive environment for molds to grow. Also, allergens and respiratory problems like coughing and sneezing are common in highly humid areas.

When remodeling your basement, we shall install air ducts, windows, vents, or an AC unit that helps keep your indoor air crisp, clean, and cool. Moreover, we can install a smoke detector device and a carbon monoxide detector for a better air maintenance system.

5) Ensure It Is Well Lighted

Take note, your basement ceiling is low and when you don’t have enough lighting, it creates a cave-like feel which is scary for those who have fears with close spaces. To remove this cave-like appeal, we can install recessed lighting and mirrors that shall lift the brightness and airy ambiance inside.

Moreover, we can add a dramatic touch by making your lighting system remote controlled. With that, it can readily adjust to your mood or event.

Also, to enhance the brightness of your space, use white or neutral colors for your walls and floors.

6) Make Use of Natural Light

To make your basement remodel energy-efficient, then we need to have a design that allows natural light to come inside. With that, we have multiple solutions which include the following:

  • Installing window wells yet it must be well-covered so that no rainwater flows inside.
  • Your emergency exit door must have slits or a glass section that allows natural light to pass through.
  • Installing glass brick windows so it allows light to pass through without being easily broken by blunt force.

7) Improve Thermal Insulation

Making sure your walls are thermally insulated will ensure the comfort of your family and friends, despite the season. Through this, you can prevent condensation during the winter, which can lead to the growth of molds and mildews in your space.

Also, we can install a radiant heating system underneath your floors or subfloors, which gives a comforting warmth to your cold feet.

8) Be Practical with Your Furniture, Fixtures, and Other Furnishings

Some of the feasible ad economical accents you can have for your basement are draperies, plush carpet, and area rugs. Area rugs and low pile carpets are an excellent choice for your basement floors because it can be removed, washed, and dried.

You can also go for either wood or metallic furniture and fixtures since it reflects light white splurging earthly warmth.

Other Do’s and Don’ts

We are done with the main eight tips for renovating your basement, now let’s go over some practical things you need to watch out for in doing this endeavor.

  • Meticulously inspect for any crack on the walls or looks
  • Installing a subfloor with a tongue and groove feature for a hassle-free installation
  • Keep around 10% to 15% additional budget for your basement makeover
  • Use energy-saving lights and appliances on your basement
  • Make your drain pipe wider to avoid clog ups

Need Professional Assistance with Your Basement Remodeling?

At Fairfax Kitchen Bath, we are one of the trusted locally operated and owned basement remodeling contractors in Virginia, Maryland, and the Washington DC metro area. 

All of our technicians are duly trained, licensed, and bonded to perform all tasks required to spruce beauty and functionality in your basement. We also offer free estimate service and free consultation at zero price and obligations.

You can contact us anytime to ask for a free estimate and booking appointments or check us on Twitter.

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