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7 Modern Bathroom Remodeling Ideas to Look Out For in Annandale, VA

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If you are toying with the idea of a bathroom renovation or remodel, one place to start is to get some bathroom remodeling ideas in Annandale, VA. Getting a few bathroom design ideas will send you off in the right direction so that you can get a fabulous bathroom to make your house more comfortable.

Having a sense of what people around you are doing for their bathroom remodel will help to guide you so that you know which bathroom remodel ideas you like, and which ones you can do without. There are actually a lot of bathroom ideas in Annandale, VA that you can get inspiration from.

In this article we have gotten the help of our bathroom remodeling contractors in Annandale, VA to come up with seven modern ideas for remodeling a bathroom that you might like to use. Read these descriptions and you will find out if these bathroom remodeling ideas are right for you.

Open Shower

This year has seen many homeowners who want to have an open shower so that their bathroom seems a bit more grand and amazing. You can go with a totally open shower with no barrier, or using an all glass door, or even going with a half wall.

This look gives you that modern open concept that people really love right now and will probably be a timeless design choice. Having your bathroom feel bigger and having a grand shower is a great way to really enjoy your space and your time spent in the shower.

With an open shower, you do need to be careful to keep anything that can’t get wet out of the splash zone. There is absolutely nothing about an open shower that keeps water from going everywhere, but most people don’t have a problem adjusting to this way of being.

It is really nice to have stone tiles in an open shower, even fake stone will do the trick. It sort of makes you feel like you are bathing under a waterfall in the mountains.

Smart Toilets

This is a really exciting time to be installing a new toilet in your home, because there are some new and inventive toilets that are coming out right now. Toilets have been fairly boring for a while, with not much to choose from in terms of styles or options, but now everything is changing so it is a perfect time to be doing a bathroom renovation.

One cool toilet out right now is a hands free model. It features a self open and closing lid, an automatic flush and it even can clean itself. This is a great idea for those who love having the latest technology in their home. 

There are also more toilets available now that are not just the old standard version that we are all so used to. Toilets can come in sleek designs, so that they don’t have those awkward spots that seem to always trap dirt, debris, and goodness knows what else!

A wall mounted toilet is another winning trend this year. This design will save a lot of space in your bathroom by putting its water tank in the wall behind the toilet. Another bonus is that it is much easier to clean under the toilet because there is not that dead space behind it but it’s much better to get some cleaning service in Annandale VA for a quality cleaning process.

Backlit Medicine Cabinet Mirror

A very interesting and functional bathroom design choice is to install a medicine cabinet with a light that is behind the mirror. This sort of creates the illusion that the mirror is floating or that it is surrounded by an angelic halo.

These also have a practical purpose, as the light will not be obstructed by your body or anything else that could cast a shadow and make seeing more difficult. You won’t have to worry about finding a good angle where you can see the mirror and have a great light.

A backlit mirror is great for getting ready for work or a night out on the town, and will make your grooming routine that much easier. This is one bathroom remodeling idea that you will love.

Large Format Tiles

This year has seen a movement toward large format bathroom tiles with small grout lines that make for a more unified look. Forget the days of subway tiles with loads of grout lines making the bathroom seem busy, large format tiles look elegant and sophisticated. 

People especially seem to enjoy the look of marble tiles or even imitation marble tiles. With the variation in colors and the veining, it can be an interesting and beautiful look.

Having the grout lines be smaller also has the bonus of not needing as much maintenance. There are simply less grout lines to clean and they are harder to see so they don’t need as much attention, but for more quality work always hire some carpet company in Annandale for your cleaning needs.

Soaking Tubs

While the old bathtub/ shower combo is looking a bit dated these days, most people still like the luxury of soaking in a nice warm bathtub. Luckily a soaking tub is an option that doesn’t take up too much space and has a really charming look to it.

Most people want a nice walk in shower these days, and a soaking tub really is a great way to compliment a large shower. There are many styles to choose from, so you are sure to find one that fits your design and makes you feel content. 

Soaking tubs come in a few different styles, so you can find one that is going to be very useful to your lifestyle and taste. You can choose a Japanese soaking tub, which is more compact, or you can go with a larger version that you can really spread out in and feel relaxed.

Floating Vanity

Having a vanity in your bathroom can really help to give you some storage space and some counter space to help you in getting ready. A floating vanity has a cool, modern look and mounts right onto the wall with no attachment to the floor.

With a floating vanity, you will have an easy time cleaning underneath as nothing obstructs your broom or mop from doing its job and you won’t have to worry about dust being trapped down there. This is a great feature of a floating vanity that many people find useful.

You can have a single sink floating vanity, or even have a double sink that gives you and your partner plenty of space for getting ready for the day. There are many styles to choose from and you are sure to find a floating vanity that looks wonderful to you.

More Natural Light

Having as much natural light in your bathroom as possible is a great idea that could help to improve your mood and help you to wake up. You can choose to add a window, make an existing window bigger, or for maximum light go with a skylight or two.

Waking up in the morning to a good ruch of natural light helps you get ready for the day and you will probably find it is easier to focus and perform. With more windows, the sun will enter more easily and brighten your whole day.

If you are worried about privacy, you can get a frosted glass that will let in plenty of light, but not let any neighbor see what you are up to in your private space. Adding some more windows to your bathroom is a great idea that could be a part of your bathroom remodel plans.

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