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7 Genius Ways to Maximize Space in a Small Kitchen in Mclean, VA

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Planning a small kitchen remodel in Mclean, VA can seem like a daunting task, even for seasoned small kitchen designers. You probably have many small kitchen remodel ideas for your Mclean, VA home, but there is only so much space to incorporate them.

There are many people who want to remodel a small kitchen and make their home more comfortable. The trick with small kitchen remodels is that you have to look at it as an opportunity to use your problem solving skills and maximize space.

In this article, our expert tiny kitchen remodel team will share their best small kitchen remodel tips for Mclean, VA. If you want to do some small kitchen remodeling in Mclean, VA, this advice is as good as gogold. 

Small Kitchen Renovation Mclean, VA

To get the most out of your small kitchen, it can help to look at remodeled small kitchens in your neighborhood or town. This is where you can see what works well, and what doesn’t work at all.

Find a kitchen tour in your area and you could get some valuable data for your project. There could be groups online of people who share ideas and inspiration with each other.

You can also ask friends and neighbors what they like and dislike about their small kitchens. People are normally more than happy to share,and you could even make new friends this way.

Keep The Work Triangle In Mind

A successful small kitchen remodel has excellent flow between the sink, fridge and dishwasher. These are the main routes you will travel while cooking, and it needs to be easy.

You don’t want to have to go around an island to get to the next stage of your cooking. Also consider if the dishwasher or fridge doors could get in your way while open.

Try to imagine how it will feel to move in your small kitchen’s work triangle. If it seems crowded or clunky, give yourself more space or try a different layout.

Kitchen Cabinets Are Key 

A small kitchen remodel can be a huge failure without the right kitchen cabinets. Some of the best styles of kitchen cabinets for small kitchen remodeling are:

  • Shaker Cabinets- a classic style that looks good in many design motifs, it has a frame around a recessed center panel for doors.
  • Flat Cabinets- these cabinets have a flat panel for doors, and can help with a minimalist look.
  • Frameless Cabinets- these cabinets are perfect in a small kitchen because they give you a little more space inside for storage.

Custom kitchen cabinets are the best way to maximize your space. You can work with a cabinet designer to ensure every inch of your kitchen is useful.

You may also consider extending your cabinets up to the ceiling. This uses all of your kitchen space, but you may need a stool to access the top shelf.

Lighting Is A Small Kitchen’s Friend

It is possible to make up for a lack of space with an excellent lighting design. When you can see well in all parts of your kitchen, it feels bigger and more comfortable.

Remember the three main types of lighting and you can design a great small kitchen the three main types of lighting are:

  • Ambient- the overall lighting for the room. It usually comes from a ceiling fixture.
  • Task- this lighting helps you perform a certain action. Like lighting over a countertop where you normally chop veggies.
  • Accent- in a small kitchen, accent lighting highlights an interesting design feature. It helps you out focus on a certain aspect of the room that makes it seem more spacious.

With all of the new and exciting light fixtures available today, you can create an amazing small kitchen. You can choose to make hanging lights a centerpiece, or let the lighting take a back seat to another part of the kitchen.

Backsplashes Can Add Depth

Choose a rich, patterned backsplash and your kitchen will feel like it has more depth. Your backsplash creates the background and can be used to make the visual effect of more space.

Many people choose tile for their backsplash, but don’t be afraid to play with other materials. Even a wooden backsplash can add some warmth that your small kitchen could be lacking.

Subway tiles are all the rage right now with small kitchen designers. They give your kitchen a classic look that will never go out of style.

Color Schemes Have a Huge Impact

Coordinating the colors in your small kitchen can make a difference. The safe choice is to go for a white kitchen, which is pretty standard and will work well.

Staying with light colors is a good choice because they reflect more light and make a small kitchen brighter. This helps make the space feel bigger than it really is.

Adding contrast in a small kitchen is great for creating a feeling of separate zones. A black countertop in a white kitchen is an excellent choice that gives your kitchen a feeling of intrigue.

Smaller Appliances Help Balance a Small Kitchen

While most of us desire a jumbo fridge to hold a years worth of food, that just might not fit into a small kitchen. Consider smaller Appliances that are in proportion with your kitchen’s stature.

Many European brands come in smaller sizes because homes are smaller across the pond. They also have a chic look that will impress any guests you have over.

You might even skip the dishwasher entirely and opt for hand washing. This will give you more storage space and will make you think more about having too many dishes in your kitchen.

Can You Add a Window?

Getting more natural light into a small kitchen can solve many problems. Windows give your eyes more visual space to look at so that you don’t feel cramped.

Windows aren’t possible in all kitchens, but you should talk to your contractor about the idea. Also having more ventilation helps you breathe easier.

Skylights are another great addition to a small kitchen. There is nothing that makes you feel better than having some bright sunlight shine down on you while brewing coffee in the morning.

If you need a free consultation for your kitchen cabinet remodeling, feel free to contact Fairfax Kitchen and Bath. We’ll help you transform your outdated cabinets into stunning ones.

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