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6 Steps To Decorate Bathroom in Annandale, VA

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If you are considering doing some bathroom remodeling in Annandale, VA, you are also going to need to plan out your bathroom decor. Knowing how you will be doing your bathroom decorating in Annandale, VA helps you make the right choices during your remodel decision phase. Doing a bathroom renovation in Annandale, VA is a serious task, and something that you want to make every effort to get right. Your dreams can come true with your bathroom renovation in Annandale, VA when you take all of the necessary precautions to get it right. To help you with your bathroom design in Annandale, VA, we have asked our expert bathroom contractors in Annandale, VA to share their top six steps with you. These tips will help you learn how to decorate a bathroom in Annandale, VA so that it shines with your personality and style.

Get Your Colors Straight

Choosing the right color combinations as part of your bathroom remodel designs in Annandale, VA will make your bathroom look amazing. You want to use some base color, and then choose other complimentary or contrasting colors to make an interesting and personality filled space. A good rule of thumb is to make your bathroom bright and light colored, this makes the space feel bigger and cleaner. White is a classic bathroom color plus is very easy to clean when having this house cleaning tips, but there are many other base colors that will look incredible if you pair them with the right accents. You can even choose a multicolored bathroom where each wall is a different color, or maybe you would like the top half to be one color and the bottom half to be another. You want to use your decorations to bring out different moods, and remember that you can change decor with the season.

Bathroom Cabinets Can Be The Key

You can focus some of your decorating attention on your bathroom cabinet ideas and that will make your bathroom a huge success. Getting a tasteful bathroom cabinets can give you much needed storage space, as well as set the tone for your bathroom decor. One tasteful bathroom cabinet is all that it takes to transform your bathroom into a highly functional and beautiful space. Usually smaller cabinets are better, as bathrooms can sometimes feel too crowded if there are too big of cabinets. You can choose a glass front cabinet, which then gives you the freedom to put some decorative pieces on the shelves to show off and adjust the mood. You can also think about the color of your cabinets and how it plays in with the overall color scheme in your bathroom.

Hardware Says A Lot

The type of hardware that you choose as part of your bathroom decorating like granite countertops from this countertop store, process will help to be a focal point in your bathroom. Many people check out the shower head first when they are in a bathroom, and having an impressive one could be a way to set the tone. You should try to match all of the hardware in your bathroom for a unified look that will make your bathroom feel seamless. The hardware you need to consider most are pieces such as:
  • Hinges on cabinets
  • Pulls, knobs or handles on cabinets
  • Door knobs
  • Faucet
  • Shower head
  • Toilet handle
  • Light fixture
All of these elements play a role in the overall look of your bathroom design ideas , so planning them out in advance can inform a lot of your decisions. There are many materials and finishes to choose from, and one popular finish now is matte black, which adds a certain air of mystery to your bathroom.

Shower Or Bath

A big part of the bathroom decorating process is deciding if you want to have a shower, a bath, or both. This will be a large part of the layout of your bathroom, and has a huge influence on the way that your entire bathroom will end up looking. When you have a shower, you mostly also want to consider the enclosure, meaning whether you have a glass shower door with a frame or no frame. You can also go with an open shower, which doesn’t have any barrier, but will mean you need to protect your decorations from splashes. If you have the luxury of including a full bath or even a soaking tub, you have a whole different set of parameters to think about. Tubs tend to bring a more spa-like atmosphere to your bathroom and you can work with that to create a perfect bathroom decor scheme.

Sink Style

There are so many options of what to do with your sink and making it look perfect will help you feel better in your bathroom. You can choose a vanity, double vanity, pedestal sink, vessel sink, or some other version that you love and makes your bathroom look beautiful. You can choose the right color of sink that matches all of the other elements you have in your bathroom. This will be another unifying element if you get it right, so it is worth it to take some time to plan it out in coordination with your other bathroom decorating ideas. Sinks are pretty useful on their own, but you also need to decide if you need to have storage space under your sink and how that will look. Pedestal sinks offer little or no storage, while a vanity can have drawers that fit many of the necessities of your bathroom routines.

Tile Floors or Some Other Flooring Option

The type of floors that you choose can have a huge influence on the decorating choices you make in your bathroom. You can match the overall color scheme of the rest of the bathroom with your tires, or you can even choose to go completely contrasting. Think long and hard about your floors, not only do they need to stand up to water and a lot of traffic, they will be a sort of background for all of your bathroom renovate. Getting the floors right can make or break a bathroom decor, so choose wisely. You can also choose to have your floors be totally secondary to the rest of your bathroom. That gives you more freedom to play with your decoration ideas. Contact us today for your free quotes and virtual consultation. For many years, we’ve helped several homeowners in VA, MD, and DC with their affordable shower renovation. Don’t hesitate to call our office today or visit us on Houzz!
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