How to Remodel Your Bathroom on a Budget

How to Remodel Your Bathroom on a Budget

You want to refresh your bathroom, but just the thought of the costs makes you want to forget the whole thing. We agree that the bathroom can be the most expensive part of the house when it comes to bathroom renovating, but it doesn’t necessarily have to be that way. You just have to make the choices that won’t cost a fortune.

Remodel Suggestions

There are numerous ways to avoid the expense of the bathroom, but that includes that you make a clever plan and do the work yourself. We offer you some suggestions for remodeling your bathroom without spending a fortune.

Do a tile check

Cracked, broken or old tiles, as well as missing grout, make your bathroom look older and worse than it really is. If you just replace everything that needs to be replaced, you will be very surprised how different your bathroom will look. Tiling is actually not complicated at all, neither is fixing gout. The key is to be very precise and you take your time and don’t rush. You just need some practice and soon you will be a pro.

Change the color of the walls

New color can do wonders for a room. Before you start painting, you have to be sure that all the sticky and dirty areas are clean and sanded, and also mildew and damp free. When it comes to picking out the color, neutral colors are always in fashion, especially if you are planning on selling the house. Wait until the colors go on sale, or if you know someone who is in the painting business, try to get the paint for the trade price if possible.

Refresh the wood cabinets.

If you sand the wood cabinets in your bathroom, and paint it with a different color, it will give your old bathroom a totally different dimension. Make sure that you are using waterproof latex paint. You can also add a touch of freshness with matching color rugs and towels.

Repaint the wood trim

Buying new wood trim will cost you a lot, instead, you can take off the old trim, remove the old color, sand it, repaint it, and you will get new wood trim for a very affordable price.

Change the hardware fixtures.

Replace the old door and cabinet handles, light fixtures and towel hangers with new ones and you will have a totally new look in your bathroom design. You can also replace the mirror with a new different one, have in mind that it doesn’t have to be brand new, since you can find perfect, used ones, at flea markets or online auctions, and that goes the same for door and cabinet handles.

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