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Bathroom Remodeling Annandale VA

You might say that living in Annandale is being on the brink of change. Located in Fairfax County, Virginia, it is a census-designated place or CDP with a 2010 population of 41,008. A decade before the population was 54,994, but the more than 25% decrease in population is because in that 10-year period, the western part of Annandale was turned into part of two new CDPs, Wakefield and Woodburn. You may rightly say that one day you may be in Annandale, and the next day you’re out.

What does remain constant in Annandale is the prevalence of three-bedroom houses (62.5% of the total number of housing units), and most were built after 1990. The median value of these houses hovers around the $400,000 region, while the median value of similar houses in Virginia is $230,000. As one would expect, homeowners in Annandale tend to make more ($78,721) than homeowners in Virginia ($62,666) as of 2013.

One of the reasons why Annandale residents are better off than the state average is the presence of science and technology companies including DynCorp, ENSCO, Noblis, and Computer Sciences Corporation. ExxonMobil Campus also used to be in Annandale, but has since transferred to Houston. However, Inova Health System has taken over the site for the development of its multi-billion-dollar Inova Center for Personalized Health facility. Annandale is also the location for the largest of the North Virginia Community College or NOVA branches, catering to 75,000 students from 180 countries, and also includes the Richard J. Ernst Community Cultural Center.

The Annandale population is mixed, with a large concentration of Asians (24.6%), although the majority is still white (50.4%). In fact, downtown Annandale is called Koreatown because nearly 1,000 establishments are owned by South Koreans to cater to the Korean population.

Among the notable notables in Annandale are actor Mark Hamill of Star Wars fame as well as country singer Kelly Willis. It was the home of hitchhiker Christopher McCandless, on whose life the book “Into the Wild” is based.

Things to Do Around Annandale

Annandale is a great place to live in if you are a nature lover. The Hidden Oaks Nature Center is like a fairy land for children as young as two, with many fun exhibits and activities designed to teach them about nature.

You can also check out the Mason District Park, which has lots of grass, an expansive picnic area, playgrounds, and nature trails. The amphitheater is also a popular venue for concerts and outdoor events. Other features include:

• Softball field
• Tennis courts
• Basketball courts
• Soccer fields

If you have a hankering for amusement parks or trying to find a venue for a birthday party, you can head on over to the Alexandria Coliseum. In partnership with Kids’ Choice Sports Centers, it should be quite the ride, literally! Of course, you can always go downtown. You can sample the many exotic dishes and check out the shopping in Koreatown.

Bathroom Remodels Makes the Grade

Three bathrooms would be considered more than adequate for any family of four. However, the clients were not happy with the ceramic walls and floor tiles of their existing bathrooms. They called it “tacky,” and wanted all of them replaced with stone. We were called in to give our opinion on what would needed to be done.

Upon inspection, we agreed that the floor tiles, installed in the 1990s, had seen better days. However, we pointed out that the mosaic tiles on the walls of the master bathroom were quite beautiful, and would only need a thorough cleaning and regrouting to bring out the shine. We suggested replacing the floor tiles with white granite, putting in vanity tops that reflected the reddish tint of the mosaic tiles, and Jack and Jill sinks. We also suggested putting in additional storage under the sinks with mahogany cabinets. For the second and third bathrooms, we recommended replacing the wall and floor tiles as well as new vanity tops with quartz stone, as they were heavily used by teenagers and their friends, so it needed a no-maintenance stone.

The clients were at first reluctant with anything less than a complete gutting of the master bathroom, but were cheered by the considerably lower cost estimates we could give them for the project. They finally agreed to keep the mosaic tiles, but stipulated that if they decide to remove it anyway, we would reduce the additional cost by what we charged for cleaning and regrouting. We were confident that they would be happy with the results, and readily agreed to the stipulation. 

With our guidance, the clients came down to the showroom and picked out the stones and tiles they wanted for each bathroom. They also chose new sinks and cabinets from the catalogs of our partner suppliers. They then gave a deposit to reserve the stones, and we agreed on the final schedule for the bathroom remodel.

Installing the stones

Because all three bathrooms were to be remodeled, we scheduled the work so that one bathroom would be operational at all times to avoid disrupting the clients’ lives too much. We set up a work area in the backyard, and enshrouded the bathrooms with heavy plastic sheeting to keep the dust under control during the demolition.

Family Benefits from Bathroom Remodels in Annandale

Removing the tiles from the floors and walls took the longest time. The contractors worked in waves to allow the fabricator to make templates of the vanity tops for two bathrooms in one visit, so that cutting would be underway as they installed the granite and quartz stone tiles, and put in the new sinks and cabinets. The installer came just in time with the cut stones to dry fit them on the support structures over the undermount sinks. The clients approved the stones, and they were final installed and the granite sealed in one day as the contractors started on the third bathroom.

Clients chose mostly white for the master bathroom, which went very well with the existing brass fixtures and mosaic tile walls. They chose dark quartz stone for the vanities, neutral wall tiles, and patterned floor tiles for the two other bathrooms, which did a good job of being trendy and still highly functional.

Post Installation

The clients were very pleased when they saw the final product, especially the master bathroom. We had called on our design expertise to advise them on the best route to go for the remodel. While they were initially skeptical, the proof of the pudding was in the eating. The mosaic tiles were really quite a unique feature of the bathroom, and made a nice bathroom beautiful. The teenagers liked the design of the two other bathrooms, so it was kudos all around. Our work on the installation of the tiles and vanities were spot on, as usual.

Challenge Met

The clients had challenged our recommendations regarding their remodel by making a stipulation that would have caused Fairfax Kitchen Bath money. However, we were confident we were right, so the challenge was accepted and met with flying colors. Our biggest advantage is our dedication to giving the client what they need at the lowest possible costs even when they disagree. Of course, we would have followed what they wanted to bathroom and kitchen design if they had insisted, but since they had faith of sorts in our expertise, it worked out for everyone in the end.

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