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Updating the Family Bathroom

Updating the Family Bathroom

As the members of a family grow up their needs change. As the kids grow up many things which were important 2-3 years ago become irrelevant afterwards. So it is a high time for renovating the family bathroom.

While renovating cost can be a restricting factor. In that case some quick fixes and minor changes can help cater to all members of the family. Experts recommend asking yourself following questions to address all of the requirements of your family.

  1. Do I need more storage?
  2. Do I need to add a privacy wall around the toilet?
  3. Do I need to replace the fixtures and faucets?
  4. Bathroom sinks are an appropriate height for all the members of the family?
  5. Do I need to change the wallpaper and/or paint in the bathroom to make it more suitable for the family?

For a family with children, safety is a primary concern for parents. When looking to update the tiles of the family bathroom porcelain is the best option. Porcelain is the least slippery option among all types of tiles variety. Another child safety issue are the sliding doors over the bathtub. These doors do provide a better protection of keeping the bathwater inside the tub. On the other hand these bathtubs doors can squish and badly hurt those tiny little fingers. Growing families also need a large storage capacity in the bathroom. A large cabinet with drawers and shelves can address all types of storage needs of your family.

Many people are looking to upgrade their family bathrooms on a budget. A bathroom can be renovated and updated with a limited budget and also in a few days! Updating fixtures, new countertop and a fresh coat of paint can help you make your bathroom look new and make your family happy too!

Upgraded bathrooms will have all the storage capacity for a growing family and safe for young kids. This new family bathroom will cater to the needs of all young and not so young members of your family. Everyone in your family will love the fresh new family bathroom!

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