Unexpected Reasons behind a ‘Modern’ Kitchen Makeover

Unexpected Reasons behind a ‘Modern’

Kitchen Makeover

It’s rather exciting to move into a new house, experience a new environment and get a whiff of fresh air from a fresh kitchen. Sadly, that never happens; more often than not there are more than a couple of pain spots to tackle and the kitchen is one place that very often needs to be renovated. There are many reasons why kitchens and bathrooms receive make overs.

Changing tastes

With the world going hi-tech and buildings following suit, it’s a no brainer that kitchens also need to upgrade themselves to suit modern owners. What was good for the nineties obviously won’t work in the 21st century. With a modern kitchen makeover, you can make it look brand new by just changing a few things. By laminating existing cabinets, changing door and work surfaces, using colors that match with one another, you have a brand new kitchen that won’t really tug at your purse strings.

Wear and Tear

Everything has a life, even your kitchen cabinets and wooden doors will show wear and tear after a few years. That’s the time you’ll need to rejuvenate your tired kitchen and make it look vibrant and sprightly—in keeping with your trendy everyday living. If you’re on a budget, just paint the walls and change the cabinet woodwork and bring back freshness into the stale kitchen.

Personal Choices

Oftentimes you do buy a house that has a pretty modern kitchen—at first glance, you’d think everything is fine for you don’t need to change anything around, and you mentally count the dollars you saved. When you actually move in, it’s a different story altogether. You find to your dismay that the kitchen in all its modernity just doesn’t fit in with the rest of the space. Kitchen countertops and cabinets need to be worked on so that the differences can be ironed out and all is pleasing to the eye.

Transforming dark dingy spaces

Sometimes you land up with a dark, dingy kitchen with no windows or ventilation. You feel cramped and constricted and find it hard to have to breathe in cooking fumes day in and day out. You’d definitely like to transform this space into a modern, light and spacious area. White walls and custom-made white furniture makes it look light and airy, skylights and windows bring in the light and fresh air and with wooden floors and stainless-steel accents, the kitchen become modern and sleek.

Bigger spaces

Who doesn’t like large open spaces, especially if it’s your own home? Sometimes the kitchens are so small that walls need to be knocked down and the whole space updated to bring in that open, airy look. Today, kitchens are no longer places where you only cook – you relax, entertain, socialize, work, play—do everything perhaps, but sleep. So big, clean, fresh and modern spaces are in vogue.

For more reasons than one, kitchen remodeling and bathroom remodeling seems to be the mantra these days.

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Sam Kazanci <br/><span id="position">Owner</span>

Sam Kazanci

Sam Kazanci is the owner of Fairfax Kitchen Bath Remodeling. He has experience to build and remodel the kitchen and baths with his team and the author of fkb blog: You can find Sam on LinkedIn and Twitter.