Top Trends for Kitchen Renovations in 2018

Top Trends for Kitchen Renovations in 2018

Investing in a complete kitchen remodeling is a good idea. It can increase the value of your home considerably if you plan to sell it at some point. It is an even better idea if you plan to stay in the home for a long time, because a kitchen remodel can make it a more efficient workplace. However, a kitchen should be both esthetically pleasing as well as functional. Styles and design trends evolve, so something that was all the rage a decade ago may be out of date today. To help you update your kitchen the right way and maximize your investment, take note of these top trends for kitchen renovations in 2018.

Open shelves

Cabinets are great, but open shelves are becoming quite cutting-edge in the design department. Many designers prefer it for many kitchens, which makes it a hot trend in 2018. However, you have to be careful. Open kitchen shelving looks great when properly staged, but not all homeowners have display-worthy dinnerware or anything like that. It can still work quite well if you choose the right kind of shelves and organize what you put in them properly.

The move to condo unit and small apartments have fueled this trend because of the space constraints. Open shelves are particularly good in small kitchens, because it makes the space look bigger by letting in more light and air. You can make use of awkward corners and every available space quite easily. They also promote more efficiency because you can easily find and grab what you need without having to open several cabinets.
You do need to be mindful about what you place on these shelves, though. Cabinet doors can hide your mess, but not open shelves. Each bowl and glass has to contribute to the overall look of the kitchen, so mismatched glasses and dinnerware has no place in it. The benefit of this is promoting a minimalist lifestyle, which is really shaping kitchen designs today. You only keep what you use and give away anything you don’t. You can have base cabinets to store stuff you cannot part with, but it is not an efficient use of much-needed space. Open shelves promote a simpler, less stressful work environment. It may take some time to get used to having everything out in the open, but it will be worth it in the end.

Farmhouse sinks

Farmhouse sinks are large and deep, which is a popular replacement for double sinks for kitchens today. Double sinks occupy more space than necessary, considering the modern lifestyle that makes two sinks redundant. Farmhouse sinks are more space efficient and comfortable to use, able to accommodate large pots and baking trays. If your kitchen design doesn’t really go with an apron front, you can choose a larger undermounted sink instead. Either type will look great with natural stone or engineered countertops. If you do feel the need for a prep sink, consider putting in a small one in the kitchen island, or at the end of your counter. Separating the main and prep sinks lets more than one person work in the kitchen without bumping into each other.

Fun faucets

Speaking of sinks, a hot trend in updating the kitchen is including some great looking hardware in the budget. Invest in high-quality innovative faucet designs that will make a bit of a splash in the looks department, easily making your kitchen more awesome. Some come with an arm you can extend all the way to the stove to fill pots, and others come with high-pressure sprayers. Choose a faucet that speaks to your fancy and whimsy.

Tech savvy

You definitely need to incorporate some technology into your kitchen counters and cabinets. A smart kitchen where microwave ovens talk to refrigerators may still be out of reach for most people, but you can make it easier to keep your gadgets handy with built-in charging and docking stations for your tablets and smartphones. You might even put in some cameras, lights and music players you can control wirelessly.

LED lights

LED lights are awesome technological innovations that make your kitchen energy efficient and esthetically pleasing. Aside from your central and work lights, you may want to look into putting under cabinet LED lights in your design. They look fantastic, and they are easy to install. You can choose bars, strips, or pucks, and they make it easier to work and play. If you have an open floor layout, the right lighting can introduce the right mood and make your kitchen an awesome entertainment center.


Kitchen design has evolved in interesting ways over time. Advanced technology has changed the taste and needs of homeowners, so it is always a good idea to incorporate some of these trends into your kitchen renovations in 2018.
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