Top Tips for Choosing Kitchen Cabinets

Top Tips for Choosing Kitchen Cabinets

If you are considering a kitchen remodeling project or have already begun one, then a pressing issue is likely to be the cabinets. With a wide range of kitchen cabinets out there, it might become challenging to decide which type of cabinets should finally be used in your kitchen remodeling. This guide should hopefully help you answer all your questions.

Kitchen cabinets have a huge impact on the design and functionality of your kitchen. From aesthetic appeal to ease of use, a correctly chosen kitchen cabinet will add more value to your kitchen. Meticulous prior planning always makes things smoother and easier!

Need for Storage

This will make a difference in what kind of cabinets are appropriate for your kitchen. If you are not happy with your existing cabinets because they are not spacious enough, then you know that you want your new cabinets to have enough space for all your utensils and equipment .If you want to change your kitchen cabinets because they are not user-friendly, hard to reach, or difficult to clean, then you should go for cabinets that give you all of these features.

European style cabinets are more spacious than rail-style cabinets. Install pie-cabinets or Lazy Susan’s to squeeze maximum space out of your cabinets.

Budget for the kitchen cabinets

There really is no limit to the range of prices that kitchen cabinets come in. How much you spend should depend on many factors. For example, if you are living in a rental home, then your budget would ideally be much lesser than if you are living in your own home. If you are remodeling to get your kitchen pretty for a house resale, then you might want to invest in cabinets that are not too expensive, but yet make a good impression.

Existing decor of kitchen and home

If you have a contemporary style kitchen, then modern, European style cabinets would be a match. If you have a classically traditional  kitchen design, then period cabinets would be in order.

Types of kitchen cabinets

Stock cabinets:

These are pre-manufactured that come in a limited range of styles and in sizes that increase by increments. They are not customizable.

Semi-custom cabinets:

These are also pre-manufactured but are flexible in range of styles and sizes and they can be customized to an extent.

Custom cabinets:

These are built according to your requirements, specifications, and needs.

Duration of life

Manufacturers offer different spans of warranty for products, ranging from 1 year to lifetime coverage.

Cabinet trends

The latest trends indicate wall cabinets that extend right up to the ceiling, which comes in handy for storing appliances and utensils that you might use only for special occasions or once a year (Thanksgiving, perhaps?). Plywood is a popular and economical material. Finishes are preferred dark and rich. Textured finishes are being chosen over the glazed look. Woods can be lacquered or stained also. Touchless cabinets that are perfect for recycling or waste drawers are the latest favorite among kitchen designers.

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