Top Benefits Of Basement Remodeling

When your family size becomes larger, you will need to expand your house, and planning for basement remodeling is a wise investment. In line, there are plenty of things you need to look into to make your basement makeover a success.

Meanwhile, you have two main options to achieve your best basement remodels: hiring a remodeling contractor or doing it on your own. The former will entail a higher cost, yet you are guaranteed of achieving the details of your makeover. 

However, for you to save more, you must be willing to do some parts of remodeling your basement and opt for more affordable materials for fixtures, countertops, and flooring.

Together, let’s find out why it is advantageous to finish or re-create your old and shabby basement.

1. Creates Additional Functional Space

Building a new structure as your house extension will cost more than re-making your dusty basement. In line, you need to have a clear picture of what you want to do in renovating your basement.

Will you be making it as your living room extension? How about a children’s play area? Mini theater? Maybe create a small office?

Our team will guide you in materializing the outcome of your basement makeover. We shall be with you starting from the planning stage, creating a 3D computer simulation model, and implementation of the project.

2. Appraises the Resale Value of Your Home

Meanwhile, if you are planning to sell your house in the next two to three years, then renovating your basement will add more function to your home which entices potential buyers. 

Typically, around 50% to 80% of the total cost of your basement redo will be added to the resale value of your property. It is the main reason why most homeowners would like to avail of our basement remodeling services because we can greatly help you achieve this for a reasonable price.

3. Enhances Energy Efficiency

Your basement is highly susceptible to water damage due to leaking pipes or flood water seeping inside. With the location of most basements, it will always have a cool temperature, meaning it requires more energy to raise its room temperature.

To save the cost of your electricity by operating on your heating system, our staff will improve the insulation and drywall of your basement. Likewise, during hot seasons, you will have minimal use of your HVAC system for cooling your basement since it can efficiently hold the cool air inside.

4. Increase Storage Capacity and Organization

Besides your attic, your basement serves as an extra storage space for housing your belongings. When you plan to remodel my basement, we shall find innovative ways of increasing the functionality and storage of your rustic basement.

Our technicians can install custom cabinetry and pull-out drawers, so you have better ways of organizing your stuff. We can also install tall corner cabinets to maximize the nooks of your newly finished basement.

Therefore, you have a more strategic place of storing your large or small valuables inside your finished basement.

5. Becomes More Attractive for Potential Buyers

Most potential buyers will look both at the functionality and aesthetics of your property before they make up their minds about purchasing it. The common ways of increasing the saleability of your house are renovating your kitchen, bathroom, and basement.

Once we have done a suitable makeover for your small basement, your property will have a higher chance of being sold at a good price.

When your prospective clients know what you have done to your basement, it gives them more reasons why your house is worth buying.

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