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Top 5 Luxurious Bathroom Remodeling Designs To Try In 2022

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Your bathroom is meant to give you a relaxing feel when you’re taking a warm bath in your tub, or a quick shower. But this spa retreat vibe can wear out through time, so finding a good bathroom remodeling design is your best choice to revamp it.

Are you looking for a luxurious bathroom design this 2022? Well, you’re in the right spot as we’re featuring the best designs from the best designers in the industry. With our experience in the remodeling industry, we can guarantee your time reading this article is valuable.

Let’s take a deep dive into this!

Black Is In

White is still a trending choice among homeowners and remodelers for bathroom redo. But there’s an upward rise in installing black fixtures in bathroom remodels. Matte black cartridge faucets and bar pulls look great on white cabinets and countertops. They give a classy antique vibe into the space.

You can pair that with an ornamental plant placed on top of your countertop to give warmth to your modern bathroom.

A floating vanity also looks fantastic with matte black fixtures and wooden accents. Combining these things, you’d get a homey bathroom with a touch of modern style.

Here are some ideas you can try using black bathroom fixtures and accessories:

  • Black window frames and doors
  • Matte black frames for your vanity mirrors
  • Black plastic containers for your liquid soap and tissue box
  • Shower wall recessed storage in black tiles
  • Black tiles for your backsplash and some wall accents 

Floral Draperies

Putting your floral draperies near your freestanding tub is an excellent idea for your bathroom remodel. The floral design of your draperies connects to the outdoors making your space homier and relaxing.

This design bathroom remodeling has been adopted by many of our clients. We choose the right fabric to match their tub and tiles. Our designers at Fairfax Kitchen and Bath are known for making a great revamp for any bathroom size.

We can also update your tiles to match your tub and drapes. If that’s the best way to do it, and if, your tiles are outdated as well. We can also install towel holders at both ends of your tub. Most homeowners like this since couples have separate towel holders for more functionality.

Touchless faucets and motion light sensors

This is a fancy addition but functional for your bathroom. If you look into the trending bathroom remodeling design ideas today, you’d see many of them have adapted to this. This is friendly for children, seniors, and people with disabilities.

A touchless faucet also promotes a hygienic space inside your bathroom. Why so? That’s because there’s less chance of touching any knob or lever for opening or closing the faucet. Less touch means less contamination and dirt. It can also add to the modernity of your bathroom, which also increases your home’s resale value.

In terms of price, the average cost for a touchless or motion sensor faucet is around $500 to $750 including an installation fee. If you want to include this, we can give you a free quote for that. It will help you decide whether to install one or not.

If we look into motion sensor lights, this is trending today. The average cost to install one is $150 to $300. The price can vary on the contractor you’re hiring and the quality of the light fixture you’ll have.

More plants and vibrant colors!

Organic is also popular for today’s design ideas for bathroom remodeling. Many remodelers and homeowners are doing this since it makes you more relaxed and relieves more stress. Your bathroom must have that ambiance, otherwise, you’d have to think about updating it.

Here are some of the best plants for your bathroom:

  • Orchids: They can grow well in damp areas like your bathroom. Their flowers are also beautiful to look at on your white walls and corners.
  • Golden Pothos: This is a low maintenance vine that can grow well in less sunlight as long as its soil is kept moist. Their leaves come in different sizes. It seamlessly adds natural beauty to your vanity top or corner.
  • Spider plant: This plant can grow with low sunlight and slightly high humidity space. It can blend well with any color inside your bathroom.
  • China Doll Plant: This is ideal to place near the window or door. The shape and volume of its leaves look great with wooden and tile materials.

Smart bathroom storage

When it comes to interior design bathroom remodeling, improving storage must be part of your plan. If you don’t have systematic storage for your bathroom, it’ll look cramped and messy. This destroys the reputation of your bathroom.

Here are some amazing storage ideas we can apply to your bathroom redo:

  • Recessed storage on your shower wall
  • Open shelving underneath your floating vanity
  • Open shelving on top of your bathroom door
  • Medicine cabinet behind your vanity mirror
  • Hanging baskets behind your door
  • Towel racks

Storage is important for boosting the functionality of your space. This is one reason why homeowners revamp their old bathrooms. They want to improve storage while also updating its style.

Final Thoughts?

Whether it’s a remodeling small bathroom design or not, Fairfax Kitchen and Bath can help you. We have trained and experienced designers who can make your bathroom a luxurious one. We hope you had a great time learning new things for designing your bathroom.

Do you have any questions so far? In terms of renovating your bathroom, we first understand the needs of the client. That’s top of our minds since everything will be based there. Satisfying your needs is our top priority.

We also have a network of suppliers that are known in the industry. You can definitely rely on the quality of products and accessories we’ll be using for renovating your bathroom.

In case you need help, you can book an appointment online for a free consultation. We also give free quotes online.

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