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Top 4 Trends in Bathroom Renovations

Top 4 Trends in Bathroom Renovations

Bathrooms are now the second most popular renovating project inside a home. Many people have started to accept the importance of a customized and beautiful bathroom space. Therefore the budget has also increased from $15,000 to $20,000 for an average renovation.

Consumers are now looking for a personalized space and according to a market survey are willing to spend up to $50,000 on the bathroom renovation project. As many residents are looking to spend longer time on one house they now prefer to have luxurious and long lasting accessories like a claw foot tub instead of a fiberglass prefab fitted bath tub.


The majority of people looking to remodel their bathrooms are opting for the newer size of the bathroom tile. These rectangular tiles are used in the bathroom and in the shower. This uniformity improves the harmonious look of the bathroom. Two different colored tiles style is out and the new sleek, colors and textures of the tiles in the latest trend in the bathroom remodeling industry. With better production technology the cost of high-end tiles like the heated floor tiles are now increasingly becoming common. Many people with flexible budgets are able to afford and install various other heated floor options, which were once only available to high-end customers. Vinyl tiles are also popular choice but still a large percentage of consumers do not prefer any such “artificial” flooring in their bathrooms.


Colors go in and out fashion all the time. Grey is one of the most popular color choices of the season. Warmer tones of grey colors are used in bathrooms and in other rooms around the house. Many people used bold color accents around the room to complete a sleek and sophisticated look of your room.


People are now looking to personalize each and every room of the house with their own styles and preference. They understand they will get the value of the money invested if they spend more on the higher end materials and products. The average consumer has increase the spending budget of the bathroom and many times they also want a larger bathroom included with an ensuite closets. Cleaner lines and glossier tiles are one of the trendiest products of the season.


With many new styles of design and accessories for your bathroom people are investing more and more time to decide and personalize their space according to their likings. They are choosing from the type of vanity they want to a type of showerhead they want to install in their bathroom.

This personalization trend is gaining popularity among consumers all over the country due to influx of reality TV shows and celebrity culture. People are willing to spend more money to have a perfect bathroom design which is just like one of their favorite celebrity or their best friend.

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