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Today’s Kitchens Require Attention to Detail

Today’s Kitchens Require Attention to Detail

Kitchen remodels have changed so much in last 30 years. From cozy and small they have become into full blown entertainment sections of the house. Although the American house sizes are becoming portable, the kitchens are getting a whole new makeover and in certain cases, people are spending a considerable amount of their money on building or rebuilding kitchens.

Following kitchen trends have been noticed by designers in recent times:

Kitchen spaces have become more flexible, you will find counter tops where whole family can cook and sit together. Large granite tops have become a regular fixation of sorts in kitchens. More and more kitchens are becoming environmental friendly and the focus on getting energy efficient appliances, high efficiency insulation and high window efficiency – big broad windows to utilize natural sunlight; use of recycled materials is becoming increasingly desirable.

Large kitchens

Large kitchens have made a comeback and along with them niche items are creating a market space for themselves too. A blank kitchen wall is no longer to adorn pictures of loved ones but it’s the centerpiece where you can showcase your latest art buy or a flat screen TV for wholesome entertainment while you cook and family and friends can lounge around you giving you company.

Dining rooms are on the way out

Earlier dining rooms were essential to a house but they are no longer seen as a center of activity mainly because their physical boundaries are constricting and a large gathering of people cannot be entertained. Hence the boundaries between a dining hall and a kitchen began to disappear. This has led to large kitchens where you can find an area not just to cook and sit but also lounge pre and post dinner. It is more like an open space that will continue to evolve as our lifestyle will change.

Appliances and their installments

Environment friendly is the buzz word when it comes to today’s expanding kitchens. This concept gets extended to the kind of gadgets and appliances that get installed in a kitchen. People understand that importance of using equipment that doesn’t harm their health and has properties that induces well being. They are not afraid to shell out money on high end European products that are known for longevity and quality.

Another trend is covering all bits of kitchen in either wood panels or ceramic Italian tiles. There is no room for error so even nooks and crannies need to be patched up. Installments have to be done in a way that doesn’t cause issues to existing electrical wirings or water pipelines in the wall. The idea is to install items that use clean energy as much as possible.

What goes where does matter

You could have spend a lot money of gathering items for your kitchen design but if you don’t arrange them in a way that allows their individual characters to grow then it is of no use. It is a good idea to invest in a designer who can make things a lot easier for you.

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