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Tips to Install Granite Countertops

Tips to Install Granite Countertops

It is a big decision to choose to install granite countertops for your kitchen, bathroom or any other room in the house. So, whether you are building your kitchen from the very beginning or whether you are simply renovating it, installing granite countertops can make it look great.

Here are a few tips to install granite countertops

The kitchen of the house also needs remodeling, for keeping it trendy and modern. Reconstruction is an expensive and time consuming affair; hence, the best option is to remodel kitchen which can help in creating a modern look.

The costs

The cost of installing a granite countertop can range between $20 and $100 per square foot. It really depends on the area of your kitchen, your location, etc. One way to save money is to ask your fabricator whether they have any leftover granite from previous jobs and whether they can fit it as your countertop.


When it comes to backsplashes for installing granite countertops, you have a bunch of options. You could either use a 4 inch tall slab or full granite up to the underside of the cabinets. You may need to have full granite backsplash especially if you are considering having a bar on top. If not, it may give the surroundings an ugly look. If you wish to install full granite countertops with full granite backsplash, then you should be ready to spend as much as you spent on the granite for the countertop.

Edge style

There are many edge styles available for the installation of your new granite countertops. The eased edge is the way to go in case you want a modern look without a lot of extra cost. The undermount sink may cost you some more money, but the look is totally worth it. Typically, your fabricator will secure the sink to the granite that he supplies. The farmhouse sink is yet another type of sink that is quite popular with everyone and come out the front of the base cabinet.


Make sure that the faucet you select is on site when you need it installed. They need to know how big the holes they have to drill should be. You must already be aware that once the holes are drilled on your countertop, there is no going back. The same applies to the kitchen sink too. If the fabricator is not the one supplying the sink, ensure that it is on site when they come to measure your kitchen.


In case you are planning to put an overhang atop your kitchen sink, then you should consider fixing it properly so that it does not fall. You would need either steel plates or brackets to support the overhangs. Find out from your fabricator as to what he or she has to say about it.


Ask the company that wants to take up the contract work with you for your kitchen countertop to provide an additional quote for seams. If the countertops are greater than 9 inches, then they should have seams. Otherwise, they should ideally have no seams.

Turnaround time to install the countertops

Any countertop that has been customized to meet your needs would take a few days more than the time it would usually take to make a countertop. You should consider giving it at least one to three weeks for the countertop to be made.

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