Things To Know Before Remodeling Your Basement

It is the dream of every homeowner to maximize the beauty and function of every room in their home. With that, we bet you’re thinking about your basement, right? How long has it been since the last day you cleaned it?

Well, it’s great that you are here for we’re going to talk about the essentials of basement remodeling, so you’d know how professionals do it. Meanwhile, if you need a seasoned remodeling contractor for this endeavor, then you can call us Fairfax Kitchen Bath

We are one of the leading locally operated and owned private contractors for home renovations for many years. Also, all of our technicians are duly licensed, trained, and bonded for these tasks.

Without further delays, let’s start and enjoy!

#1 Average Cost for Finishing Your Basement

Indeed, there are a handful of elements affecting the cost of your best basement remodels, yet the average cost is between $25 to $50 per square foot. Meanwhile, if you go for customized products and fixtures, your investment can spike up to $30,000 and more.

We understand that most of you want to save on cost, so we recommend that you use our request form to ask for a free quotation. Our team of professionals will work for hand in hand to bring your dream basement makeover without going too much above your finances.

#2 Average Duration To Complete Basement Renovation

If you decide to take on 100% DIY remodel my basement project, then it will take a couple of months to a year, depending on how large is your basement. Nevertheless, the average time for remodeling your basement is between one to two months.

In line, when you ask for a free quote from any remodeling contractors, it’s also wise to ask for the expected timeframe of completing the remodel.

#3 Return on Investment For Basement Makeover

Besides converting your basement to a more pleasing and functional space, homeowners undertake this effort to increase the value of their property. It’s also one of the main reasons why they hire professional basement remodeling services, for it guarantees the success of this venture.

Typically, the estimated return for your small basement makeover is around 50% to 75% of your overall renovation cost.

#4 Tackle Some Works Yourself To Save

If you have the muscles and skills to handle some of the jobs in renovating your basement, then go for it. Why? Because you can save labor cost when you tackle some of the works, like painting, framing, or hanging drywall.

#5 Don’t Forget About Natural and Modern Lighting

The location of your basement is never a hindrance for you to illuminate its interiors. With that, our team can use both natural and modern lighting systems to increase the brilliance and airy aura in your finished basement.

We can install glass windows and doors to allow natural light to come inside. After, we can install recessed LED lights and hanging pendant lights to spruce the vibrant feel in your basement.

#6 Safe Path Towards Your Basement

Besides focusing on aesthetics and insulation, you also need to consider the safety of the pathway and stairs towards your basement. With that, we can install sturdy handrails and non-slip staircases to avoid any accidents.

Moreover, proper illumination of the stairwell is a must to avoid stumbling down the stairs.

#7 Get Rid of Excess Moisture

Due to your basement’s location, it is highly susceptible to moisture and flood problems. To counter this issue, we can secure these following measures:

  • Sump pump
  • Excellent drainage system from your roof and ceilings away from your foundation
  • Dehumidifier
  • Waterproofing system application
  • Never frequently open your window or doors during humid days

#8 Don’t Invest Too Much for Expensive Flooring

We always advise our clients to never spend so much on their basement flooring, because of the higher risk for flood and moisture problems. In line, hardwood floors are terribly not recommended, rather you can have engineered wood, ceramic tiles, or vinyl planks for it.

Meanwhile, if your basement floor is not finished, then we suggest that we install a subfloor to enhance comfort and dryness. Once your subfloor is done, then we can install the suitable flooring material for your basement.

#9 Finishing Your Basement Ceilings

Your basement ceiling updates must be as great as your flooring makeover. Consequently, you need to consider easy access when deciding what kind of ceiling works you want to have.

Here are the top three types of basement ceilings you can adapt.

  • Drop Ceilings

It’s the standard basement ceiling used in the industry because it allows you to easily access the electrical and plumbing works underneath your secondary ceiling. There is various installation kit available in the market, and it’s mainly composed of tiles which you can move to access the rough-in works on top. 

  • Drywall

Meanwhile, this one is the second-best choice for most homeowners because it’s affordable and easy to install. Just make sure to make a cut out where you are going to access your electrical and plumbing works.

  • Open Ceiling Finish

Lastly, you can save money and effort when you opt for an open basement ceiling, where it gives your newly finished basement an industrial appeal. Your main setback for this option is your vulnerability to drips and leakage. With that, you need to secure the coatings of your pipes.

#10 Finishing Your Basement Walls

To enhance the energy-efficiency of your newly finished basement, we need to focus on your insulation, frame, and drywall. The basic insulation material we can install in your walls is polystyrene foam, then we place an adhesive and stick that to your wall.

On the other hand, mounting your drywall can be done either vertically or horizontally. The latter choice will give you fewer visible seams, yet you still need to secure its placement.

Once we are done hanging your drywall, we can apply a primer or paint to give it an elegant look while protecting it from scrapes and scuffs.

Call In Professional Assistance

At Fairfax Kitchen Bath, we guarantee the effectiveness of our basement remodeling services for a budget-friendly price. We have done hundreds of renovation projects already, and all details were met because of our great team and advanced equipment.

For your inquiries and free quotes, get in touch with us today. We give free consultations as well.

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