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Stunning Galley Kitchen Remodeling Ideas In Burke, VA

If you hope to do a galley kitchen remodeling project in the near future, you are probably getting excited with all of the possibilities. Remodeling a galley kitchen is a chance for you to explore your creativity and make a space that is functional and beautiful.

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Finding some inspiring ideas for galley kitchen remodeling in Burk, VA can help you focus your attention and get every detail correct. Luckily, there are a ton of ideas for galley kitchen remodeling out there for you to seek guidance from.

To help you get your project started right, our experts in galley kitchen remodeling in Burke, VA  have created this blog post. Reading this will teach you everything you need to know about remodeling a galley kitchen ideas in Burke, VA. 

Your Countertops Make A Difference In A Galley Kitchen

A galley kitchen is a narrow and tall space lined with cabinets, and what you have in the middle has a strong visual impact. Countertop colors and materials in galley kitchen remodeling are something you want to get right.

There are a lot of options for countertops that look stunning in a galley kitchen remodeling project, so you have some decisions to make. Some of the best choices for a countertop when you are remodeling a galley kitchen are:

  • Quartz- this engineered stone comes in natural looking colors and patterns that can fit your design goals.
  • Marble- you can find elegant marble countertops in many colors, from black to white to create the kitchen you dream of.
  • Granite- this ultra hard stone will last a long time and look great with its beautiful graining and color options.
  • Butcher block- this wooden countertop material gives your kitchen a warm and wonderful feeling.
  • Polished concrete- if you like a more subtle or industrial feeling, polished concrete is a great choice but it comes in more than just gray.

Having a beautiful countertop to divide your upper and lower cabinets is a great trick to make your galley kitchen feel more comfortable. It is like a trick for the eyes that makes a galley kitchen come to life and feel like it belongs in your home.

Choose Impeccable Kitchen Cabinets

Cabinets play a large role in a galley kitchen, so you want to pick the best ones for your room. The first choice you should make is to go with sleek cabinets, like flat panel, or textured cabinets like Shaker.

Both options create a different atmosphere that can shape your galley kitchen remodeling project’s destination. Choose wisely and you’ll end up with a beautiful galley kitchen.

Select The Best Color For Your Galley Kitchen Remodel

Many beautiful colors work well in a galley kitchen remodeling project, it is up to you to decide which one fits your personality. Some of the best galley kitchen remodels have chosen colors that you would never expect to look amazing, but they pull it off because it means something to their style.

It may seem like white is the best color option in a galley kitchen because it makes the space so bright, but you have other options to choose from. Some colors that look stunning in galley kitchens throughout the area are:

  • Blue cabinet- many shades of blue look great in a galley kitchen, from light to dark.
  • Pink backsplash- a backsplash is a splendid way to add a fun color like pink.
  • Green walls- add some vibrant color with a green walled galley kitchen.

You also need to consider all of the options for mixing colors to get a great blend in your galley kitchen. The natural light and artificial light in the galley kitchen will also play a big role in how the colors look throughout the day and night.

Site Your Windows Well In Your Galley Kitchen Remodeling Project

Having a great view to the outside world from your galley kitchen can make the space the special room it should be. If you have access to an exterior wall, you should strongly consider adding windows or expanding existing ones.

Having a lot of natural light in your galley kitchen will make you feel happier to be in there on a beautiful day or even when it’s raining. You also need to work on keeping your windows free of obstructions that could lessen the light that enters.

The window sills also create a great shelf for decorating your galley kitchen to put even more of your personality into the space. Its little details like these that make a galley kitchen remodeling project a success that you enjoy for decades.

Your Kitchen Faucet Can Be A Centerpiece

Of all the galley kitchen remodeling ideas we have seen, making the kitchen sink faucet the centerpiece is one of the most surprising. You can choose a classic finish like golden brass, or even a trendy color like matte black.

Putting the visual focus on the sink in your galley kitchen brings in that seaside feeling that you might want to go for. There is also the chance that you could base the rest of the colors in your kitchen off of your kitchen sink faucet.

You can choose an artisan faucet that will be a unique piece that you and your guests will appreciate for many years. The water in the kitchen is a vital element, and you can celebrate it with a beautiful centerpiece.

Intricate Tiled Floors In Galley Kitchen Remodeling

In a galley kitchen, the floor in the middle of the two sides of countertops can be a great place to play with some interesting designs. We love seeing a galley kitchen with a beautiful looking tile floor that ties the two sides of the space together.

There are many options for kitchen tiles out there, and you need to find one that fits your design aesthetic. There are also chances for you to have a custom designed tile made for your kitchen, either drawn by yourself or with the help of a graphic designer.

Another option you have for your galley kitchen tiled floors is a mosaic tile that can be made into many different patterns. With smaller tiles, you have some freedom to make some designs that will really surprise your guests.

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