Step-step Guide For A Complete Kitchen Remodeling This 2022

Whether you are planning of reselling your house next year or not, undertaking a complete kitchen renovation is one major overhaul that requires teamwork from professionals. In line, you need to picture out how long are you planning to finish your full kitchen remodel

If you want to guarantee the success of your affordable kitchen renovations, make sure to have a plan and work with seasoned contractors like Fairfax Kitchen Bath, to ensure cost-efficiency and accuracy.

Together, let’s discuss this comprehensive step-by-step guide for your small kitchen makeover. 

#1 Things To Consider Before Starting Your Kitchen Renovation

Renovating your pantry is a cumbersome task that requires tedious planning and budgeting. However, you can make this project seamless and light when you have a professional contractor to work with. 

Before jumping to the rough-in works and countertop installations, here are some variables you need to settle beforehand.

Visualize Your Dream Kitchen

Most clients already have a picture in their mind of their newly renovated pantry before hiring a contractor. It’s great when you have already an image of the outcome of your fast kitchen remodeling because it will be easier for us to make cost-efficient enhancements.

Moreover, it spices your motivation to save and pursue your kitchen makeover when you like its future looks.

Keep An Eye On Your Budget

The extent of your modern kitchen remodel will greatly depend on your allocated budget. Your small kitchen redo can start from $3,000 to more than $50,000, depending on your fixtures, countertops, and other items you want to upgrade in your pantry.

Meanwhile, here are the estimated breakdowns of the various elements you can update in your kitchen.

  • Floor – 7%
  • Kitchen island – 10%
  • Kitchen cabinets – 29%
  • Installation cost – 17%
  • New appliances and air system – 14%
  • Modern lighting – 5%
  • New drywall and ceiling – 5%
  • Professional fee for kitchen design – 4%
  • Door and window upgrades – 4%
  • Piping, sink, and faucet – 4%
  • Other items – 1%

Don’t Hesitate To Hire Professional Assistance

Leaning on a professional remodeling contractor is never expensive because we can always blend with your needs and budget. It is our dedication to be your partner in this huge endeavor, and seeing your dream chef-kitchen come to life is our happiness

With our years of experience and cutting-edge technology, we can efficiently materialize your home kitchen remodeling on a budget. For your free estimates and consultations, call our office today.

#2 Always Start With A Plan

Your kitchen makeover can last from weeks to a year, depending on your area and the extent of the details. Consequently, you need to list down a few elements when you are planning for it. Moreover, we cannot emphasize further how important is planning for the grandeur of your kitchen remodeling.

Kitchen Size

A 30 square foot pantry will be easier to remodel than a 50 square foot. In line, you need to be accurate in getting the measurements of your kitchen, so that there’s less error and redo in your tasks.

Consequently, our technicians can do a pre-inspection of your kitchen so we can get an accurate layout of your kitchen island, sink countertop, cabinetry, floor, walls, and more. It must be done right for the first time because re-doing errors are costly, and you don’t want that.

Think About Kitchen Cabinets

Besides your kitchen island, your wall and base cabinets play an essential role in sprucing your pantry while enhancing storage capacity. In line, you have two basic options: prefab or customized cabinets. 

Upon choosing, you will consider your budget and purpose, that it meets halfway. Nevertheless, our woodworkers will find a way to meet your requirements without going over your budget.

Ask Professional Assistance with Your Kitchen Design

Next to budgeting, finding the best kitchen design will be your most daunting task, considering you have hundreds of ideas to explore online.

Nevertheless, leaning on professional designers is still viable, since we have the experience and software to readily create a 3D computer model of your desired kitchen remodel.

Secure Your Licenses and Permits for Your Renovation

Meanwhile, if you need to change something in the electrical, plumbing, mechanical, or structural aspects of your kitchen, then you need to secure a building permit from your city or municipal hall.

Fortunately, when you hire a remodeling contractor, they can take care of the paperwork needed for your modern kitchen renovations.

Finalize Your Plan with A Remodeling Contractor

Once you have settled the pieces of your kitchen redo, you can finalize that with your nearby local contractor like Fairfax Kitchen Bath. We can seamlessly align all the essential elements for updating your dated pantry.

Moreover, all our products and services are guaranteed and backed with warranty coverage for your welfare. For our free consultations, call our office.

#3 Choose Between Prefab and Custom-Made Fixtures, Countertops, and Other Products

Your kitchen island and cabinetry are one of the focal points in your newly finished pantry. However, to avoid going beyond your budget, you need to decide whether to go for a custom-made or prefab product.

In line, you have an array of materials to choose from for upgrading your cabinets and kitchen countertops. For the former, you can have shaker-style, contemporary, slab, or rustic cabinets. Whereas, for the latter, you can go for the famous options like quartz, granite, and marble stone countertops.

#4 Kitchen Demolition

Once you are done with the planning phase, you can proceed with the demotion phase. Before we rip off the worn-out and outdated walls and parts of your pantry, we’ll have to secure that no other things will be damaged along the way.

Our team will carefully assess your fixtures, faucet, sink, drywall, flooring, ceiling, and the rough-in works in your kitchen. After, we‘re going to remove those that need replacement.

In line, a seasoned contractor knows the best practices for safely tearing out your kitchen, so that the replacements can be installed.

#5 Doing the Rough-In Works

Once we take down your old drywall, we’re going to inspect the plumbing, electrical connection, and structure behind it, so we’d know it needs to be modified or not. Rough-in works mostly deal with all the things behind your drywall, and it’s the one inspected by the city engineer for your permits and licenses.

Technically, this phase is critical for all kitchen remodeling, yet hiring a licensed contractor will make this endeavor smooth and hassle-free.

#6 Upgrading Kitchen Walls

Your kitchen drywall serves two main purposes: aesthetics and protection. If you don’t have technical skills for this, then better call a licensed contractor since we have the adept skills, tools, and materials for these delicate tasks. 

We will ensure that your new walls are properly attached, sealed, and coated with a primer. The primer is useful for it adds better protection from scrapes even if you have no plans of painting it yet.

Moreover, we shall ensure that your walls have excellent thermal insulation so that you have lower bills for your utilities.

#7 Upgrading Your Wall and Base Kitchen Cabinets

Your kitchen cabinet upgrades will be approximately 25% to 30% of the overall cost for your kitchen renovation. In line, we have hundreds of styles for you to choose for getting a fresh appeal with your cabinets.

If you want a modern and sleek appeal, then you can go for slab or contemporary cabinets with white or light paints for a brighter and cleaner look. Meanwhile, a shaker-style, glass-front, or open shelving is a famous choice for smaller pantries.

#8 Sprucing Your Kitchen Island

It’s also inevitable that your kitchen countertops must be married to your cabinets so that it projects a streamlined theme in your kitchen. Nevertheless, making a strong contrast is also a trending choice among remodelers and homeowners.

#9 Creating A Fantastic Portrait with Your Updated Backsplash

If you’re looking for an economical way of sprucing your pantry, then going for the backsplash is ideal. You can tons of options for the tiles you can use in recreating a masterpiece with your backsplash.

Meanwhile, you can consider larger tiles for your backsplash as there’ll be fewer seams and grouts. Moreover, you can cover more surface area while saving on labor cost.

#10 Cleaning Your Place Before Leaving

It is also part of our practice to never leave our working area cluttered and messy. Therefore, all our technicians will seamlessly clean up your place and organize your things in place before we leave your premises.

At Fairfax Kitchen Bath, we guarantee the beauty and perfection of your kitchen remodeling at the best price guarantee. You can ask for a free quote by filling out our request form or calling our office today.

You can also book for an onsite inspection and proposal for an affordable service fee, which we can waive or deduct from the overall cost of your renovation. Get in touch with us today or visit us on Facebook anytime!

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