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Are you thinking about having some kitchen and bath remodel? Would you like to change the design of your kitchen and make it look more modern, yet functional? Do you have issues with your kitchen space? Well, single-wall kitchens are a typical design choice when it comes to small apartments and homes with limited space. It requires fewer materials for cabinets and worktops. All furniture, major work services, and appliances are arrayed in one single run, which makes everything accessible for the cook. 

Regardless of how big or small your space is, you can get a seamless and highly functional kitchen when you incorporate strategic design and planning into your kitchen. As a matter of fact, there are small kitchen remodel ideas that you can count on to make your dream kitchen come true. However, if you are still skeptical about having a one-wall kitchen, here are some cons and pros to help you settle. 

Pros and Cons of the One-wall Kitchen Layout

Understanding the benefits and setbacks of a single-wall kitchen is essential. It helps you decide whether you’re making the right decision or not for your kitchen remodel. Let’s get to know more of the pros and cons of having a one-wall kitchen remodel.


  • Inexpensive: It is a considerably budget-friendly design, as it requires less space and materials. You can surely find a kitchen remodeling contractor for the right price you can surely afford. 
  • Good for Compact Design: A one-wall kitchen layout is a smart choice if you want to maximize your square footage. You can use the extra space for your other living areas. 
  • Excellent Workflow: Since everything is within reach, the cook doesn’t have to walk far to carry out his/her tasks. 
  • DIY options:  As there is smaller space to incorporate your design, it is easy to undertake DIY designs. 


  • Lower Resale Value: Most homebuyers prefer high-premium kitchens today. They perceive one-wall kitchen design as low cost because of its limited space. 
  • Smaller Space for Worktops: If you love cooking, having a one-wall kitchen isn’t a good option for you. Due to the idea that you have limited space for worktops. 
  • Design Ideas: Because of its compact size, bringing up new designs will be pretty challenging. 

If you consider the advantages of having a one-wall kitchen layout worthwhile, here are 5 kitchen remodeling ideas for you to get started. 

5 Tips and Kitchen Remodeling Ideas

When remodeling your kitchen, it is highly recommended to locate your kitchen along a wall that doesn’t have a window. Since windows can minimize the installation of wall cabinets. Other important tips are as follows. 

Make a plan

The first thing you need to do is to determine the design for your single-wall kitchen. Planning is one of the most critical tips of kitchen renovation, especially if you are dealing with limited space. Therefore, you’ll need a dynamic and ergonomically efficient layout that fits your needs. 

The planning includes the arrangement of the different appliances, cooktops, and sinks. Typically, appliances sit on one end of a single-wall kitchen, while there’s enough space between them and the sink. While the other side is intended for a cooktop with counter space to set down food. 

Also, don’t forget to consider in your design the neighboring rooms, such as the living

or dining areas. To achieve a harmonious and cohesive kitchen design, make sure that it accommodates your lifestyle needs. You may also consult a professional while planning for your design as this is the essential step in kitchen renovation. 

Opt for compact appliances.

One of the practical remodeling kitchen ideas for a single-wall kitchen is choosing

appliances that are compact and will fit within the limited space. Most modern appliances

that are available in the market are compact but still powerful enough to serve its purpose. 

You can find compact dishwashers at 45-cm wide, compact ovens at 24-in wide, and

many more. Since living spaces vary in sizes nowadays, appliance designers make sure

that every need of homeowners is met without sacrificing its quality.  

Incorporate multipurpose furniture.

Multipurpose furniture is a smart solution for small kitchen spaces. It enhances

functionality and efficiency of a single-wall kitchen layout. For example, a drop-down

The table can serve as a working counter, a food preparation area or a dining area. This kind of furniture also helps create a separation of spaces between a kitchen and a living room. 

If your space doesn’t allow for a built-in kitchen island, you may opt for a mobile

kitchen island. It can be used as a food preparation area, or serving table. You may also

integrate additional cabinets in your mobile kitchen island to add extra storage space. 

Consider Open Shelving.

Open shelving could work wonders in your workspace, and a practical type of storage for

one wall kitchen. It is one of the modern kitchen remodeling ideas that is on trend.

This is a space-saving idea that also increases visual space as it appear breathable and

airy. They can also be used to display decorative pieces that will add beauty to the dull

corners of your kitchen space. 

Additionally, you can incorporate easy DIY projects in open shelving. This means you’ll

save a lot of money. Moreover, you can also look for modern kitchen cabinet ideas suitable for your small kitchen. 

Add some lighting.

Clever lighting design can transform your kitchen space. It brightens the space and creates a more visually expansive area. Make sure to incorporate an even layer of lighting to your kitchen design.

To drive away dullness in some corners, add some LED strip lights, smart tasks lights and recessed lights. Pendant lighting may not be the favorite option for one wall kitchen, but it can keep the neighboring space properly illuminated. Take a look at some of the top trendy kitchen remodel trends that incorporate better lighting in their project and it will amaze you!

Single-Wall or Farmhouse Kitchen remodeling ideas 

Which one is better for you? Either one of them can be the best choice for your home. But to be sure, it’s best if you ask for a free consultation from a certified remodeling company. So, we’re done with one-wall, now let’s have a look at trending farmhouse kitchen remodeling ideas today.

Reclaimed white oak ceiling 

Revive the classic rustic beauty of your kitchen using reclaimed white oak ceiling beams. This is perfect for your brick fireplace and walls. It also fits well with white subway tiles and white shaker style cabinets. 

Compact but strong farmhouse kitchen

Even if you have the small square footage, we have plenty of kitchen ideas remodeling to achieve a farmhouse look. You can have hardwood flooring and blue shaker cabinets. Open shelving for your wall-mount storage would be perfect to improve the spacious vibe. Plus, you can showcase your expensive ceramic wares and cutleries.

Black, white, and wood 

There are many new kitchen remodeling ideas out there, and this one can be a good option. You can have a white kitchen island and black chairs. A black hanging pendant light would complement your black leather seats.

As for your open shelving, you can have wooden planks, and place there your fancy porcelain wares and cup collections. To add warmth, a hardwood floor is best.

Let us know your thoughts 

We hope you had a great time reading through the article. There are many things we can do for your one-wall kitchen remodel. Finding the best kitchen remodeling service would be your best bet. In case you have other questions or concerns, let us know, and we’ll do our best to help you.

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