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Remodeling Tips for the Master Bath

Remodeling Tips for the Master Bath

The atmosphere of personal indulgence is finding its way into master bath remodels. The standard master baths are now turning into customized retreats. As a home owner, you deserve a bathroom that is truly a master of bathrooms. You can renovate or remodel  bathroom and make it in the order you want it to be.
Here are few tips that will help you achieve the ultimate bathroom experience you always wanted to have.

Bathroom fixtures

The fixtures that you choose will always be contingent to the space available in the bathroom. You need to always remember that the master bath will see the most use of all other washrooms in the house. A luxurious master bath will always enhance the value of your home.

Bath tub or shower

Fixtures like a bath tub or a shower depend on individual preferences and needs. Most of them prefer either a bath tub or a shower or a combo of both in their master bathroom. Those who have small children always go for a bath tub.

The numbers of sinks

People often prefer two sinks in a master bath remodel. Some ask for one sink, more counter and mirror space. However, plumbing for a second sink may raise the price of the remodel.

Other fixtures

While remodeling a master bath you may always opt for a separate room for the toilet and dual shower heads. It will result in a better bathroom.

Bathroom design

The most common trend in remodeling master bathrooms are using of universal design. It should be designed to accommodate people of all ages and should include wider doorways, shower and excellent fixtures. Universal elements like grab bars blend seamlessly make the master bath luxurious.

The layout

In case you do not have the budget for dual sinks, you can always go for extra counter space. It adds a lot of functionality to the master bathroom and eases the task of having two people getting ready at the same time. Too large fixtures like big bath tubs, two sinks can waste space and ruin the look of the master bath. Too small fixtures may also look silly. A well-chosen bath tub can set the whole design of a master bath perfect. Hence, proper layout planning is important.


If you have a limited budget it is better to buy a few quality pieces that may act as statement pieces for the master bath. A statement piece may be a towel warmer, lighting fixture or a small chandelier above the bath tub. No material is too luxurious or unusual. Different things can mean different to people.


The master bath is expected to be a calm and quiet retreat. Always make sure you give it the best design with proper planning and inspirational model ideas. You can always get online and look for remodeling ideas and pictures to help you design yours in an excellent, unique way. Quick and easy bathroom remodel ideas will help you update your bathroom space in no time.

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