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Remodel your bathroom

Remodel Your Bathroom

Every single room in your home has a purpose and a potential and your Bathroom should not be any different. Give your bathroom design a well-deserved boost with a lot of planning and great ideas, make sure that you incorporate your own unique style and requirements, after all this is the spot where you will DE-STRESS daily.

In the Bathroom, most color selections from tiles to cabinets can be very permanent and very expensive, this does not have to be though. Budget a problem? Should not be, here are some nifty ideas on how you can remodel your bathroom with what you already have, just making it bigger, better, bolder. Enjoy!


  • Pick colors which you love and respond to emotionally.
  • Don’t be afraid of bright colors. Usually there is very little empty wall space in your Bathroom, the paint color basically then becomes a border around the cabinets or wall features. The right paint color can make these items pop out.
  • Look at the color choice in daylight, as well as in the artificial light that will be in your bathroom.
  • Ladies, the bathroom can be very deceiving when painting your face in the morning, make sure your color scheme is flattering to you and makes you feel young, happy and great

Decorating Ideas

  • Have you thought about incorporating stenciled art into your space
  • What about a coiled rope Rug? It is very easy, purchase yourself some braided polypropylene rope and coil it to your size
  • Create your own shower curtain by using plastic canvas cloth, mark your stripes, apply your paint, let it dry thoroughly before hanging your new curtain with clip-on curtain rings

Furniture Makeovers

  • Give your mirrors a new look just by adding a different color.
  • Spray paint is an excellent choice for this project, make sure to mask off the mirror area before you start
  • Any old side table is an excellent choice for anything from towel units, soap displays and or shampoo holders. All that is needed is a re-paint.

Makeover Projects

  • In need of a towel rack? If you have an old wooden ladder lying around, don’t throw it away, you can create a towel rack for your new bathroom remodel. Just get yourself some chalk style paint that matches the room’s accessories
  • Need a display area, but only have a space for a towel rack, no problem add a wooden wall shelf onto your towel rack, use your old wood in storage and make it new with the right selection of paint

Storage Solutions

  • Old pickle jars or glass containers is an excellent display item to store all your cotton buds and or cotton wool in. Prime and paint your lids to keep in line with your color scheme selected for your bathroom
  • Use old drawers by again just repainting to create a vibrant look to store hand towels, magazines, shampoos or any other items in.
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Sam Kazanci

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