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Overview of Kitchen Design Styles

Overview of Kitchen Design Styles

Kitchen is one the most used rooms in a house. From early morning breakfast and coffee to late night snacks it is frequently visited by all types of family members. It is very important to design a kitchen according to your lifestyle and family needs.

There are many style and design options available in the market by designers and also in DIY category. Many people create an aggressive and very ambitious designing kitchen plans. Many plans while they looking appealing in the pages of the magazine are sometimes not at all suitable for your lifestyle and family needs.

Style and Design Options

To have an open and user friendly kitchen there are some general style which are relevant to all types of lifestyle and family needs. These styles are always in fashion and easy to accessorize and maintain on a long term basis.

Modern look

Clean edges and severe lines are the main attraction of any modern look. Stainless steel appliances and accessories like the faucet and hood also compliment this look. As this style is all about the sleek lines and glossy appearance, marble is the most popular choice to complete this look. Marble symbolises sophisticated taste. Its smooth and stylish appearance compliments this modern designing style and it is also a very durable countertop material. The modern look of this design style is minimalistic. And extra accessories are kept on need basis. This style is completed by modern seating and accent ceiling lighting.

Rustic look

Many people like to place old family heirlooms in the kitchen and still have all the functionality and ease of use modern appliances have to offer. Old, rustic look is perfect for such times. Darker tones and wooden cabinets are mainly used in this type of design. The use of darker color wood and countertops gives a very warm and welcoming look to the kitchen. Granite countertops are one of the most recommended for a classic looking kitchen. Granite countertops compliment the accessories and other art pieces displayed on the countertops.

Consider an open floor plan

Open floor plans are best suited for growing and busy families. It improves the access between the dining and kitchen. This open floor plan is extremely foot traffic friendly. An island is optional and can be introduced in the kitchen design if more storage space is needed. Darker color countertops are easy to maintain as they camouflage many small spills and stains. To complement the darker counter top a tile floor is recommended. It is a very sturdy flooring option and can suit all types of budgets. To reduce the maintenance a darker color of grout is recommended so it is easier to clean.

Special attention should be given while designing a kitchen. It is one of most important rooms in the house and all aspects of your lifestyle should be considered. Careful planning will not only help you to have fun in your kitchen it will also improve the longevity of the materials and appliances used in the kitchen.

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