The Fairfax Kitchen Bath has been designing, supplying and installing only the finest quality custom kitchen and bath countertops. Our retail showroom is stocked with samples of the latest styles and colors.

Getting an amazing-looking countertop takes more than just picking a design out of a magazine or catalog. Choosing these design features must take into account the style of your home, your color preferences, and your abililty to care for the finished product. Then, your choice must be perfectly crafted and expertly installed in your home. In short, to have lovely stonework in your home, you must consult the experts in such matters. You need their advice on design, installation, and care to ensure that your stonework lasts a lifetime.


Fairfax Kitchen Bath has helped clients select the perfect design, fabricated the stone countertops, and provided expert installation. Fairfax Kitchen Bath provides personalized, face-to-face service. We are more than just a stone contractor; we are personally invested in helping you have the stone surfaces that you envisioned and completing the project on time and under budget.