A modern convenience in most homes constructed today are easy to clean backsplashes that cover the portion of the walls between the counters and cabinets.  Tile is the most common option, as it is very affordable for such a small area.   We opted to have our back-splash set in a diamond pattern, for a bit of a decorative element.  The tiles are set just like the floor version with mortal placed on the walls and each tile set in place with a spacer in-between.   The process takes about a day for the tiles to be cut and laid by professionals.

Are you thinking about why you should have a backsplash in your kitchen as suggested by a designer-friend? Firstly, a backsplash protects the wall in the area in which you are cooking from the splattering of oil and food particles. Compared to a wallpaper or painted wall, a backsplash makes a whole lot of sense as far as hygiene and protection are concerned. Another main advantage of a kitchen backsplash is that it makes the area more attractive. A well-chosen, beautifully designed backsplash can instantly update the look of a kitchen, but consider other important factors, like whether the material you have chosen is easy to clean (especially if you're a busy career woman on the go without a housekeeper to rely on).