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Lighting in Kitchen and Bath

Lighting in Kitchen and Bath

Proper lighting in your kitchen and bathroom is just as important as the interior design. Without proper lighting, the interior design could be boring and fail to be eye popping. There are many different techniques to emphasize lighting on certain areas and dim lighting in other areas. Lighting is not something that many people are too concerned with but are certainly surprised when they see the difference in quality of their kitchen or bath’s aesthetics.


Having the best lighting will give your kitchen and bath design  a look that is very unique and will impress your guests.

Focal Point Lighting

Many kitchen cabinets today have some stained glass. All bathrooms have mirrors in them. These are areas of attention for those who enter the room. In other words, they are the focal points within the room. Some rooms may have a few, some may have many, but the key is to properly light up these areas. You want there to be distinction between that point of the room and the rest of the room. This gives the room a feel of prestige and sophistication. It is important to find these focal points and create the lighting contrasts properly.


Chandeliers are beautiful pieces of artwork that can make the lighting of your kitchen perfect. Improperly placed chandeliers can throw off the lighting completely. Chandeliers radiate light in all directions so you would like the chandelier to be placed in the center of a room. Sometimes, it is not an option to place the chandelier in the center of the room. The way to deal with is to find an section in the room where there is a central point to the section. Place the chandelier in the middle of that section to properly place it and properly radiate the light throughout the room.

LED Lighting

LED lights are very popular nowadays because of their energy efficiency and bright lights. They can be used in kitchens are and especially popular in bathrooms. LED lighting can be used for faucets and sinks. They can be used to change the color of running water which is a really cool effect that your guests will absolutely be infatuated with. Blue and other cool colored LED lights are commonly used in showers and behind mirrors to give a calming feel to the room.

Light Fixtures

Having proper light fixtures is very important to your interior design. You would like to put fixtures over tables, shelves, and counters. This adds another layer of contrast and emphasizes attention to these areas.

Lastly, it is important to find out how you can properly light your own kitchen and bath. All kitchen and bath remodels are different and there is no single way to do it properly. Good luck!

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