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Kitchen Remodel Takes Flight at Dulles Home

kitchen bathroom remodeling dulles vaTo say that Dulles is a part of many things would be saying it in a literal sense, geographically. An unincorporated community in Loudoun County, it is part of Sterling, which is also an unincorporated area. A part of Washington Dulles International Airport, named after John Foster Dulles who was a former US Secretary of State, is in Dulles, which is why the community is called that. However, that only began in the 1980s, and it was because Pam Treadwell of the Loudoun County economic development lobbied for it to the US Postal Service. If you send a package to a 20166 zip code through the USPS, you can legally use either “Dulles” or “Sterling” as the city name.

Dulles is the location of some high-tech companies because of its proximity to the airport. These include Orbital ATK, ODIN Technologies, GeoEye, Harris IT Services, and at some point, AOL and MCI Inc. The National Weather Service also has its Baltimore/Washington forecast office and Sterling Field Support Center in Dulles, the latter which could as well say Dulles Field Support.

The Dulles community has a total population as of 2014 of 109,725, a significant percentage of which have a bachelors or graduate degree (38%). The average household income is $145,740, and the median home value is $396,373, both significantly higher than the state median.

Things to do in Dulles

Unless you have business to do in Dulles itself, it is unlikely it is your final destination. However, if you find yourself with time on your hands, find something to eat along the many restaurants in the airport corridor, all within a two-mile radius. You will find everything from sushi to steak, so you will not go hungry.

If you are staying more than a few hours, you could make the drive to Reston or Dulles Town Center shopping malls, about 6 or 7 miles from Dulles Airport. Dulles Town Center is quite large, over 1.4 million square feet of retailers, restaurants, and other mall entertainments. You might even manage a trip to the Smithsonian National Air and Space Museum and/or the Steven F. Udvar-Hazy Center.

Dulles is more than an unplanned layover, however. You can play a decent round of golf at the Dulles Golf Center and Sports Park or learn a thing or two about rural life at the Frying Pan Park/Farm. Take a wagon ride and hobnob with a few farm animals while you’re at it, why don’t you?

Getting creative with kitchen countertops

The clients is a young couple with a child that have lived in Dulles for a few years. They have a lovely rancher style 3-bed, 2-bath home within walking distance from the shopping mall. Their kitchen/dining area had an open floor layout, with a nice view of the woods at the back. However, the clients wanted to kitchen design with stone countertops and called us in for a consultation.


We came over for an ocular to better discuss the options for materials and modifications of the kitchen to achieve the clients’ vision. We walked them though the different materials we could use for the countertops, talking about the advantages and disadvantages of marble, granite, and quartz. The clients listened closely and asked a few pertinent questions. They finally decided that granite was their best option for their lifestyle and design preferences.
We walked through the kitchen and suggested adding a sink to the existing island and extending it so they could use part of it as a breakfast area which could also be used as a wet bar for entertaining. We pointed out that extending the island would give them considerably more space with which to work. They thought this was an excellent idea, especially after we sketched it out for them. We took out measurements and gave them a rough estimate of the costs, depending on the granite slabs they chose. They would need two full slabs for the kitchen, and we invited them to visit the showroom to pick out their favorite. We advised them to bring along photos of the kitchen, especially the cabinets, which they were not replacing. This would help them make a good decision on the stone.

Picking out the granite

We have a huge inventory of granite slabs, and the clients felt slightly overwhelmed by the choices. We sent an experienced staffer to assist them as they browsed. They were there for a couple of hours, and with the help of the staffer, they were able to narrow their choices to three slabs, which they asked to put on hold for a few days while they debated on which one would look perfect in the kitchen. They left after giving an initial deposit, armed with photos of the slabs they had chosen.


The clients called back a couple of days after saying they had decided on the Rain Forest Green. We scheduled our fabricator to visit the home the next day to take the final measurements and make the templates. Granite slabs can have a great degree of variation in design, so we invited them to come in to indicate what parts of the slab they wanted for each part of the kitchen. We pulled out the slabs for their inspection in time for their second visit, and discussed with the fabricator how to position the templates to make the best use of the unique features of each slab. They also took the opportunity to pick out an edge profile and backsplash that would go with the style and look of the new granite counters. They left an hour later, much excited to get started on the project.


We sent in the work crew with a small dumpster to remove the existing counters and put in the additional plumbing necessary for the bar sink. They set up a work station in the backyard. They made the support structures for the granite slabs, including the proposed extension, which would also include additional open shelving for the glasses and bottles of the wet bar. These were stained to simulate the finish of the original island, so it blended in seamlessly. The work crew removed all the debris from the kitchen, and cleaned up.

With the prep work done, the installer was able to bring the stone slaps and bar sink and install them. It took about four hours for the installer and work crew to carefully position each piece, glue them on the wooden support after getting approval from the clients, drill in the holes for the faucets, polish out minor scratches, and seal them. We advised the clients to leave the seal to “cure” for a few hours. The tiling crew came over the next day to install the backsplash. It was pretty messy, but the crew was careful to put down work cloths on the counters to protect it from dust and damage. They finished in 12 hours, and did the final clean up. We then presented them with a set of six granite coasters for their wet bar from the remnants of their granite. They were very grateful for the unexpected present.

Post installation

The clients were extremely happy with the counters and extended island. They said it was exactly what they wanted, and was very profuse in their praise over the professionalism of the different workers that came to their house. The project took a week to complete, but the trouble was worth it for the clients for achieving their dream kitchen.

If you want your dream kitchen and bathroom remodel  in Dulles to come true, contact Fairfax Kitchen & Bath. Nobody does it better.

Dulles Kitchen and Bath Remodeling

Wouldn’t it be great if every contractor was as good as they said they were? But the reality is that many home remodelers are subpar, overrated and overpriced. These are three traits you never want to have in a remodeling contractor. Unfortunately, most homeowners don’t realize this until after they’ve wasted money on a mediocre product and service.

To avoid this problem, it’s essential to do careful research. The internet is an exceptional resource for finding out just about everything about a company. And if you can’t locate any details, then it’s a sure sign you should continue looking around.

You want to hire a kitchen and bath remodeler with a good track record of pleasing their customers. One way to determine this is to use social media and review sites like Angie’s List. Many of our customers come across Fairfax Kitchen and Bath while looking on such sites.

Kitchen Remodeling Dulles

The kitchen in your home should be a place where you can cook, eat and entertain guests. If you’re dealing with a kitchen that’s lacking in these areas, then it may be time for some upgrades. For instance, you can have your counters traded out for higher quality stone.

Granite, quartz and marble are well-known for being top-notch options for kitchen counters. This is because they can withstand the heat of pots and pans fresh out of the oven or stovetop. Bakers know how important this is, especially when you don’t always have your potholder handy.

Then there’s the fact stone counters can be chopped on. This is because they’re not easily scratched by knives. So, no need to use a chopping board, unless you’re trying to save your knives from becoming dull.

All the stones are also able to prevent stains and bacteria from seeping into the surface. This is because they don’t have pores. This is a major plus for sanitation.

Other ways you can improve your kitchen is by remodeling the flooring, updating the cabinetry and switching out the sinks and faucets. All the major appliances can also be replaced, giving your kitchen a completely new feel.

Bathroom Remodeling Dulles

Walking into a bathroom with a beautiful design makes it more comfortable to be in. This is especially true when all the updates make the bathroom more functional. You can pull this off by using products that are designed for longevity and functionality.

The vanity you install should come with the right amount of space, so you can store all your products. And if you like to set cosmetics on the top of your counter, make sure it can prevent stains and damage from accidental spills.

You can achieve this with the vanity tops we have for sale, which are made from quartz, marble and granite. These materials are capable of withstanding high temperatures of curling irons and it they’re stain resistant. The fact their nonporous also makes them easier to keep sanitized and in like new condition.

Other portions of your bathroom can be upgraded as well. For example, the walls can be updated with beautiful new tile. The same can be done for your floors. You can have matching or contrasting tile colors, chosen from our list of tile color options.

It’s important to have a bathroom that’s designed with your family and guests in mind. So, do that when you’re selecting the products for these areas.

What We Did in Dulles

For decades, we have provided property owners in Dulles with high-quality products and services. We specialize in updating kitchens and bathrooms with beautiful designs and materials. The quality of these properties enhances their value, making them a better option when placed on the market.

But even those who aren’t planning to sell their home can benefit from our services. Living in a home with a beautiful, yet functional kitchen and bathroom makes your quality of living much better. This alone can make kitchen and bathroom remodeling worthwhile.

Many of our customers use our remodeling services because they know exactly what to expect. They get what they want and more. You may find reviews of customers saying how great and professional our remodeling contractors are.

Customer Says

Considering buying a new home, my husband and I decided to do some upgrades. The house we bought wasn’t perfect, but we knew what we could do to make it better. In this case, we decided to have the kitchen and bathrooms fully remodeled with new cabinets, floors, counter and sinks.

So, we knew what we wanted, we just didn’t know who we should hire for the job. We jumped on the net and started looking around on Yelp to see what we could find. There were a lot of options, but it was one company we settled on – Fairfax Kitchen and Bath.

They were the one company that did it all – fabricated the products and installed them for you. Their rates were also the best in town. Then the reviews really pushed us over the edge of doubt. They had many great testimonials that proved they were the company to go with. We are very happy with the results of their labor.

About Dulles

Dulles is an unincorporated part of Virginia located in Loudoun County. It’s a part of the Washington metro area and is the home of headquarters like GeoEye, Orbital ATK and ODIN technologies. It was also once the home of the headquarters of MCI inc and AOL. The National Weather Service Baltimore/Washington forecast office is also here, along with the National Weather Service Sterling Field Support Center.

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