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Aldie, VA Property Owner Remodels Townhouse Kitchen

There’s an unincorporated community in Virginia known as Aldie. It can be found situated in between Middleburge and Chantilly within Loudoun County. It’s an old town that was first inhabited in the 1700s. Today, the town has been suburbanized with upscale communities, which has drawn the attention of families looking for a nice place to live. You can find these new and emerging communities inside of western and northern parts of Aldie.

The population of Aldie, as of 2014, was 11,420, so it’s a nice and cozy town. However, it is on the fast track for growth, since it witnessed a 569 percent growth between the year 2000 and 2014. This is known for being one of the quickest growing suburbs within the D.C. metro area. It’s also the second fastest growing zip code in the state.

James and George Mercer are the first fellows to start building in this area. They created a mill, which was later called the Mercer Mill. In 1809, Little River Turnpike was finished, which an from Alexandria to Mercer Mill. Once this road opened up, construction began on 30 acres of land, which was named Castle Aldie. The first post office didn’t arrive until 1811.

Loudoun County offers a variety of things for residents and tourists to see and do. For instance, there’s the Catoctin Creek Distillery, where you can taste delicious beer. You can also visit the Historical White’s Ferry, which is fun for water lovers. Shoppers can also hit up the Leesburg Corner Premium Outlets. There are plenty of wineries and breweries in the area that are worth checking out, such as Bluemont Vineyard, Sunset Hills Vineyard, Dirt Farm Brewing and Quattro Goomba’s Winery.

Parks and other sites worth visiting include Leesburg Animal Park, Algonkian Regional Park,  Morven Park and the Oatlands Historic House and Garden.

A Bathroom Remodel to Remember

An elderly customer decided to contact Fairfax Kitchen and Bath to have his master bathroom updated and customized with accessibility features. His wife was now using a walker and wanted to make sure that the bathroom was easy for her to use, and with little incident. They had a nurse that helped them out during the day, so the features he wanted to add would help to make her job easier.

The guest bathroom was a half bath and was only going to be updated with new countertops and fixtures. Only the master bathroom was undergoing a complete renovation. Our professionals came out to the property to assess the bathrooms and quoted them for the labor and the materials, since we’d be providing majority of it. The customer already purchased the accessibility items they wanted us to install, such as the bars, taller toilet and hands-free sink faucet.

The client and his wife chose one of our affordable packages for the master bathroom remodel, which included a new vanity cabinet, tile floor, tile around the bathtub, medicine cabinet, bathtub and fixture, plumbing, demolition, bath light, toilet and vanity sink.

Another Satisfied Customer

At the end of the remodels for both bathrooms, the customer and his wife were very excited. His wife had become partially disabled a year back and didn’t like the idea of being handicapped. The accessibility additions we implemented allowed her to get around the bathroom at night when the nurse wasn’t around, and didn’t have to disturb her husband as he slept.

We also installed touch night lights so that she could easily light the bathroom when she went on her own at night. The bathroom renovations came out just as planned and the customer loved it. He was worried about one day becoming less able and feels reassured that the accessibility of his new bathroom will make growing older a bit easier.

The Project’s Completion

The first thing our experts did with this kitchen remodeling project was remove everything out of the kitchen that required updating, including the cabinets, floors and sinks. Some of the wall and flooring had to be ripped apart to get to the plumbing work that needed updating. Once this was complete, we got to work on the cabinets next. The client decided to go with cream colored cabinetry from one of the brands we offer – Touchstone Fine Cabinetry.

Afterward, the black granite stone countertops he chose was installed next. The backsplash that ran along the wall attached to the counters was also gray. The client decided to go with matching stone backsplashes versus tile. The floors were then laid, which was a cream tile color to match with the cabinets.

Last,the sink was installed, which also came from one of the brands we carry – Blanco. The completed project delivered a whole new kitchen for the client. He was very pleased with the outcome and so were his new tenants.

Altogether, the project took three weeks to complete. The first couple of days were the waiting game, as we waited for the proper permits to go forth with updating the plumbing.

Updating Your Home Kitchen

What sets Fairfax Kitchen and Bath apart from the other remodeling companies is the fact that we offer so many options of materials and brands. Our renovation services allow you to get everything in one place, saving you money and a headache from having to deal with the runaround. Some of the brands of sinks and faucets we carry include Kohler, Brita, Allora and Blanco.

The brand of granite, marble and quartz counters we carry come from brands like Cambria, Silestone and Caesarstone. We even provide brand new cabinets and vanities to complete your kitchen or bath remodel. Our packages include everything from demolition and plumbing to the cutting and installation of your new items.

If you’re planning out a kitchen remodel, contact the professionals at Fairfax Kitchen and Bath for assistance!

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