Kitchen Remodel Tips  

Kitchen Remodel Tips

Kitchen remodeling is one of the most expensive and most popular home remodeling projects. Understandably then, there are many, many tips and tricks out there claiming to be the “best ways” to a perfect kitchen remodel. Here are seven of the top strategies for navigating a kitchen remodel to get the desired end result, a beautiful new kitchen space customized for each homeowner’s needs.

The first and by far the most important kitchen remodeling strategy that will not only save you time but also a lot of money is to keep the same footprint of your old kitchen. Nothing will be more difficult, more time consuming and involve you dolling out way more cash that you intended on paying than changing the location of plumbing pipes and electrical outlets or knocking down walls. If you can then, avoid these at all costs. A great kitchen remodel can happen without having to do these labor intensive things but if you must change it, go ahead but be warned. Also a good rule of thumb is to try and keep all the in-place appliances, that is refrigerators, ovens, stoves, etc. as well as the water fixtures in the same locations. By doing both of these things, the time and money spent on your kitchen remodel will be considerably less.

Also, it can get overwhelming to think about all the aspects of a kitchen remodel and sometimes you can get carried away with deciding about new appliances. Keep in mind your daily uses of such appliances before you decide to go and purchase that six burner, luxury grade stove that you will never really use. Stay within your budget and your lifestyle.

If you want to really change up the look and feel of your kitchen during a remodel, invest in some new light features. Task lighting, if you don’t already have it, is a good addition to any kitchen as the areas under cabinets and cupboards is notoriously dark. Add some new lights and watch the whole place shine.

Most missed by homeowners doing kitchen remodels is the importance of everyday functionality and durability. Avoid the low-quality bargains or else be pulled into the trap that will require you to enact another kitchen remodel in the next few years. Instead splurge on solid surface countertops but they are guaranteed to last longer and just look better than their competitors.
Adding storage is another smart strategy for kitchen remodels. Installing cabinets that reach the ceiling might end up costing you more than their traditional counterparts but in the long run they will be well worth it. Think of it like this, add storage not space to your kitchen remodel and you’ll end up with a great use of space, ample storage when needed and a beautiful kitchen area.

The final smart strategy for undergoing a kitchen remodel has less to do with the actual remodel kitchen work and more to do with communication with your remodeler. Be strict and clear with what you want done. Set boundary rules for the company that will be working inside your home so that the project goes smoothly. Above all, let them work, don’t hover and if you do have a problem, go to your re-modeler immediately to fix it.

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