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Factors When Planning to Upgrade Kitchens and Bathrooms

Factors When Planning to Upgrade Kitchens and Bathrooms

One of the best ways you can improve your home’s value and function is to upgrade your kitchen or bathrooms. You use these rooms the most in the home, so you want it to be comfortable and efficient. In some instances, you can probably get away with some minor upgrades such as replacing your countertops or repainting the walls. In others, you might need the expertise of professional contractors, especially for bathroom remodeling.

If you are planning to upgrade kitchens and bathrooms in a significant way, you need to know what to expect. Major upgrades come with many benefits as well as headaches, not the least of which is the cost. Fairfax Kitchen and Bath offers some great deals for both kitchen and bathroom remodeling, but they are still a significant investment. You can keep this in control by having a clear plan and strict budget, but you will still have to spend.

Convenience is also a serious issue when doing anything disruptive in the kitchen or bathrooms. You need these rooms daily, so any interruption in service can have a big impact on your life. When planning a major upgrade or remodel in these rooms, you can expect it to take a few days to a few weeks.
If you want your cake and eat it, too, you must think on a few factors when planning kitchen and bathroom upgrades. Here are some to chew on.


person thinking hard
Kitchen and bathroom designs are not primarily about esthetics. These are highly functional rooms, so your kitchen and bathroom designs must reflect that. While you might want a dream kitchen that has the look and feel of a kitchen or bathroom worthy of a magazine spread, it might not be what you need.

The biggest factor in design is lifestyle. How you use your kitchen or bathroom will determine the design, and not the other way around. While a second oven might be cool, if you do very little baking, it is just a waste of space and money to put it in. On the other hand, if you are a baking dervish, then a second oven is a definite must.

Consider how you use your kitchen and bathroom before deciding on a design. Focus on the upgrades you need rather than want, and you will be maximizing the resources you put into it.
If your bathroom or kitchen is already functionally efficient, you might not even need to do a remodel. You might want to do just a bit of tweaking in the design to make it more attractive rather than a major upgrade. Replace the fixtures or put in new countertops. These should not be too expensive or time-consuming, especially if you get a pro to do it or you.


budget sheet or quote
Anything you do in your kitchen or bathroom has a corresponding cost. Minor improvements are easy to manage, but for a major remodel, the costs can quickly get away from you.

You can avoid paying more than you can afford for your upgrades by having a firm budget. This will determine the type and level of any improvements you make to your kitchen or bathroom and keep your enthusiasm and ambition in check.
To make a realistic budget, consider your disposable income. You should only earmark funds you do not need to pay for necessities such as rent, utilities, food, and transportation. If you are already at the limit of your resources meeting these obligations, you cannot afford to do any major changes to your kitchen or bathrooms.

The only exception is when the changes are necessary, such as replacing leaking pipes or removing moldy cabinets. These are urgent issues and delaying them can lead to worse problems later, so find the funds for it. Otherwise, put the remodel on your wish list until money is less tight.
If you do some extra funds, make a list of the improvements you want to make according to urgency. For instance, your bathroom might benefit from replacing old tiles, but it may not be as urgent as putting in a more water-efficient shower. Get quotes from contractors such as Fairfax Kitchen and Bath for any upgrades you want to put in and determine which ones you can carry out based on your available funds.

Avoid making optimistic estimates when making your budget. Spending money you do not yet have is a good way to wind up in debt. Make a conservative budget based on the funds you have on hand, leaving a little wiggle as you might have unexpected expenses along the way, and stick to it as far as possible. It helps to work with reliable contractors that will provide you with a real estimate and not pile on the charges along the way.

people installing kitchen cabinets
Imagine not having the use of the bathroom or kitchen for a few days, and you have an idea of how a major remodel can mess up your daily life. You might comfort yourself with the good times to come, but it does not help you for the duration. Thinking you will “manage” is also not realistic.

To avoid most of the upheaval resulting from a major remodel, arrange for alternatives before getting started. If you have just one bathroom in the home, arrange with a neighbor to use theirs for the duration. If you are doing a kitchen remodel, set up temporary kitchens in the garage or the dining room.

The extent of your preparation will depend on the projected schedule of the project, so make sure you get a firm estimate from your contractor. It also helps to choose a remodeling specialist with a reputation for completing projects on schedule.
You should also consider how you feel about strangers coming into the most private areas of your home. If that makes you too stressed, you might have to rethink doing anything to your bathrooms.

The disruption in your life is real, so you must decide how much you can take. If you are unsure, you might want to go for a series of smaller projects rather than one big remodel. Consult with your remodeling contractor about breaking up the project to more manageable sizes.


Doing a major upgrade for your kitchen and bathrooms is a big decision and requires careful consideration. Think about all these factors when planning kitchen and bathroom upgrades before plunging into one.
If you do decide to do any type of upgrade, be sure to consult with a reputable remodeling company. Fairfax Kitchen Bath guarantees you will love your new kitchen or bathroom for life.

Fairfax Kitchen Bath services the DC, MD and Northern Virginia metropolitan areas. We are a Class A, licensed and insured contractor, registered in the Commonwealth of Virginia. We have a showroom in Fairfax, Virginia, which houses all our products.

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Guide to Kitchen Countertops for Matching Color Palettes

Most people put a premium on the kitchen when thinking of buying a house because it serves many functions. Aside from food preparation, it is where household members gather on a daily basis, so it has to be an attractive area. If you are planning to sell your home or considering purchasing a fixer upper, you need to look into what it will take to bring the kitchen up to scratch. This will determine the overall value of the home one way or the other. One of the first things you probably have to look into is the kitchen countertops.

A complete remodel would of course be ideal, but that would require resources that might not be available. Alternatively, replacing the kitchen countertops is a cost effective way to upgrade any kitchen, provided it has no structural problems.

New kitchen countertops can improve the functional and esthetic value of your kitchen and by extension your home, significantly without having to go through the expense and stress of a major kitchen overhaul. The same is true for replacing kitchen cabinets, but these are more expensive. Between kitchen countertops and cabinets, replacing kitchen countertops are a better return on investment.

Of course, the returns will depend on your choice of material for your new kitchen countertops. Ideally, you want it to match or complement the color palette of the kitchen. This might sound easy enough with the wide range of colors available for kitchen countertops, especially if you choose granite or quartz countertops. However, choosing the right one can really make your kitchen the star of the show. This guide to kitchen countertops for matching color palettes should help with that.

Go for granite

granite kitchen countertops
Choosing granite is one of the best decisions you can make for your kitchen countertops. It is popular with homeowners for many reasons, but in terms of design, it is because of the colors in which it comes. Granite colors range from white to black, with many variations in between, so it has a versatility you will not find in other natural stones.

Some people might argue that quartz stone is equally versatile, but since quartz is a manmade stone, it is not the choice for people that want natural materials in their home. If you want to find countertops that can match your existing color palette, granite is the go-to natural stone for that.

The only issue you might have with granite countertops is that darker shades of granite look fantastic in well-lit kitchens, but can seem unwelcoming and cold in ill-lit ones. Generally, you should choose light-colored granite countertops in dark kitchens, especially if you have white appliances. The great thing with granite countertops in light and neutral colors such as brown or beige is you can pair them with backsplashes either in the same stone or in contrasting colors.

Quartz countertops go with hardwood cabinets

kitchen with light quartz counters with dark cabinets
For homeowners with no preference for natural stone, quartz countertops are a great choice for matching kitchen colors. Quartz stone also has the advantage of consistency, as it is a manmade product. Granite countertops are difficult to match and require expert installation for a seamless look because of great variations in the color and pattern from slab to slab.

Quartz countertops, on the other hand, are identical. This consistency is particularly useful when matching it to hardwood cabinets, which also tends to display great variations in grain patterns. You can choose quartz countertops in a light color if you have dark cabinets, and vice versa, or choose to match the existing color to blend in.

Keep in mind that kitchen countertops in light colors can brighten the room and make dark cabinets seem less gloomy. You should also consider the other colors in the room such as the floor and walls when choosing your quartz stone for kitchen countertops.

Black and white kitchens with marble countertops

black kitchen with marble counters
While some homeowners might hesitate to choose marble countertops in their kitchen, you can make a case for it when you have a black and white kitchen. Marble countertops look fantastic in such cases, elevating it from a modern kitchen to a chic one. The delicate look of marble imparts a luxurious feel to a rather sterile color combination, giving it both depth and interest.
Of course, you still have to contend with the issues of etching and scratching inherent to marble. However, these are not a big deal if you use common sense and sealer when using and maintaining your marble countertops. They are tougher than you might think, so as long as you keep the seal intact, avoid putting anything sharp or pointed on it, and wipe spills up immediately, you can have one awesome-looking kitchen.

Mix and match

kitchen with butcher block island and granite main counters
Natural stones countertops continue to be popular even in modern kitchens because it plays well with other materials, both natural and manmade. They look fantastic with wood, which is a mainstay in many kitchens. If you have a rustic or country style kitchen, you probably have a butcher-block kitchen island. Combine it with marble or granite countertops in the perimeters and you have a winning combination. If you have hardwood flooring, you can opt for granite countertops if you have light-colored wood floors, and marble for dark wood floors.


Upgrading the kitchen does not have to be a major upheaval. In many cases, simply replacing your kitchen countertops can make a significant improvement on the way your kitchen looks and works. To maximize the benefits of this upgrade, make sure you choose the right countertops to match and complement your existing color palette. You should also ensure you deal only with a reputable remodeling company to help you with your upgrade.

Fairfax Kitchen Bath is the best resource for this in the DC, MD and Northern Virginia metropolitan areas. We are a Class A, licensed and insured contractor, registered in the Commonwealth of Virginia. We have a showroom in Fairfax, Virginia, which houses all our products.
We are experts at kitchen remodeling and upgrades, and sell only top quality products for all your renovation needs. We have top-brand kitchen cabinets of all type materials and natural and engineered stone slabs from Schrock Cabinetry, Fabuwood, Silestone, Blanco, Kohler, and Mosaic Décor.

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side-by-side kitchens with granite countertops/Corian countertops

A Comparison of Solid Surface and Granite Countertops

Most people believe that replacing kitchen countertops is a good way to improve the function and appeal of the kitchen, and by extension, the home. However, it can be difficult to decide on the material to pick for this. Many options are available, and two of them are granite and solid surfaces.

Some people advocate for solid surface as the better option to granite countertops, while others hold by granite as the undisputed winner for this purpose. Homeowners planning to upgrade their kitchens could face a difficult choice, as kitchen countertops cost a significant amount of money. A comparison of solid surface and granite countertops could help in making the right choice.

What is a solid surface?

Corian slab
A solid surface material is a type of manmade material made primarily of various natural materials and acrylic resins at a 2 to 1 ratio. It first came out into the market in 1967 when DuPont introduced the Corian brand of slid surfaces for residential and commercial use. Corian is the most recognized brand of solid surfaces, but it is not the only one

What is granite?

granite slab
Granite is a natural stone, and the most abundant rock in the world comprising more than 85% of the Earth’s crust. It is an igneous stone, meaning it formed out of magma or molten rock under the surface of the Earth under great heat and pressure over millions of years.
The composition of granite varies, depending on the area of formation, and the minerals in the mix determines the color and appearance of a granite. However, true granite always contains quartz, one of the hardest minerals on earth and usually white or colorless. The quartz content of granite ranges from 20% to 60% and gives granite its durability. A higher quartz content, of course, means a more durable product.
Granite producers obtain granite from quarries, where they cut blocks of it, which they process further into slabs for countertops and other forms. While granite is available everywhere, the most common sources of granite slabs in the US come from Brazil, Italy, Spain, and the US.

What is the cost?

Granite Countertop Trends
Solid surface and granite countertops cost about the same in most cases, with installed prices per square foot ranging from $40 to $65. Cost variations will depend on the brand in the case of solid surfaces, or the source in the case of granite. Rare and exotic granite slabs might cost upwards of $200 per square foot, so if budget is an issue, you should choose from commoner varieties of granite.
Installation can also affect the overall cost. Solid surfaces tend to be heavier than granite and break more easily during transport and installation, so contractors might charge more for their installation. Reputable remodeling companies will include installation in their free quotes for granite countertops and may even throw in a free sink and edge treatment.

Which looks better?

Kitchen with beautiful granite countertops
It would be hard to choose between solid surfaces and granite in terms of beauty because both are attractive in their own way. Solid surfaces began life as granite lookalikes, so many brands carry designs that look very similar to granite.
However, natural stones such as granite are rather inconsistent in color and design, so no two slabs are identical. The opposite is true of solid surfaces, which are always consistent. Some people have a problem with such uniformity, preferring the natural beauty of natural stones. Other people find the erratic appearance of granite too distracting and welcome the predictability of solid surfaces. Ultimately, the perceived beauty of solid surfaces and granite boils down to personal preferences.

Which has a better return on investment?

Most people associate granite countertops with fine living, so investing in them is a good move. Granite is also very durable, so they will last a long time. Solid surfaces are also durable, but not as durable as granite. You can cut solid surfaces quite easily with standard rotary saws. To make cutouts for granite countertops, you need industrial-grade equipment and skilled fabricators.
The association people make about solid surface countertops is also not so favorable, as early examples of solid surface countertops did not have the quality it has today. When it comes to return on investment, granite countertops are the safer choice.

How hard are they to maintain?

Maintaining solid surfaces and granite is easy, as they both require just regular dishwashing soap to keep them in good heart. However, solid surfaces are non-porous, so they are largely stain-resistant. You will not need to seal kitchen countertops made of solid surfaces.
On the other hand, solid surfaces are not heat-resistant, and they scratch easily. These are major maintenance issues for homeowners, which is why many choose granite, which is highly resistant to heat and scratches. If you use your kitchen with any regularity, you will want to choose granite for kitchen countertops.

Which is better for kitchen countertops?

Overall, granite is the better choice when it comes to kitchen countertops. Solid surface countertops are still a viable option for homeowners that rarely use their kitchens for heavy cooking, but granite is generally the safer, more versatile choice.
It is also important to choose the right remodeling company to install your granite countertops for you. The expert remodelers of Fairfax Kitchen Bath have the experience to do it seamlessly.

Fairfax Kitchen Bath services the DC, MD and Northern Virginia metropolitan areas. We are a Class A, licensed and insured contractor, registered in the Commonwealth of Virginia.

We guarantee you will love it for life. We sell only top-quality products for all your kitchen remodeling needs, including granite and marble slabs from impeccable sources as well as quartz stones manufactured by leading brands in the industry.

When you contract with us, you can be sure you will get a quick turnaround on your products and receive it much faster than ordering what you need from big box stores. We specialize in fabricating kitchen countertops to specifications and installing them within budget and on time.
We carry the products you need for your kitchen renovation, including sinks, faucets, natural and engineered stone slabs, shelves, tiles, backsplashes, knobs and pulls, hardwood flooring, and kitchen cabinets. We carry only the top brands for these products, such as Schrock Cabinetry, Silestone, Blanco, Kohler, and Mosaic Décor.

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Tips for Keeping Granite Countertops in Top Condition

Most people choose granite almost by default when considering their options for kitchen countertops. It is easy to see why, as granite is not only super durable, it is also quite beautiful and distinctive, and works for most kitchen styles, so interior designers love it as well. Having granite countertops in the home ups its value, so it is a great choice all around.

The thing is, while maintaining granite countertops is easy, they do have some level of porosity like most natural stones. They can stain if the sealer fails or you allow liquid to sit on them for a long time. It takes common sense and just a bit of care to keep it in top condition. These tops for keeping them in top condition should be all you need.

First things

hand wiping down granite countertops
The easiest way to keep granite countertops stain free is to wipe up any liquid that spills on the surface as soon as it does. Pay special attention to oils and acids such as wine, which tends to stain more quickly. It is usually a good idea to blot rather than wipe to avoid spreading the liquid over a larger area, but that should not matter too much if the seal is intact.

You should also make it a habit to wipe down your granite countertops with a weak solution of ordinary dishwashing liquid and water, making sure to rinse it with clean water before drying it thoroughly. Do this even if you do not notice any spills to keep it safe for food preparation and dining as not all dirt is visible. This habit also keeps your granite countertops pristine.
However, if stains happen anyway, you need to know what to do. Here are the steps for stain removal.

Diagnose the problem

image of a liquid spill on granite counter
Not all stains are created equal. Removing a stain successfully will depend on the source, and that can be acid, oil, organic, rust, or even water. In most cases, you can tell the source by the appearance of the stain. Oil, for example, tends to darken the stone beneath the surface, while water stains are white residue that stays on the surface.

Methods for stain removal

Use the prescribed methods for specific stains to remove it and not cause additional damage to your countertops.


water stains
You might be surprised to hear that water can be a source of stubborn stains, but it can. Water is not just water. Municipal water is safe to drink, but it still has small amounts of minerals in them, specifically calcium and magnesium that makes water “hard.” Higher concentrations of these minerals make the water “harder,” and result in the whitish deposits when water evaporates on granite countertops that can be quite stubborn.

When you get water stains, you can remove it by scrubbing on it gently with special steel wool for natural stones that has a very fine and soft mesh. That should remove the marks easily, after which you should clean the area with clean water and dry thoroughly with a soft cloth.


oil products in kitchen
All kitchens have some type of oil-based materials around, so spilling or spattering some on kitchen countertops is nearly inevitable. That should not be a problem if you blot and clean it up immediately. However, if the stain has set in and soap and water does not cut it, you can use a poultice to lift the stain away.

A poultice is just a paste, and in this case, you need to mix baking soda with enough water to make the paste with the consistency of creamy peanut butter. Spread a thick layer of the paste over the stain and leave it to dry. Baking soda absorbs liquids quite well, so it should draw out the oil as the water evaporates. You need to isolate the paste until it dries out, so tape a sheet of cling wrap over it until it does, typically 24 hours.

Remove the dried paste off the kitchen countertops with a plastic scraper, and wipe the area with a clean, damp cloth. Check if the stain is out. If it is not, repeat the process until it is all gone.


coffee cup on kitchen counter
Coffee, fruit juice, and tea are all organic materials that can stain granite countertops something awful. In most cases, they do not seep into the stone, but stay on the surface as a brownish scale.
You can remove organic stains by using a solution of 12% hydrogen peroxide and a few drops of ammonia. Use a soft rag to rub some of the solution on the stain. You should see it disappear like whiteboard marker. Older stains might take a bit more rubbing, but it will get there in the end.


rust circle on kitchen counters
Rust results from a reaction of iron to oxygen, and most cans have some iron in them. If you keep cans on your granite countertops, and they get wet, they can leave some nasty stains over time. These are almost impossible to remove without a commercial cleaner, but you can try gentler methods first.

One of them is dusting the stain heavily with dry baking soda. Sprinkle it with some water to dampen it a little and leave it for up to 10 minutes. Using the scrub side of a damp sponge, rub the area gently. Check if this is removing the stain even a little. If it does, keep at it until the stain is completely out. If you do not see any change, you might have to get a commercial rust remover specifically formulated for natural stones.


dull granite countertops
Soap is a mixture of chemicals that can leave a residue on any surface if not rinsed off completely. This is not precisely a stain, but it dulls the surface considerably, leaving your granite countertops looking old and tired.
Remove soap residue or scum by spraying it with a weak solution of one tablespoon of ammonia in two cups of water. Leave it on the surface for a minute or two before wiping it off with a dry cloth. This should restore the luster of your granite countertops.


Granite countertops are a breeze to keep in good condition and stain free if you follow a few simple rules. These methods for removing stains should help. If you do not have granite countertops yet, we can help with that. Fairfax Kitchen Bath guarantees you will love your new kitchen for life.

Fairfax Kitchen Bath services the DC, MD and Northern Virginia metropolitan areas. We are a Class A, licensed and insured contractor, registered in the Commonwealth of Virginia. We have a showroom in Fairfax, Virginia, which houses all our products.

We sell only top quality products for all your kitchen remodeling needs, from natural and engineered stone slabs, cabinets, shelves, sinks, faucets tiles, backsplashes, knobs and pulls, and hardwood flooring. We carry only the top brands for these products, such as Schrock Cabinetry,
Silestone, Blanco, Kohler, and Mosaic Décor.

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quartz countertops

Comparing Popular Brands of Quartz Countertops

After a couple of decades as merely an alternate to granite and marble for kitchen countertops, engineered quartz countertops are finally coming into its own. Currently the reigning favorite among homeowners and designers in the US, quartz countertops edged out granite by a narrow margin because they are very durable and widely available in a large range of beautiful colors and designs.

Basic facts

Marcello Toncelli
Quartz stone used for kitchen countertops are manmade, a mix of quartz, resin, and pigments bound together by a combination of heat and pressure. To all intents and purposes, it is a stone, although it is not a naturally occurring one. Some people continue to reject quartz countertops for this reason, claiming it does not have the same look and depth of granite or marble. While this may be true, quartz countertops have their own advantages.

Quartz countertops use quartz stone, one type of engineered stone resulting from an engineering process called Bretonstone. This is a patented technology owned by the Italian company Breton S.p.a. using vacuum pressure to form a solid mass of great density. Its inventor, Marcello Toncelli, licensed about 50 companies all over the world to use the technology to make engineered stone.
While the Bretonstone process itself does not specify the use of quartz materials, only companies that use a mix with at least 90% quartz can claim its products are engineered quartz. The advantage of using quartz for these countertop materials is the inherent durability of quartz, which is why quartz countertops are so tough.

Aside from durability, quartz stone has a distinct appearance that sets it apart from other engineered stones. This might be due to the near purity of the material, enabled by the manufacturing process that eliminates impurities inherent to natural stones such as granite. It is also non-porous, with a water absorption rate similar to porcelain tile at 0.5%. These characteristics make quartz countertops resistant to stains and scratches.

The only problem with quartz stone is that it is not heat resistant. The quartz material itself is, but the polymer resins and coloring agents in the mix are not. These also make it susceptible to fading under direct sunlight. However, using it indoors and placing trivets and heat pads on the surface can minimize heat damage to quartz countertops.

Quartz countertops more than make up for this one weakness by giving homeowners many more options than available for natural stones. Most people recognize some of the top brands of quartz stone in the market, but might not know much about them. If you are considering quartz countertops for your own kitchen, you should know something about some of them. Comparing popular brands of quartz countertops should help.


Caesarstone countertops
Caesarstone has laid claim to the “original quartz surface manufacturer” title. While this is not technically true as the Breton company has its own line of quartz stone, it is the first quartz stone company to make it popular in the residential market.
Founded in 1987, Caesarstone has its base in Israel. It manufacturers quartz stone in its factories located in the Bar Lev Industrial Zone and the Kibbutz Sdot Yam. Quartz stone basically replaced terrazzo tiles as the traditional business in the area when its popularity fell in the home market.

The designs of Caesarstone quartz go beyond the typical. Some product lines mix in unexpected elements, such as gems found in the Concetto Collection. Homeowners can also go for the Motivo Collection, which offers unusual finishes such as crocodile skin and lace.
The company currently has 53 designs with a choice of one of eight edge profiles, one of three finishes, and one of two thicknesses. Caesarstone offers a lifetime warranty on its products, which the original buyer can transfer on a pro-rata basis of 10 years.


Cambria countertops
The interesting thing about Cambria is that it started out in 2000 as an off-tangent investment by the owners of a long-established dairy business in Minnesota. The original factory occupied just 150,000 square feet, but business was so good that it more than doubled in size over the next five years.

Cambria is one of only two companies based in the US. Contractors like dealing with Cambria because it has a simple price arrangement. Homeowners cannot purchase Cambria quartz stones directly. They have to go through an authorized distributor such as interior designers and remodeling contractors. This ties in directly to the non-transferable, limited lifetime warranty, as this is void if you deal with an unauthorized agent in purchasing and installing the stone.

Most people like Cambria because of its smooth, natural look and finish. You can order in custom sizes, such as longer slabs to keep seams to a minimum. Cambria has 133 colors and designs available in 19 edge profiles. You can choose fine, heavy, or mixed textures with slabs in one of three thicknesses.


Silestone countertops
One of the most recognizable quartz stone brands is Silestone of Cosentino. This Italian company takes pride in producing quartz slabs in attractive and unusual colors and designs, making it distinctive for homeowners and designers.
Silestone comes in 142 designs and colors with your choice from 15 edge profiles. These slabs are available in three textures and three (1.2, 2, and 3 cm) thicknesses. Silestone also makes it easy to match your countertops with accessories, including sinks, vanities, and shower pans. Quartz stone products come with a limited, transferable 25-year warranty.


Quartz countertops are a good choice for many kitchens. If you are in the market for them, you can order it through reliable remodeling contractor Fairfax Kitchen Bath. We are a Class A, licensed and insured contractor, registered in the Commonwealth of Virginia, and we service the DC, MD and Northern Virginia metropolitan areas.

When you contract with us, you can be sure you will get a quick turnaround on your products, and receive it much faster than ordering what you need from big box stores. We specialize in fabricating kitchen countertops and backsplashes to specifications, and installing them within budget and on time.

We carry the products you need for your kitchen upgrade, including natural stone and engineered quartz slabs, cabinets, shelves, sinks, faucets tiles, backsplashes, knobs and pulls, and hardwood flooring. We carry only the top brands for these products, such as Silestone, Cambria, Caesarstone, Blanco, Kohler, Schrock Cabinetry, and Mosaic Décor. Our products come with manufacturer warranties that ensure your satisfaction with the quality and installation.

You can see the products before you buy so you can decide for yourself if the quality is what you expect. We have a showroom in Fairfax, Virginia you are welcome to visit.

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kitchen island with granite top

Types of Kitchen Islands to Inspire You

Most homeowners today take advantage of what was once merely an accessory: kitchen islands. A kitchen island extends the work and storage space beautifully in a kitchen, and might function as an entertainment center, repository of dishes, and breakfast area as well.
As an accessory, you might think a kitchen is non-essential, but it is truly not. If you are considering a kitchen remodel, you will do yourself a big favor by including one in your design.

However, kitchen islands come in many styles. They range from very simple to quite complex and from cheap to very expensive. In the most general sense, kitchen islands come in two categories: fixed (permanent) and movable (portable).
Fixed islands are permanent fixtures in the kitchen. Simple ones are simply a base cabinet riveted to the floor with a countertop, while complex ones may have a prepping, washing, cooling, and cooking facilities.

These tend to be expensive because they require plumbing and electrical setups, and they tend to be in larger kitchens as you cannot move them out of the way. This can be a problem if you have a tiny kitchen, where a movable island would be more practical.
Movable kitchen islands are more like carts, and often on wheels, although a kitchen table is essentially a movable kitchen island if they go to the center of the kitchen. Movable kitchen islands tend to be extensions of the working area or used for serving or cooking on the go. In some cases, movable kitchen islands serve as portable bars during parties.

You can break down fixed and movable kitchen islands into several distinct types. Below is a brief description of each. The one you choose for your kitchen will depend on your space, design, and needs.

Kitchen table

ordinary table in the middle of a kitchen
You might not think of a kitchen table as an island, but it is technically one. Any table you place in the middle of the kitchen may rightly be called a kitchen island, and serve many functions of one. The only thing it does not do is provide storage space. It is definitely readily available, as you can repurpose any table as a kitchen table.

In most homes, the kitchen table is the repository of unfinished projects, a place to hold informal gatherings, and frequently, as a breakfast nook. While it is movable, the kitchen table usually stays in place, as there is no real reason to move it.

Rolling carts

small rolling cart
As mentioned earlier, some kitchen islands are on wheels, and the most recognizable of these is the rolling cart. You may have seen these in fancy restaurants offering desserts, or a portable cooking station for making salads of flambéing a dish.

In the home, the rolling cart may also have many uses. This is usually for prepping food away from the busyness of the kitchen, or as a temporary landing station for cooked food prior to service. It may also serve as a portable bar or a serving cart during parties.

In any case, a rolling cart is a simple structure, usually two levels of shelves, which may be stainless steel or wood, or a combination of materials. The cart rests on casters that may or may not be lockable. These are available ready made from many home depots or hardware stores, although you can certainly have one built specially for your kitchen. In some instances, you may even DIY a rolling cart with some old trays, a few pieces of wood or PVC pipes, and store-bought casters.

These are among the least expensive of kitchen islands, although industrial ones with several shelves made of stainless steel are quite pricey. Rolling carts are useful for both small and large kitchens, especially if you entertain frequently.

Double cabinet island

base cabinet kitchen island
Base cabinets often serve as the base for a fixed kitchen island, and they usually come in pairs. The small kitchen island is two regular base cabinets set back to back, and topped with a suitable countertop material such as granite, marble, or engineered quartz. The small cabinet island is often quite small, no more than four feet in length, but you can extend that by adding more cabinets, or putting in an overhang.

The important thing for any type of cabinet island is the height. Unlike rolling carts and kitchen tables, people require fixed cabinet islands to be of working height. The standard working height in kitchens is 38 inches, and you can easily order RTA cabinets at that height.

You might also adjust the height of the kitchen island to fit your particular needs. For example, if you are in a wheelchair, you will want the island to be slightly lower and with a toe kick. If you are quite tall, you will want the island slightly higher.

The best thing about cabinet islands is the storage. You can order the type of cabinets you want, and even specify drawers or other special features to accommodate your needs. IT keeps your kitchen organized, and your things within easy reach.

Full island

full kitchen island
A full island is a major element in the kitchen, and hardly an accessory as it occupies quite a bit of space. These tend to be somewhat longer, and function more as a perimeter counter than simply an extension of the workspace.

In most cases, full islands have durable countertops of granite, marble, or quartz as these will have a significant effect on the design and color scheme of the kitchen. Most full islands also have their own lighting, so that also draws more attention to the area.

Full islands also typically have a full sink, perhaps a cook top, and accommodations for small appliances such as a bar cooler, microwave, and coffee maker. A full island is often a self-contained area for food prep and service, so it is a very useful element in a large kitchen.

Double-tier kitchen island

bar-type two-level kitchen island
The superstar of kitchen islands is the double-tier kitchen island, similar in structure to the bar area in restaurants. It is a full island with an extra level about 6 inches higher than the work top. Generally, full island countertops are 38 inches from the floor. In double-tier islands, the second level is about 42 inches. This is comfortable enough to stand up at with a drink, or sit down to using bar stools.


You should definitely consider adding a kitchen island to your kitchen when you have the chance. If you already have a kitchen island with a non-durable, you should definitely consider replacing the countertops with granite, marble, or quartz to make it even more functional.

Fairfax Kitchen Bath can help you with free in-home design consultation and quote for your kitchen island design and other remodeling concerns.
Fairfax Kitchen Bath services the DC, MD and Northern Virginia metropolitan areas. We are a Class A, licensed and insured contractor, registered in the Commonwealth of Virginia. We have a showroom in Fairfax, Virginia, which houses all our products.

We sell only top quality products for all your kitchen needs, ranging from top-brand kitchen sinks of all types, fixtures, cabinets, and countertops using natural and engineered stone slabs. We carry products from Schrock Cabinetry, Fabuwood, Silestone, Blanco, Kohler, and Mosaic Décor.

Contact us today to get free in-home design consultation and quote for your kitchen island. We guarantee you will love it for life!

Kitchen granite countertops

Granite Cost Factors for Kitchen Countertop

Granite for kitchen countertops is not as expensive as you think. You do not have to think twice about getting granite countertops just because you have a limited budget. The trick is to make the right choices so granite countertops are within your reach.
Fairfax Kitchen Bath offers package deals for complete kitchen remodels starting from $8,450 (10×10 square feet). However, if kitchen countertops are all you have in mind, then you need to know a bit more about the factors that will affect the total cost of putting in granite countertops.
Typically, the cost for granite countertops has a wide range, anywhere from $45 to $200 for every square foot. The reason for such a wide range of prices is because of the following factors.


Kitchen granite countertops 

Granite is extremely common, as it is the most abundant type of natural stone in the world. However, they come in different colors and patterns, and some are more common than others are. Thus, rarity is one of the factors that will affect the cost of your granite slab.
When you choose a granite slab from our showroom, you will notice that gray and brown speckled slabs that most people associate with granite are the most affordable compared to slabs of other colors and patterns. This is because brown and gray speckled granite is quite common, while blues and greens in swirly patterns are not so common.

The rarity of the stone has nothing to do with the strength or other excellent qualities of the granite. It affects the price, but that is only because of market demand. If you choose the more common varieties, it will not detract from the function of your granite countertops in any way.


granite quarry
Another factor that will affect cost is the source of the granite slab, primarily because it costs more to bring it from the quarry to your home. If you choose granite from Italy or Spain, for example, it will be more expensive that comes from nearer home, such as Brazil.
By that logic, you might think that granite from a local quarry would be the most affordable. It would be, but for one thing: labor costs. Granite goes through a long process to convert it from blocks to slabs, and that means paying for local labor. This offsets any savings you might get from lower transportation costs.


Typically, you want granite countertops made of slabs, and this is usually the best option, as you have to deal with fewer seams. The look is more cohesive and attractive. However, you can also get granite tiles or modules.
Granite tiles come in the same sizes as porcelain or ceramic tiles and usually available in tile suppliers and hardware stores. The price range per square foot is from $6 and $10, so that is sweet.

Additionally, you can install tiles for kitchen countertops on your own if you have an existing countertop, or if you have the DIY chops to make the support structures for the base cabinets. That can save you some money with installation.

One thing you should know, though, is setting granite tiles is slightly different from setting porcelain tiles. You use epoxy instead of mortar, and you set the tiles edge to edge with no space for grout. As you might imagine, the seams will be visible, but that has its own charm.
Another option is modules. These are like tiles, but larger. They are not as common as tiles, and available in fewer options in color and patterns. The price per square foot is less than for slabs at between $25 and $40, and you set it the same way as tiles.
The thing is, using tiles and modules for kitchen countertops make sense in terms of budget, but in the case of modules, the difference in price hardly seems worth the trade off because of the seams. However, you can use tiles and modules for backsplashes, where the seams will not matter as much.


granite thickness comparison

Granite slabs come in standard thicknesses, usually 2 cm and 3 cm. Thinner slabs cost less, of course, but they are not usually recommended for kitchen countertops. You can work around that by building more support at key areas on the countertop to prevent stress cracks.
The idea is to pay less for the same countertop area without sacrificing durability. A 2-cm slab might not be as durable as a 3-cm slab, but with the right support, there is very little difference. You might want to avoid overhangs of more than a couple of inches, however.


crew installing granite countertops

Installation is a bigger deal in terms of cost than you might think if you choose granite slabs. Granite is extremely tough, so cutting them to fit a certain size and or cutouts is not a DIY project. You need special skills and equipment to do it, and that is just for simple edge profiles. If you want premium edge treatments, you are going to have to pay for it. Obviously, if you are on a tight budget, you want to keep it as simple as possible.
For the simplest fabrication and installation, expect to pay a similar sum for the granite itself. For instance, if the cost of the granite slab is $45 per square foot, you will pay close to $45 for fabricating and installing it. This is not set in stone, but that is close.


You can afford granite countertops if you make right choices. Choose slabs of common colors and patterns with simple edge profiles, or choose thinner slabs for more exotic varieties.

It helps to find a supplier that can advise you on how to stay on budget. Fairfax Kitchen Bath specializes in fabricating kitchen countertops and backsplashes to specifications, and installing them within budget and on time.
We service the DC, MD and Northern Virginia metropolitan areas. We are a Class A, licensed and insured contractor, registered in the Commonwealth of Virginia. We have a showroom in Fairfax, Virginia that houses all our products, including actual granite, marble and engineered stone slabs from which you can choose.

You can see the products before you buy so you can decide for yourself if the quality is what you expect. When you contract with us, you can be sure you will get a quick turnaround on your products, and receive it much faster than ordering what you need from big box stores.
We carry the products you need for your kitchen or bathroom upgrades, from natural and engineered stone slabs, cabinets, shelves, sinks, faucets tiles, backsplashes, knobs and pulls, and hardwood flooring. We carry only the top brands for these products, such as Schrock Cabinetry, Silestone, Blanco, Kohler, and Mosaic Décor. They all come with manufacturer warranties that ensure your satisfaction with the quality and installation.

Contact us today to get a free quote for your trendy kitchen remodeling project!

winter time

How to Do Smart Bathroom and Kitchen Renovations in Winter

How to Do Smart Bathroom and Kitchen Renovations in Winter

Most homeowners would shy away at the idea of doing any major home improvements during winter. The winter months are chock full of holidays, what with relatives coming over, massive food preparations, and endless rounds of parties. They have enough on their plates without having to worry about bathroom or kitchen remodeling. However, wintertime is actually the perfect time to do renovations because it is the off-season for renovations and you are more likely to get great deals. As long as you plan it carefully, you should be able to pull it off with just the barest of inconveniences.

Start making a list early


Guests and parties are bound to start coming around in late November, so you need to start planning any major renovations around the early part of November. Start making a list of anything you want to fix or do to make your home ready for your holiday guests, such as brightening up your kitchen with new paint or hardware, or replacing the guest bathroom countertops with granite or marble. Some of the projects you can do yourself, so put that on your calendar. Other things you should leave to professionals, as they can do it better and quicker.
If you make a list at the start, you know what needs to be done, when to do it, and how much wiggle room you have in case something goes wrong. You are not going to overlook anything and prevent rushing around at the last minute trying to get it done.

Focus on the kitchen and bathrooms

kitchen remodeling
The holidays mean lots of parties and people, which is precisely why you need to focus on making improvements in your bathroom and kitchen. These are the rooms guests are most likely to see, and they are the most difficult to renovate. A lick of paint and some colorful pillows are probably all you need to make your dining room and living room guest ready, but bathrooms and kitchens need a bit more doing.
It may not be realistic to do anything major such as rip up the floors or knock down walls as these can take a minimum of four weeks to complete. Unless you are going away for the holidays, that is not a good idea. You will not be able to use your bathroom and/or kitchen while remodeling is going on.

However, you can do some cosmetic changes to these rooms that will transform them in as little as a couple of days if you get a professional contractor to do them. Among these changes may be putting in backsplashes, replacing countertops, putting in new cabinets, and putting in new light fixtures. Any one of these can change the look and feel of your bathroom, and you can do them all without disrupting your holiday schedule too much.
Of course, these changes do come with a price tag, but it may not be as much as you think. The wintertime is often slack season for remodeling companies, so you may be able to pull off these minor upgrades for an incredibly low price.

The point is, if you have a limited budget and time for your winter renovations, your best bet is to put it in making improvements to your kitchen and bathroom. These are where it will have the most impact. Moreover, they represent the most expensive renovations for the home, so you should take advantage of the off-peak prices when you can.

Forget about outside work

snow laden roof
Weather conditions may not make any external improvements and repairs feasible. Even if a contractor is willing to do it, it may result in problems with the concrete, paint, roofing material, and the like. Forget about doing anything outside, and concentrate more on making improvements inside.
One of the things you may need to focus on is the pipes, which tend to need repairs when the weather turns cold. You might also want to see to the repair or replacement of some kitchen appliances, the water heater, and the HVAC system. If you are doing renovations in the kitchen and bathroom, this is the perfect time to do all of these things. If you wait for the summer months, your costs could double for inside work.

Save time and money with professionals

bathroom remodel
Most people try to avoid hiring remodeling contractors to do their renovations to save on money and do it themselves. However, when it comes to bathroom and kitchen renovations, DIY is a bad idea. Hiring professionals ensures you get the job done right the first time, and on time.
As to cost, you may be surprised at how much you can save when you hire a pro. A reputable contractor can give you valuable advice on how to do smart kitchen and bathroom renovations so that you don’t have to spend on anything you don’t need. In most cases, the contractor will work with you to stay in budget with suggestions on how to get the most bang for your buck. You should also keep in mind that you can probably ask for deep discounts from remodeling contractors at this time, so don’t be afraid to ask for one.

Of course, not all contractors will be so forthcoming or helpful. You want to find a contractor that will not only go to your home, discuss the details of your planned renovation, and offer recommendations on the things you should do, and the things you can leave as is. You want one that will also give you a free, detailed cost estimate so you know into what you are getting. Finally, you want a contractor that stays on schedule and budget.

Take the time to find such a contractor by searching online for remodeling contractors in your area and reading the reviews. Get in touch with the reviewers to find out more about their experience.


Kitchen and bathroom renovations are a good way to wow your guests and you can get it done during the winter when your costs are bound to be lower. However, you need to be smart about it, or you could end up with a disaster in your hands. Fortunately, you have a reliable contractor that can help you with smart renovations in wintertime if you live in the DC, MD and Northern Virginia metropolitan areas. Fairfax Kitchen Bath is a Class A, licensed and insured contractor registered in the Commonwealth of Virginia.

When you contract with us, you can be sure you will get a quick turnaround on your products, and receive it much faster than ordering what you need from big box stores. We specialize in fabricating kitchen and bathroom renovations to specifications, and doing them within budget and on time.

We carry the products you need for your kitchen and bathroom renovations, from natural and engineered stone slabs, cabinets, shelves, sinks, faucets tiles, backsplashes, knobs and pulls, and hardwood flooring. We carry only the top brands for these products, such as Schrock Cabinetry, Silestone, Blanco, Kohler, and Mosaic Décor.
You can see the products before you buy so you can decide for yourself if the quality is what you expect. We have a showroom in Fairfax, Virginia that houses all our products, including actual granite, marble and engineered stone slabs from which you can choose.
Our products come with manufacturer warranties that ensure your satisfaction with the quality and installation.
Contact us today to get a free quote and valuable advice for your wintertime kitchen or bathroom renovation!

kitchen countertops

Kitchen Countertops: The Ultimate Guide to Choosing the Right Material

Kitchen Countertops: The Ultimate Guide to Choosing the Right Material

The countertops in your kitchen are the centerpiece of the décor. Is it making it a good impression, none or worse – a bad one? If your kitchen countertops are speaking volumes of your style and taste, then it’s time for a kitchen upgrade.

And this is especially true if your countertops aren’t functioning properly. By functioning, we mean allowing you to apply heat, perform easy maintenance and chop your produce without worry. If your counters are easily damaged by cooking and prepping foods, then it’s a good idea to consider something more suitable.

In this quick guide, we’re going to cover some of the varieties of materials you can opt for. Let’s review some ideas to give you inspiration.

Slab Granite is the Safest Bet for Your Kitchen Countertops

kitchen with granite counters

If you’re looking for a kitchen countertop that’s beautiful, functional and not overly priced, then granite slabs are the way to go. These are fabricated by the installers at Fairfax Kitchen and Bath. Some contractors will also cut it into tile, modular and slab sizes.

However, the most popular are the stone slabs because they have fewer seams. What’s also great about granite stone is that it boosts the value of your kitchen. If you plan to resell your property in the future, then this will help.

The fact the slabs come with little to no seams, you don’t have to worry about issues with cleaning and maintenance. The prestige of granite countertops makes it a great top choice for many.

It’s best to have it sealed professionally to ensure longevity. Granite is hard to scratch, stain and crack, so this shouldn’t be difficult to maintain over the course of decades.

Tile Granite for Kitchen Remodeling Projects

kitchen with tile granite counters


If you’re really in love with granite, but want the tile look, you can always opt for slabs that are cut into tiles. However, do keep in mind it’s not as smart of an idea as granite slabs. The main reason being all the seams. This makes it easier to stain and will make cooking prep harder.

Some opt for this because of the unique look it provides. However, if you’re an avid cook, then you may want to skip this option.

Quartz Kitchen Countertops for a Natural Stone Look

kitchen with quartz counters

Here’s another great option for your kitchen countertops. If you’re in love with the look of natural stone, but don’t want to deal with the regular resealing requirements, then you’ll want to investigate engineered quartz.

This is partly natural – about 90%. The rest of the composition is created with resin and pigments. The resin acts like a sealant, which makes the surface tougher against stains, scratches and burns. The beauty of quartz is that it looks a lot like marble and granite slabs.

However, it does come with a wider array of color options. The price tag associated with quartz is higher, but worth every penny because of the long-term benefits it can offer to your kitchen.

Solid Surface Kitchen Countertops

kitchen with solid surface counters

If you’re not looking for natural stone counters, then solid surface may be a good option. This is made with acrylic polymer-based materials. Corian counters are the most popular of the solid surface options.

Some like this option because it’s cheaper than the granite and quartz options. One issue is that it’s easily scratched. However, you can sand or buff it out. It’s also prone to scorching.

Keep in mind that if you’re trying to save money, consider whether you want to save money upfront or in the long run. Solid state may be one of the cheaper material options, but it’s going to need repairs and possible replacement much sooner than quartz and granite.

Laminate Kitchen Countertops

kitchen with laminate counters

Here’s another cheap preference for kitchen countertops. Laminate is a material used to top particle board bases. It’s a smart buy because it’s affordable. However, if you’re looking to bring value to your kitchen and home price, then this isn’t the way to go.

A lot of people look at laminate as cheap, but not in a good way. Therefore, it’s not preferred if you’re trying to boost the value of your home for a resale. It’s also easy to peel, chip and scorch. The surface has a hollow feel, unlike with the solid feel of natural stones.

Choosing a Contractor for Your Kitchen Countertops Installation

When it comes time to remodel your home with new kitchen countertops, it’s important to choose a licensed professional. The contractors at Fairfax Kitchen and Bath are all licensed, bonded and insured.

For many years, we’ve assisted homeowners with their kitchen upgrades, which include the fabrication and installation of countertops. The craftsmanship of our product installations is always on point, which is why many of our customers love us.

Why opt for Fairfax Kitchen and Bath?

Fairfax Kitchen and Bath isn’t just a kitchen countertop installation company. We also have a variety of countertop materials for sale. We offer natural and engineered stones from a variety of manufacturers, which include Silestone, Caesarstone and Cambria.

The stones we have available include marble, engineered quartz and granite. Our professionals will both fabricate and install it to your property. This process is quick and seamless, much faster than ordering from a big box store.

We’re a local company with a showroom you can visit to select the products you want for your kitchen remodel. You can find an assortment of items, which include carpeting, tile, bathroom vanities, hardwood, backsplashes, sinks, faucets, knobs & pulls and cabinets.

In other words, we’re a one-stop shop for all your kitchen and bathroom remodeling needs. We offer free estimates to our customers. So, contact us today to schedule your free consultation!

Kitchen Countertop

5 Kitchen and Bath Remodeling Fads That’ll Stick Around for the Long Haul

5 Kitchen and Bath Remodeling Fads That’ll Stick Around for the Long Haul

You’re planning to make some changes to your kitchen and bathroom remodel. How will they improve the look and functionality of these areas? Both rooms are important to update every now and then because they’re frequently in use.

Maybe you want to switch out all the appliances and countertops. Or maybe you’ll go as far as to out everything out and replace everything with new products.

Whatever your final decision is, you should ensure it’s going to last a long time. In the following list, we put together five trends that are expected to stick around for many years.

Let’s have a look.

1. A Cleanly Kitchen

A well-organized kitchen with lots of cabinet and countertop space

No one likes a junky kitchen – not even a pack rat. What makes a kitchen cleanly is the amount of countertop and storage space that’s available. The less there is, the more crowded your kitchen may look.

And this is especially true if you like to keep a lot of appliances on the countertop. One way around this issue is to have additional countertops and cabinetry installed into your kitchen. If space allows, implementing a kitchen island would help to give you more room to organize.

The same goes for cabinets. You’ll need floor and/or wall space to make room for the added furniture. Another option is to go with cabinets that are larger in size.

Tidy kitchens will forever be in style, so you can’t go wrong here.

2. No More Color in the Kitchen

Kitchen with all white, all black or black and white colors

We’ll always have color-based trends that come and go. Following them is rarely a good idea because they go out of style quickly. However, the only two colors we see not going away anytime soon are black and white.

Some folks will opt for a traditional all white kitchen, while others go with a more modern look with the all black. It all comes down to your own personal preference and style.

If you can’t really decide between the two, then you can always go with both black and white. Do keep in mind that a white kitchen will require tedious cleaning to maintain. Yet, black appliances and cabinetry could mean more scratches to deal with.

3. Dark Wood Cabinets and Floors

Kitchen with dark wood cabinets

If you’re one of those people making over their white kitchen, then you know how tedious maintenance can be. For this reason, some may find dark wood varieties to be a better option.

But if you don’t want to completely remove the white from your kitchen, consider combining it with the dark wood. For instance, you can have your white cabinets combined with dark wood.

Some woods to consider include mahogany or zebra wood. These are specialty woods that can really add emphasis to your kitchen island.

4. Implementing Appliances that Blend In

Kitchen with built in appliances

Open kitchens that overlook the dining room or living room are very popular today. And because of this, folks are looking to make their kitchens fit with the rest of their home. One way to go about this is to install appliances in a way that they blend into the scene.

In other words, the appliances are more concealed. You may see a fridge that’s set into the wall versus extending from one. Induction cooktops are also growing in popularity because of its energy efficiency and seamless in kitchen designs.

5. Engineered Stone Countertops

Kitchen counters made with quartz

Engineered stone is the wave of the future. Stone will forever be a part of most kitchen and bathroom remodeling. But there’s currently a switch happening from granite to engineered quartz.

What makes quartz attractive is the fact it’s very durable, doesn’t stain and scratch and it can stand the test of time. You don’t have to seal it like you do with granite and other stone options.

Then the color varieties are quite extensive, based on the showroom you visit. It’s always a good idea to see your stone countertops in person before you buy.

Find a Showroom Near You

The next step in your kitchen redesign is to find a showroom near you. At Fairfax Kitchen and Bath, we have one you can visit. The products we have on display include countertops, sinks, faucets, tile and cabinetry.

Some of the brands we carry include Silestone, J and K Cabinets, Cambria, Caesarstone, MSI, Kitchenmaid, Wolf Cabinets, Fabuwood and Schrock Cabinets.

All the products we sell come with brand warranties.

Why Choose Fairfax Kitchen and Bath

Besides having a local showroom, Fairfax Kitchen and bath has a team of licensed, bonded and insured contractors. We’re here to help you with your kitchen and bathroom remodeling projects. This includes cities like Fairfax, Washington DC, Arlington, Springfield and Burke.

Not only do we install cabinets, countertops and tile into your home. But we fabricate them prior to the installation. This means you get everything done in one place. After spotting the materials and products you want to use, we will begin fabricating it swiftly.

We also work hard to have your bathroom and kitchen remodeling project completed quickly without sacrificing quality. When you work with Fairfax Kitchen and Bath, you’re gaining access to a highly skilled group of contractors.

You can also consult with our designers during the beginning phase to ensure you get a result you’ll really love.

Now’s the time to start planning your kitchen or bath remodel. Contact us today to get a free consultation!