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How to Upgrade a Master Bathroom

How to Upgrade a Master Bathroom

Today, just like the rest of the house, even the bathrooms have evolved as far as its design and looks are concerned. Earlier, what used to be a space meant only for bath and toilet purposes has now become a space, where a person can relax? If your master bathroom design is not up with the latest trends, it may not only be lacking in its aesthetic value, but its functionality. This is because, a wide range of modern bathroom fittings and fixtures are now available in the market that takes care of both these aspects. As it is, it is always better to incorporate necessary upgrades in a space so that it is transformed entirely becoming a more pleasant space. Following upgrades can bring a remarkable transformation in your master bathroom-

Improvement in Lighting Accessories and Fixtures

Lights used in the bathroom can be changed for more modern looking options. Using suitable light fixtures can help you to set a tone and mood to any space, including your bathroom. A little idea and taste about the finer things in life will surely help you in making a good selection. First, imagine the kind of lighting effect you want to have in your bathroom, accordingly you will have to pick up suitable lights. You can take help from a lighting designer or use certain popular techniques that are seen in lighting. One of the techniques that goes well in the master bathroom is layering.

Replacing old, worn out bathroom fixtures

The fixtures that were in vogue a few years back are no longer in use today. New technologies have come, the quality of the fixtures has also improved considerably. Thus, if your bathroom fixtures are not looking dull and worn out, it is best to replace them. When looking for new options, instead of looking just from a fashion point of view, you must go for classic and simple bathroom fixtures. Moreover, care should be taken that they are flattering and perfectly in line with the overall theme.

Upgrade bathroom vanity

A remarkable change can be seen if bathroom vanity like a sink, drawers, dressing area, etc., is replaced. Bathroom accessories like a towel rack, soap dish, etc., can also be replaced. You can go for a bigger and better mirror if your existing mirror has chipped edges.

Refacing of Bathroom Cabinets

If your bathroom cabinets are working fine, there is no need to replace them. You can simply reface them to get a brand new and finished look. The same goes with your bathroom door. Adding new shelves or cabinets can enhance the storage capacity of your bathroom while providing an ultra-modern look.

Tile and wall replacements

If your tiles are looking old and drab, you can replace them with better quality, anti-skid tiling options. These days, a lot of variety is available in bathroom tiles. You can use them on the floor as well as walls, like shower area. Replacing tiles can bring a complete transformation in the look of your bathroom.

The above mentioned master bathroom upgrades can help you enjoy a stylish and better looking space.

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