How To Remodel Your Kitchen

How To Remodel Your Kitchen

Kitchen remodeling projects are among the most popular – and yet many turn quickly into disasters, because so many homeowners keep repeating the same mistakes over and over again. Things don’t have to be over complicated, and you can have the kitchen you’ve always wanted – on time and on budget – if you stick to a few simple rules.

Insure a General Consistency

When you start remodeling, it’s quite easy to get carried away and to try to get that perfect kitchen you’ve always dreamed of in your ideal house – but you may forget that your current house is not the ideal one. Don’t try to fit in something that’s the complete opposite of the overall style of the house.

For example, it’s unwise to attempt to squeeze in a sleek, modern, all-metal kitchen in a quaint country cottage. Working within the limitations will also allow you to save quite a lot of cash on the project.

Don’t Start with a Draft Plan

This is perhaps the biggest mistake people make – starting the remodeling project with a vague idea of what they want, a few things they’re sure of, and waiting for the other pieces to fall in. It’s almost always a guarantee that your budget and your timeline will be exceeded. You know that saying, about how you should measure twice and cut once: in the case of remodeling projects, check everything three times, and make sure you have the final plan before you start knocking down walls.

Upgrade Appliances Where Necessary

A remodeling project does not always imply that you have to buy all appliances – sometimes you can fit older ones in perfectly, as long as they’re still functional. If needed, their surfaces can be repainted to look brand new. If you decide to upgrade, go for the most energy efficient version of the appliance. Looks can be altered, and the functionalities are pretty much the same across all brands – but energy savers will help you a lot on the long run.

Invest in Countertops

Countertops are the most visible part of the kitchen, the surface that immediately draws the attention to anybody walking in the room. Make sure the countertops are not just perfectly integrated in the design, but of the best quality you can afford. Don’t be afraid to go with an original material or color. However, it’s important to make sure that the selected material can handle the type of work that the countertops will have to bear. Quite frequently you see stunning designs in the showrooms, but you come to realize that the respective materials are easily scratched, difficult to maintain, and cannot be cleaned well – so they’re suitable just for showroom kitchens, and completely impractical in real life.

Don’t Overdo the Details

There’s no point in worrying over every pot and pan in your kitchen design. It’s important to have the plan ready before you start, as shown above, but that plan does not have to include all decorative items, gadgets, and so on. Things will be moved around in the kitchen a lot, you will receive gifts that you’ll want to display, you’ll find new decorations, existing items will be broken. Plan your layout in too much detail, and every little modification will then become a nightmare.

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