Homeowner Dishes about Kitchen Remodel

Homeowner Dishes about Kitchen Remodel

I had the opportunity to recently interview one of our past clients. She had claimed that the kitchen remodeling that she got done changed her life. So, I wanted to know more and decided to interview her.

How did the remodeling of your kitchen change your life?

Well, our kitchen was not functional and outdated. We did not feel like spending much time in our kitchen. The kitchen lacked the feeling of “hearth and home”. So we ate out most of the nights. Today, our kitchen is highly organized and beautiful. It makes cooking effortless and fun. I can be a part of the party and cook for people, who come to our house. I would say that the amount of entertainment we give others has doubled now.

What are one or two favorite updates of yours’?

One was bathroom remodeling and the other ones were upgrades to our kitchen countertops and cabinet. You would find that our kitchen and bathroom have improved a lot after the upgrades. Secondly, I would say about our open floor plans. The company that did the remodeling for us moved our walls and made our rooms look open. While four people can cook in our kitchen at the same time, no one would get in no one else’s way.

What surprises you about the remodel?

The extent to which we are now enjoying the space is what surprises me about the remodel. It has brought much light into the space. I knew the upgrades would make it look better, but never knew that it would make it look functional and beautiful. I really wasn’t aware how it would change our lives though.

Is there any advice you would like to give the others, who are looking to remodel their kitchen?

I would advise people to do their research before buying anything. We talked, for instance, with several companies about our vision and we were most impressed with one of these companies since their business approach was good. They are highly professional. I would like to say that you would, however, need to carry out some research before going for the services of any company. I would also advise you to check your references and then, go for their services rather than blindly selecting a company and not being able to trust them at a later date. You should also find out from them whether they are able to deliver the goods within the said period and whether they delivered within your budget.

Also, find out whether the crew that does the kitchen remodeling and the bathroom remodeling would leave your space clean and as it was before. We had them do the remodeling for us because we really enjoyed working with them and we would definitely recommend them to you since I am sure that they would do a good work for you too.

So, you can safely use their services. We would recommend them to you since the company is really good and does not give anyone trouble.

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Sam Kazanci

Sam Kazanci is the owner of Fairfax Kitchen Bath Remodeling. He has experience to build and remodel the kitchen and baths with his team and the author of fkb blog: You can find Sam on LinkedIn and Twitter.