Great Kitchen Rooms

Great Kitchen Rooms

There was a time when kitchens were really cut off from the main house and built so that they were never seen at all. In fact, the rich tasty aromas of brewing coffee or steaming stews never filtered into the living room as they were so far away, and in old country houses you would have to walk quite a bit to gain access to the kitchen.

The Kitchen today

Today, things have changed; the kitchen is considered as the heart of the modern home and rightly so as it’s become a meeting place, a central hub for everyone in the family. Hence the concept of Great kitchen design rooms came into being and cooking spaces have been extended to fit in with the idea of extended living.

Extended Living

With family living becoming more and more centered on the kitchen, the TV and internet have invaded this nook. To accommodate these new intrusions, kitchens have expanded into the garage or other little used rooms and become great rooms—bigger and better than before.

Kitchen Remodeling

Where it is not possible to extend the kitchen’s physical space, the kitchen has been reshaped to make it an ‘ideal gathering space’ not only for family but for friends as well. It’s not surprising then to see dinner being cooked, the TV blaring out the news and other kids doing their homework on a computer in the great kitchen room. Kitchen remodeling is on the anvil and kitchen countertops and cabinets have either been shifted or redone to be in keeping with the decor of the extended space. In fact cabinets and shelves are either repainted or replaced so that the colors gel with those in the kitchen.

Current Trend

The trend of great kitchen rooms has caught on rapidly and even custom-built weekend and vacation homes have engineered it so that the cooking, dining and living areas are combined. With multi-functional and all-purpose spaces becoming common, the kitchen has become more of a family room than ever. Eating, playing, cooking, entertaining, being entertained, relaxing, all happen in one great and comfortable living space.

Designing a Kitchen great room

Designing a kitchen great room is easy if you keep in mind that this multipurpose room needs to be casual while having different activity zones for cooking, storing, informal dining, having fun, working and entertainment. Of course, while it’s important to retain a uniform look throughout the entire space when it comes to flooring, cabinetwork and lighting, sitting options should be varied according to need and comfort.

Challenging Task

There’s no taking away from the fact that the kitchen is the best part of a home, and it can be quite a challenge to create a space that will be many things to many people. Remember you need to preserve the warmth that a kitchen is known for while updating and remodeling the extended spaces so that the feel and function is just right for other activities as well. A great kitchen room is a unique space that transcends the ordinary and should represent the joie-de-vivre of everyday living. It’s easy to create but does require a lot of planning, a little creativity and of course it helps if you know what you actually want.

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Sam Kazanci

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