Different Types of Kitchen Cabinets

Different Types of Kitchen Cabinets

One of the things that will add to your cost in kitchen remodeling is replacing your kitchen cabinets. It pays to do it right the first time because kitchen cabinets have a major impact on the overall design and function of your kitchens.
The problem is making the right choice, as there are many different brands, styles, and types of cabinets available for different styles of kitchen. You need to account for many factors when choosing cabinets, mostly to do with the way you use your kitchen. You have to determine from the first the type of storage you will need to suit your lifestyle.

To make your choice a little easier, here are a few of the most common cabinet types and a brief description of their pros and cons.


Shaker cabinets are among the oldest and most common types of kitchen cabinets. The Shakers is a group of people that believed in the simple life, and their furniture reflected this belief. Shaker cabinets are functional and plain, but with classic lines, which is why they go well with almost any type of kitchen.

It is very likely that someone you know has Shaker cabinets in their kitchen. It has four narrow panels forming the rails and stiles of the door and a fifth panel forming the center. You can get this type of cabinet in any species of wood, and they are available in a variety of colors, stains and finishes.

Some people do shy away from Shaker cabinets because it is so common. However, if you are not out to make a strong design statement for your kitchen, Shaker cabinets is a good choice.


Flat cabinets are basically a panel of wood that comprise the door of the cabinet. It is even plainer than Shaker cabinets, but it has its own brand of charm. Flat cabinet doors are a good choice if you have a modern or minimalist kitchen design, because it is quite featureless. The only way you can embellish flat cabinets is to put pulls or knobs.

In most cases, however, homeowners prefer to keep flat cabinets plain because it presents a clean, seamless profile. It is well in keeping with the minimalist trend in kitchens, although this is slowly giving way to a less stringent, transitional look. You can still go with flat cabinets, although you may want to go more for wood rather than laminate cabinets, as there is a movement back towards natural and mix-match materials in modern kitchens.

Flat cabinets are not as versatile as Shaker style cabinets, however. If you have a traditional, rustic, or country style kitchen, this may not be the best style for you.


If you are looking for something that shows off technical skill, inset cabinets is an interesting choice. This type of cabinets requires fitting the cabinet door within the frame of the box, so precision is required in its manufacture. Inset cabinets may be of any style as long as the door fits into the frame. You get a smidge more storage space because the door fits into the frame, which can make a difference when you have a small kitchen with limited storage.

Because it is more difficult to produce inset cabinets, they tend to be more expensive. They may also warp over time, which is why some older cabinets will not open or close properly. It also has hinges on the outside, so it is not a good choice for modern kitchens.
In terms of style, however, inset cabinets are a good choice for a rustic or country kitchen. You can choose shaker, bead board, louvered, or flat cabinet styles and it will look right at home.


Glass cabinets, as you can probably figure out, have a glass front instead of wood. It may be a plain panel of glass, of decorated with mullions of metal or wood. It is a good option if you want to create visual space in the kitchen without sacrificing storage capacity. Even frosted glass will create this illusion of space. It is also a great way to display decorative pieces while protecting it from dust.
Glass cabinets do tend to be more expensive than other types of cabinets, and if you choose clear glass, you have to keep anything in clean and in good order. You cannot simply shove anything in there. A good compromise is to have some cabinets in glass and some in solid wood. In most cases, glass cabinets are a good choice for wall cabinets, or the upper portion of tall cabinets.


If you have a small kitchen, but you do not want glass cabinets, you might want to consider louvered cabinets instead. The louvers or horizontal slats of the cabinet doors make the kitchen look wider and more spacious. They also look quite sophisticated.
Louvered cabinets are also functional, as they allow air to flow inside the cabinet while the door is close. It is a good place to keep your cutlery, dishes, and food.

However, because it takes more effort to put louvered cabinets together compared to something with a solid front, they do tend to be more expensive. They are also more difficult to keep clean, as you have to get into each of those slats. If that is not an issue for you, then it is an interesting option.

Bead board

Bead board cabinets are another of those old-fashioned styles that is coming back into fashion, especially for country or rustic kitchen designs. Bead board is basically a series of wood slats joined together to form a solid panel, albeit with visible seams. In most cases, it involves some type of frame, although there is a trend today for frameless bead board panels for use in modern kitchen styles.
In either case, bead board cabinets are a good option if you want a bit of depth for the kitchen. It is not particularly expensive, but it may require a bit more maintenance than kitchen cabinets with a seamless front.


These are some of the more common types of kitchen cabinets available to you. It should help narrow down your choices for your kitchen renovation. The next step is to find a reputable remodeling contractor to help you carry out your project. Fairfax Kitchen Bath guarantees you will love it for life. We sell only top quality kitchen cabinets such as Schrock Cabinetry and other products manufactured by leading brands in the industry.

Fairfax Kitchen Bath services the DC, MD and Northern Virginia metropolitan areas. We are a Class A, licensed and insured contractor, registered in the Commonwealth of Virginia.
When you contract with us, you can be sure you will get a quick turnaround on your products, and much faster than ordering what you need from big box stores. We specialize in supplying and installing kitchen cabinets to specifications, and installing them into your kitchen within budget and on time.

We also carry other products you need for your kitchen remodel, including natural stone and engineered stone slabs, sinks, faucets tiles, backsplashes, knobs and pulls, and hardwood flooring. We carry only the top brands for these products, such as Silestone, Blanco, Kohler, and Mosaic Décor.

You can see the products before you buy so you can decide for yourself if the quality is what you expect. We have a showroom in Fairfax, Virginia, which houses all our products, including actual granite, marble and engineered stone slabs from which you can choose.
Our products come with manufacturer warranties that ensure your satisfaction with the quality and installation.

Contact us today to get a free quote for your inspired kitchen remodeling project.

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