Designing Your Kitchen Layout

Designing Your Kitchen Layout

The kitchen is a bit of a sacred space if you will as we gather here for meals to discuss our days, family holiday planning is done here and fun with our children. Kitchens are the most used room in the house and are often the center of attraction. However, having a kitchen that works well for you and being able to utilize it properly is especially important. This remains more so for when someone plans to kitchen design their own kitchen lay out. Kitchens are supposed to be laid back and relaxing, but also inviting and be able to still function the way they’re meant to. Here are some tips when it comes to designing your kitchen layout in an effective and functional manner.

What to consider

First and foremost, consider how much time you spend in the kitchen and what do you do with that time. For people who spend a lot of time cooking or baking them making sure you have adequate storage space for everything is extremely important. For those who may be shorter (or taller) and are primary cook in the household make sure cabinets and things are on your level to make things easier on yourself and provide comfort. Likewise, if you eat family meals together making sure space or even an island where you can have meals is a great way to go. Some people host a lot of events and host parties, having adequate room for foot traffic as well as properly placed exits are important in any plan as well.

Major Components

Try designing around the three major components, the fridge, stove and sink as these are the most used areas. Providing proper access and mobility between them is important. Start with placing them in a triangle which is a helpful and space opening, but convenient design which can make it easier to know how to design the rest of the kitchen accordingly. Kitchens should be modeled with space and storage in mind as a number one priority. While some may be unsure why this is such a great approach the answer is simple. For people who have families or are big on cooking and hosting you’ll need that storage space for dishes, appliances that aren’t always used and of course food!

Storage space can also be used to keep things like spices, and other important things. Space is a requirement as nothing can be more irritating than trying to move around a kitchen with kids or even pets without tripping over one another and having to wait for someone to finish a task before you can do what you wanted. Space makes a place more inviting and is great for hosting parties especially around the holidays when people are more prone to roam in and out of the kitchen remodel, or for serving large meals with friends and family. As long as the kitchen is remodeled in a way that still makes it functional you’re on the right track. You can always consult with a designer if you’re unsure about anything.

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