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Choosing The Perfect Colors For Your Kitchen

Choosing The Perfect Colors For Your Kitchen

You’ve decided that your kitchen is boring and maybe needs a little life brought back in to it. Nothing is better than adding some splashes of color to bring it back to life and make it a more interesting room to look at. Choosing the right colors might not be so simple and you don’t want to go with just any old color. This guide is going to help you pick the perfect color for your kitchen design so you don’t make a mistake you wind up regretting later.

Perfect Color Choice for Your Kitchen

Decide on what type of colors you’ll be using

If you’re unsure as to what type of color scheme you might want to use, try visiting a store and look at samples. You can even find an employee that can help you to put together a nice palette of colors to work with, which can help make a choice easier.

Go with what you like

While it’s great to get help, make sure you’re going with colors that you love. Remember, this is something you’ll be looking at often and a room you’ll spend considerable time in. You want to make sure you are happy with the colors.

Take a look at the big picture

Remember, it’s not all about just the kitchen color, you’ll also have to consider the entire flow of the room such as how it’ll flow with cabinets, the counters, and the floor. Depending on your color selection you might get away with being able to just paint the room, but then again you might also be stuck updating other things that add to that big picture too.

Start with Cabinets

Much like the fridge, you’re constantly in and out of the cabinets getting one thing or the other. They’re big and they hold all the most important parts of your kitchen inside them. This means with them being the main focal point that stands out among everything, you want to pain them a color that is appealing and doesn’t hinder from the rest of the kitchen. By painting the cabinets first, it can help to make a decision on what to do with the rest of the kitchen. While some woods work well with light colors, some are best to flow with darker colors. Let your cabinets set the main flow to what kind of colors you’ll be using in the rest of the kitchen.


Counters essentially need to remain neutral. This is because they’re the biggest area you have in the kitchen and spend a lot of time using. By keeping them neutral it allows the pain job used on the rest of the kitchen to stand out and can be used as a way to accentuate them.


Our final piece of advice is to keep the lighting in mind. Lights will appear differently in natural lighting than they will under that of a non-natural source for kitchen remodel.

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