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Bathroom Remodeling With Modern Fixtures

Modern bathroom remodeling must not always be expensive to look great. There are plenty of things to work around which can spice up the modern appearance of your outdated bathroom space. Some of the usual factors for full bathroom renovations include vanity tops, cabinets, floors, walls, and fixtures.

You have the choice of renovating only some of the minor things inside your bathroom and focus more on updating your fixtures. Choosing the right modern fixtures for your affordable bathroom remodeling can make a huge difference in its ambiance. Check out some of our unique ideas for professional bathroom remodeling.

Contemporary Bathroom Faucets

Those traditional-looking bathroom faucets are still in-demand in the market, but for modern bathroom remodeling you need to go for the contemporary faucets. Most of these faucets have a chrome-plated finish and made from metals with good anti-corrosion properties.

There are hundreds of models and designs of modern bathroom faucets which you can install for your bathroom renovation service. Nevertheless, below are the main types of faucets to suit your modern bathroom remodeling.

Single Handle Faucets

This type is best for the minimalist theme with great ease of using one lever handle to adjust water flow. It is easy to install and take out when you want an upgrade in the future. In terms of mounting, you have two options – single hole or triple hole.

Widespread Modern Faucet

This type is best for larger bathroom space which offers better versatility for adjusting water temperature and pressure. You have separate levers for the hot and cold water and the spout is in the middle.

Likewise, you can have a maximum gap of 16 inches between the spout and the handle. The valves for this type is hidden underneath the sink counter to maintain a sleek look.

Space-Saving Wall Mount Faucet

If your sink counter is smaller than usual, we recommend you to have a wall mount faucet. It provides modern and sleek appearance which greatly pairs with a freestanding or rustic sink basin.

Compact Center Set Faucet

This style is parallel to the widespread faucet with a slight difference. The main difference is that the two levers and the spout are all connected in one compact steel base. Similar to wall mount, it also offers great space-saving feature without compromising modern elegance.

Highly-Functional and Modern Shower Heads

Getting the right model of shower head for your modern bathroom remodeling adds great functionality and aesthetics in your relaxing oasis. It is best when it allows you to easily adjust water temperature and pressure, while adding portability when you have messy kids in the bathroom.

Check out these different styles of modern shower heads for your full bathroom renovation.


When you have a messy kid or pet to bathe, a handheld shower head is best to have. It is very easy to install and upgrade for your affordable bathroom remodeling.

It offers great balance for portability and beauty in your modern bathroom renovation. Likewise, you can choose to have a static holder or a rail mounted on your shower wall to hold your handheld shower head.


These types of shower head is ideal when you want to have a quick bath so that the soaps on your body are easily rinsed out. Likewise, it provides strong massage on your head and body.

Low-Pressure Types

This type is great when you want to have a soft massage-like pressure in your head and body. Its soft pressure maximizes the weight of the water to naturally flow out from the shower.

Shower Panels

This type has modern features and functionality which can work best as your rain shower and handheld type. It has a sleek modern appearance that completely lift the beauty of your full bathroom renovation.


This provides both functionality of a rain shower and handheld type. Its chrome-plated finish exhibits a seamless and modern feel for both small and large bathroom space. You won’t have a problem bathing your kids and pets with this one because it can work as a handheld model.

Rain Shower head

This type exhibits awesome elegance for your modern bathroom remodeling while relieving stress and muscle pains. The bigger the shower head, the more you feel its rain-like effect.

Illuminating Shower head

This type adds more brightness in your affordable bathroom remodeling. With sufficient light, your small bathroom looks bigger and invigorating. The color of lights changes with water temperature.

Aside from its sleek chrome-plated finish, the changing lights gives more attraction as it reflects on polished surfaces.

Modern Bathroom Sinks

Whether you have a small or large bathroom space, choosing the right modern sink will add huge pristine look for your full bathroom renovation. Functionality and beauty is mostly seen in contemporary sinks.

Seamless Wall Mount Sink

This is a great choice for small modern bathroom remodeling. The sink is made from durable and light material which is mounted on the wall.

The plumbing works underneath the sink can serve as an industrial accent for your modern bathroom design. Likewise, the free space underneath the sink creates an illusion of a wider bathroom space.

Undermount Sink

This is one of the popular choices done by professional bathroom remodeling services. It offers an easy to clean counter with a smooth design flow. This style suits best for either engineered or natural stone countertops.

Freestanding or Tabletop Sink

This style showcases the beauty of the sink and vanity countertop. Most tabletop sinks are rectangular in shape to match the geometric trend for modern bathroom remodeling designs. Likewise, installation and plumbing works are easy for this sink model.


If you have further inquiries about modern designs for your full bathroom renovations, don’t hesitate to contact us anytime. Fairfax Kitchen Bath provides professional bathroom remodeling services for residential and commercial buildings.

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