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Bathroom Remodeling Service Alexandria, VA 

The homey and suburban vibe of Alexandria entices a lot of people to move into the place, plus their houses and buildings are beautifully designed. Besides the pubs and restaurants present downtown, your bathroom is a splendid place to relax after a tiring day in the office.

However, if you haven’t done any improvements yet to your shower or tub, then it’s about time you consider getting bathroom remodeling services from professionals. Fortunately, Fairfax Kitchen Bath is one of the most dependable bathroom remodeling contractors in Alexandria VA.

Our more than a decade of experience and continued learning greatly helped us routinely provide stunning results for your small bathroom renovations. If you need a free quote or advice, don’t hesitate to contact us today.

Leading local bathroom remodeling service in Alexandria, VA 

As one of the leading local bathroom remodelers in Virginia, we always keep with the latest trends and styles for an innovative modern bathroom remodel. With that, we periodically hone our staff on workshops and training to effectively give you amazing modern bathroom renovation on a budget.

Do you like a pebble shower floor tile or jet body spray for your spa-like shower head? All these things will be efficiently handled by our duly trained, licensed, and insured designers and technicians.

Meanwhile, we are going to source out the most suitable material to meet your budget and requirements without compromising quality. In terms of color style, the go-to choice for modern bathrooms is sleek white or any neutral palettes, since it gives a brighter and cleaner feel in your powder room and bathing area.

Moreover, we will never forget the details of the other elements such as faucet, sink, mirror, vanity cabinets, and more. Everything will be done systematically and beautifully with our staff.

Affordable bathroom renovation services in Alexandria, VA

So far, the average cost of bathroom remodel is between $6,000 to $15,000, where the national average is around $10,000. At Fairfax Kitchen Bath, we will help you financially plan for your budget bathroom renovation and give you a detailed breakdown of the costs.

Likewise, all our supplies are reasonably priced so it is light on your pocket, plus we can talk about your payment terms. Some of the usual elements you need to upgrade inside your bathroom are your sink, vanity tops, shower head, tub, storage cabinets, lighting, plumbing, walls, and flooring.

Moreover, approximately 50% of your bathroom remodeling total cost goes to labor and professional fee, where the average hourly rate is $65. Fortunately, we offer affordable packages for your endeavor to sprucing your old bathroom.

About Alexandria, VA

The best thing about Alexandria is that it’s pretty clean and there’s a low crime rate in the area. Besides that, young professionals have lots of opportunities to find a good job as well in the area.

It also has several clubs, restaurants, and coffee shops where you can unwind and have fun with your family and friends. Meanwhile, their public school is also reliable and updated.

On the other hand, home remodeling is a desirable thing for most homeowners in Alexandria, and when it comes to a bathroom remodel cost, we offer the best deals around town.

If you like to ask for a free quote and consultation, then get in touch with us today.

Trusted small bathroom remodelers in Alexandria, VA

If you are planning to do small bathroom remodeling on a budget, then we can be your best contractor to work with. Why? Because we are highly updated with the latest styles and materials for upgrading all elements and fixtures inside your powder room and shower.

Moreover, our talented designers can give you a customized very small bathroom remodeling design to fit your finances, area, and need for this effort. Whether you want a traditional sleek white walk-in shower or black powder room, our staff will seamlessly give it to you on time.

Need a Professional bathroom contractor services in Alexandria, VA

We offer free quotes and consultation at zero obligation and cost when you call our office today. Meanwhile, if you want a more detailed proposal, then availing of our onsite inspection and measurement comes at a reasonable price, which is deductible to your overall bathroom remodeling cost.

Let’s create a more retreat and spa-like ambiance in your small bathroom today.
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